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How to get started in radio

Over the years, radio has proven to be among the top employers in the media industry. It offers numerous job opportunities both on and off air. However, it is the glamorous broadcasting position which has attracted the interest of most people who wish to pursue a career in the radio business. The allure of this seemingly fun and well-paying job is further heightened by the fame and celebrity status that is linked with being on the air. Due to a limiting number of radio stations coupled with the high numbers of people interested in these broadcasting jobs, there has been intense competition in this field. However, equipped with the relevant information, clear objectives and a strategic plan, getting started in radio broadcasting can be a simple task.


There are three major ways of starting a radio broadcasting career; attaining a college degree for the award of radio or TV broadcasting, attending a broadcasting school or through internships. A solid education is a sure way to start your career and begins by enrolling in a reputable university with a broadcasting program. Select an institution that boasts of equipping its students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Campuses with their own local radio or TV stations should be prioritized since the invaluable experience such facilities offer secures a strong foundation for a great career.

For those who miss the opportunity of attending the universities, broadcasting schools provide a suitable alternative. Even though the offered courses have less content and experience compared to university programs, they are very helpful since they equip one with the basic knowledge and skills required in this field. They are also known to empower their students by assisting them to land jobs. [continue reading…]


Starting Salaries for Radio Jobs

Being an authoritative reporter of the news or celebrated disc jockey spinning tunes in a radio station seems like a glamorous jobs; a dream come true to most people. What many do not know is that just like any other job out there, radio broadcasting employees have to work their way up from the low paying jobs so as to earn a decent salary. Rome was not built in a day and making your way to the top will definitely not happen overnight. It is not a smooth sailing as most people picture it to be. To worsen the situation, the radio broadcasters are competing for the top paying jobs in an ever-contracting industry. However, the few that succeed to the top positions ultimately receive hefty salaries and bonuses that make the journey worth it. (image from flickr)


Hundreds of students fresh from college, well groomed for the job market in radio broadcasting are always puzzled on how much their starting salaries will be if they land such jobs. Before we come to learn of the salaries and benefits, we have to take a look at which types of jobs are available in this industry for inexperienced beginners. The radio broadcasting industry offers a wide range of jobs including, the news gatherers and reporters, the announcers who we normally hear reading prepared news pieces, disk jockeys (DJs) and the technical support which mostly comprises of engineers. One you have worked your way through one of them, you can then come to the higher-level jobs like the programs and news producers. In this list, we should also include the station managers since they are the ones charged with the responsibility of routine office work or accounting. Smaller radio stations are characterized with an overwhelmed staff that are usually required to handle multiple jobs. A recent study carried out in America by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that approximately 38 percent of the employers in the radio broadcasting industry have less than 5 employees in total. [continue reading…]


5 great radio morning hosts

Every morning, millions of us wake up to the challenges of a new day. We struggle to get up, take that cold shower, prepare for school or work, and are almost always in a rush. However, one thing always remains constant through it all. A big percentage of us still find the time to listen to those radio talk shows. Morning radio has been around for a long time, and whatever the reason for their endurance in the market, be it the humor, the education or the politics, people always find time in their schedules to listen in. The radio stations are different, but many of the radio shows are modeled around their hosts and their personalities. Here are some of the most celebrated radio hosts in the airwaves today.

Bill Bennet is one of the leading names in this business. His talk show runs from 6 to 9 am every weekday, and is normally a fast paced program, which tackles the outstanding issues in the country at the time. His shows spark meaningful dialog, striking that perfect balance between serious examination and investigation of issues and having fun for the listeners on air. He brings important guests, from sports personalities to entertainment and political figures.

Glenn beck was born in 1964, and at 50 years of age, is one of the most popular radio talk show personalities. H doubles up in both television and radio, and the awards he has got only add to his credibility. His radio show is ranked the third most listened to and liked nationally, among the age group of between 25 and 54 years old. Although he is conservative, his mantra is interesting. He claims that his shows are never about the right or the left. Rather, he concentrates on the right versus the wrong aspect. [continue reading…]


Radio Stations – How Do They Make Money

Some of the businesses that pay their workers the best are media stations, both television and radio. They are the ones that keep us entertained and informed. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, everything in the world felt like it had come to a standstill. People stay at home, their forms of entertainment the internet, television, and radio. In this article, we are going to take a look at how radio stations make money.

Radio Stations – How Do They Make Money

On-Air Advertising

This is one of the radio station’s revenue earners, on-air advertising. When companies want to reach out to more customers, they reach out to the radio stations and request for air time. The positioning of the ads varies depending on the time, popularity of shows, and length of the ads. During peak times is when the radio stations charge the highest rates, such as during prime news.

Online Advertising

When the radio station websites are loaded with traffic, they can place ads on them, generating even more revenue. This also works for their social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Sponsored Content

There are those radio presenters who are very popular with the listeners and have huge, god-like followings. The listeners trust them and are willing to do anything they ask of them. Advertisers as these presenters to endorse their products on radio, through their websites, and using their social media handles.

Charging Callers

This is done by many media stations, whereby they charge their callers when they call in or text. It is important for the media stations to ensure that they inform their listeners that they will be charged extra when they call or text.

Sponsored Events

Hosting events or holding roadshows is a way to attract new listeners, sell merchandise, and collect money from ticket sales.

Selling Newscasts

It is common to find radio stations selling their stories to other stations. This especially happens with news stories. The stations buy the stories and air them without necessarily having had reporters on the scenes.

Making Your Budget Plan

Still on money matters, we are now going to take a look at personal finance. We are going to take a look at how to make your budget. A budget is planning how to spend your money. Read the tips to planning your budget below:

What is Your Income?

How much is your income per month, weekly, or even monthly? This is the first step to take when planning your budge

Write Down Your Expenses

List down all of your expenses from the basic ones such as food and utilities to secondary ones such as leisure, and finally to how much you intend to save. This way, you can determine where the money goes.

Allocate the Money

Assign the money by figuring out how much you are willing to spend on each group. The 50 – 30 -20 – rule would be a good place to start, with 50% on utilities, 30% on leisure, and 20% on savings.


Put your budget in an app, or you can write it on a sheet of paper and implement it.


Radio stations make money in many ways and that money is also budgeted for using the budgeting plan above. You too can now plan your budget stress free.


A School Radio: The Benefits

Many people would not consider it, but having a school radio station, and even magazine, are very important things for the students. They are what keep the information going around the school campuses, among other things. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of school radio stations.

A School Radio: The Benefits


When the students get the opportunity to run their radio station at the school, it gives them a sense of inclusivity. This is shown in the efforts that they put into running the station, which includes commitment and teamwork.

Building Confidence

Many people would feel like dying if you gave them a mic in front of a crowd, finding it much easier to sit in a closed room. Appearing on stage or on camera can be quite intimidating, but when they begin doing it in closed rooms, it becomes easier, since their confidence is boosted. This works well for schools since they can begin practicing among people with whom they are familiar.

Develop Speaking & Listening Skills

Speaking on radio can make one actually become an eloquent speaker. Radio also requires listening to your audience. Listening and taking are some of the most important life skills that children can learn from the school radio.

Improving Literacy

Being in radio is not about just waking up and sitting in front of the radio to speak. One would actually be at a loss of what to say. Being in radio is all about planning and even writing down scripts, comparing notes, and deciding what content to air, and what not to. It is about researching topics which will entice the listeners, coming up with questions to ask interviewees. In short, being in radio for the children is something which will greatly boost their literacy levels.

National Curriculum

One of the best ways to keep students, teachers, and parents updated about things like the national curriculum is through radio. This is the portal where different schools can share information, keeping everyone updated.


There are many other ways to keep children occupied with constructive opportunities, and top of that list is The World of Kidtropolis. I guess that you are wondering what I am on about. The World of Kidtropolis is a place based in Richmond, BC, where parents can take their children to take part in all sorts of activities. The Kidtropolis playground is one of the most popular, where kids can enjoy themselves taking part in all sorts of games. The kids can also take part in indoor activities, while the place can also hold events for the children such as birthday parties, kids camps, kids nights out, and pretend play. They are open on both weekends and weekdays.


Having a school radio station could turn out to be the best thing for your children, and schools should be encouraged to give the kids the freedom to express themselves through such platforms. Alternatively, parents can opt to let their kids go to recreational places like Kidtropolis.


Starting a Radio Station from Home

With the covid-19 pandemic affecting the world in ways that we had never imagined, there is a need for us to make as little physical contact with other people. The pandemic has shown us that we can all work virtually, very effectively, since most organizations had to adapt to that routine. For many professions and businesses, as long as you have an internet connection and the necessary tools of trade, such as laptops. The same thing has happened in the information and entertainment industry, which includes radio. People are now setting up their own radio stations in the comfort of their homes, something which not only keeps them safe, but also keeps the operating costs down. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the things to consider when setting up a radio station at home.

Starting a Radio Station from Home
Starting a Radio Station from Home

Get a Concept

What sort of concept are you looking at for your station? To answer this, you need to know what your station will be all about in terms of music type, whether there will be other presenters, the topic which you intend to cover, whether it will host interviews, and a whole lot of other dynamics.


What name are you thinking of giving the station? What sort of image would you like it to portray? Branding is probably the first thing that you should think about before anything. This is determined by the sort of message that you would like to pitch to your audience about you. Ensure that the branding doesn’t infringe on any trademarks of wherever you are based.

Check Copyright Laws

All countries and/ or states have music copyright laws which govern the industry, and they could vary. You should make sure that you are aware of what they are before you get started, or else they could lend you into legal woes. You will probably need a license to play music if your radio station will be airing music.


There is no way that you can operate without equipment and once you are sure about the brand and the laws, it is time to get the equipment. The equipment could include things like microphones, headphones, mixers, condensers, etc. you will also need a table as well as shelves to use for storage and other things.

Get News to Share

If you intend to broadcast news, you need to find a source for information. With the internet, there is never a loss of information sources, which can include social media pages, RSS feeds linked to blogs and news sources, ensuring that you get all of your information in one place.

Omni Demolition

In the event that you want to refurbish your house, you might want to demolish certain parts or wings of the house and customize them for the radio station. If this is the case, then it is time for you to get in touch with companies like Omni Demolition. This is a leading demolition company in the LA area, handing both commercial and residential demolitions. They have experienced experts, and have the right equipment to handle any type of job.


With the above tips it is easy to set up your radio station in the house, and you can even get help if you need to demolish a part of the house in a safe way and then reconstruct it in a customized manner.


Saving Power in Your Studio

When setting up a studio in your home, it is obvious that some of the equipment will probably consume a lot of power. This is something that will obviously make the power bills shoot to the roof, bringing up your operational costs. In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways that you can save power in your studio.

Saving Power in Your Studio
Saving Power in Your Studio

Replace air filters regularly

If the studio in your house has an air filter, you will probably want to ensure that it is replaced regularly. This is because dirty air filters tend to make the system work harder in a bid to circulate air more efficiently, and this reflects on the electricity bill.

Monitor water heater temperatures

It would be a good option for you to install solar water heating systems, but if you have not yet, you might want to consider lowering the temperature or switching it off when there is nobody in the house. You could put a water heater jacket over the tank to further lower the costs of electricity.

Be laundry smart

Now that your studio is in your house, it is obvious that you will be doing laundry at home. This will mean using the washer and dryer, and one tip would be to wash more clothes at a go, and to reduce or the heat or switch to cold water when washing.

Be energy efficient with your lighting

You should also consider using energy efficient bulbs. They might be pricier than the other lighting systems at the counter, but when it comes to use, they will save you a ton of money over the long run.

Smart power tip

When you are not using electronics, it is best to turn them completely off instead of leaving them in standby mode. This will save you power over the long run. Switch both lights and ceiling fans off when you leave the room.

Adjust the thermostat

Take advantage of the thermostats in your heating and cooling systems by adjusting them to the current seasons. You do not want the heating in your house working during the summer or when there is nobody at home.

Electrician Strongville

If you encounter problems with the electrical appliances or connections in your studio or house, the smartest thing to do is to get someone to take a look at it. This is where electrical companies with good track records such as Electrician Strongville come in. Serving the areas around Strongville, OH, this is a company with an experienced team of electricians who are licensed and insured. They deal with all manner of electrical problems, serving both business and residential customers. They are on call 7-days a week all year since they understand the dangers that faulty electrical settings can pause. They specialize in the repairs, maintenance, installation and replacement of electrical components and are the best commercial electrician, Strongville, OH.


It is important to use your appliances widely in order to save power, and to also ensure that there are no electrical faults in the building. Electrician Strongville can take care of that for you.


The Benefits of Learning Music

One of the reasons why radio is so important is because they play music. It is not only a form of entertainment for the listeners and musicians, but it has a host of other benefits too. In this article, we are going to take a look at the benefits of learning music.

The Benefits of Learning Music
The Benefits of Learning Music

Music is Good for Health

Whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious, or your blood pressure is shooting to the roof, one of the best ways of making you feel better is by playing music. This is according to research, and it even goes ahead to boost your immunity response, and also lessen the chances of mind-related conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Music Makes People Smart

According to several studies, children who begin playing music from an early age tend to be smarter than those who don’t, since it enhances their minds. It improves memories, verbal fluency, as well as a host of other cognitive functions.

Music Boosts Social Life

Those who play music are most likely to meet with other people, whether players, tutors, or the audience. Making new friends becomes a norm, and this greatly boosts their social lives.

Music Builds Confidence

Ever gone up on stage and experienced stage fright because of the huge audience watching you? Music builds confidence, you’d actually glow in front of the audience. This can be seen the way that seasoned musicians have a way of even moving their largest audiences. Music gives people the confidence to handle many situations in their lives.

Music Gives One Discipline and Patience

Learning to play and master an instrument requires a lot of practice and patience. It requires working tirelessly in order to attain the ultimate reward. This qualities of patience and discipline are then projected in other aspects of your life.

Music Makes One Creative

People who play music mostly think out of the box and get creative in order to come up with something unique that will trigger their audiences. This thinking out of the box with creativity is what has led to many successful people in life succeeding, if they played music at some point in their lives. Music, you’ve got yourself a great conversation ahead.

Music Makes Great Team Players

When playing music in a band, or with other music players, people tend to become good team players, understanding and listening to other people. They learn to work in unity, something that can be passed on to other aspects of their lives.

Milwaukee Piano Movers

Playing your music instruments is one thing, but when moving to a new location, it could be another thing. This is especially if you have instruments like the piano. This is a huge and delicate music instrument that requires professionals like Milwaukee Piano Movers. Located in Milwaukee, piano movers Milwaukee can help you move any type of large instrument. Their prices vary depending on the size of the instruments, ranging from $500 for the smaller ones, to $1,000. Their most common prices range between $500 and $900 depending on the situation.


Music is something that has played a positive role in our lives for years on end and it is here to stay. Go for the best instruments, and when moving them, ensure you use quality services such as Milwaukee Piano Movers.


Are Therapy Sessions Effective on Radio?

The radio is an effective medium that has been used for many things. Many people still listen to radio despite the evolution of social media. Radio has not lost its meaning as it is something that you can listen to as you go on with your errands. Radio also has many entertaining sessions that you can listen to and music. Apart from advertisements, radio can be very educative. One main question that is worth exploring is if therapy sessions are effective on radio. We have many people who have issues but they do not have time to seek therapy, or they do not know if they need therapy. You can invite a therapist Culver City who can be of great value. Some of how therapy can be effective include:

Are Therapy Sessions Effective on Radio?
Are Therapy Sessions Effective on Radio?

It can create awareness

Most of the things that people go through depends on the state of their subconscious. That may, therefore, make them not aware of what is exactly going on. Through a therapy session on radio, listeners can be more aware of what they are going through and the source of it. That can then help them know how to deal with it.

It can give solutions

With a therapy session on radio, it can explore different issues that people go through and how to solve them. Through that session, you can be able to know how to solve the different issues that you are currently facing.

It reaches a big audience

The best part about radio is that you can easily reach a large audience. The truth is that most people normally have issues that they are struggling with. Radio makes it easy for people to access therapists. They can ask them different questions which may help to address their concerns. It can be a cheaper way for listeners to access therapy as they don’t have to go out of their way for it. The best part is that most likely the therapists on the radio do not know them and that will help keep their information confidential. The fact that they do not know them will also help them get solutions that are not biased.

It can help listeners know where to get therapy

Through a therapy session on radio, listeners can know where to get therapy and how they can choose the right therapist for their needs. Some listeners may listen to radio but they do not know where hey can get a therapist. Radio can help make that easier for them.

Help them know the importance of therapy

Most people underestimate the importance of therapy. Through therapy sessions on radio, listeners can be able to appreciate therapy more as they will understand its importance. That will help change their perception and in turn, save a lot of problems. Radio is so important, and something that we cannot do without. It is, however, important to take note of the programming so that the therapy session is fixed under the right session.


The truth is that the world of studios is very competitive and without going the extra mile it will be hard to stand out. Many people are always looking for something extra and that is why you should go extra. The good news is that standing out from the crowd is not as hard as it has been perceived. All you need to do is know what you want and go for it. Some of the ways that you can make sure that your studio stands out include: 

Define your mission 

You must have a clear mission. That will help you to have clear goals and objectives which are very vital when it comes to standing out. Every studio has its mission and you should have your own too. Your mission should be so strong that you cannot afford to miss out on going to work. It should also make those who work with you be motivated in their work. 

Analyze your competitors 

Once you have defined your mission

Once you have defined your mission, it is important to analyze your competitors so that you may know the gap that is there in the industry to know how to fill it. Once you know what is offered by your competitors, then you can know how to be different. 

Have a strategy 

Once you have known the gap that is in the market, you know need a strategy n how to fill that gap. That means that you have to do proper research and brainstorm on possible ways of filling the gap. Most of the time, creativity will work out well and research will give you ideas on the different things that you can do. 

One step at a time 

To make major changes, you need to have a good solid plan. That will also mean that you need to take one step at a time. It will be hard to make major changes all at once. As time goes by, you will get more ideas which you can incorporate for the best results. 


There is nothing complete without the right marketing strategies. When it comes to branding, the first step is to ensure that branding is done right. Branding is not only in terms of the studio itself but also the social media presence and website. Branding is like the backbone of the studio. When it comes to branding the physical studio, make sure that you create the right ambiance with the right décor and themes. You can also go extra by introducing games, both indoor and outdoor. When it comes to online presence make sure that you engage your customers well and give the right image. 

Extra services 

Many customers like offers or extra services. You can give them offers on subscriptions once in a while, do different contests and competitions, etc. That will make it spicier and give them a reason to choose you over your competitors. 


Giving Your Studio an Oomph

It is one thing to have a studio and another thing to have an interesting studio. For your studio to stand out, you have to go the extra mile. There is so much competition in the marketplace and if you don’t do the extra it will not make customers choose you over your competitors. With creativity, you can make our studio stand out. Some of the ways you can make your studio to stand out include: 

Invest in the right equipment

Studio equipment can be very costly but if you invest in the right ones, they make all the difference. The kind of pieces of equipment you have will influence the quality of sound that you get. That means that if you want a high-quality sound then you need to invest in high-quality equipment. 

Soundproof your walls 

As much as this is common sense for studios, not all of them soundproof their walls. If you are in a different room you should not hear what is happening in another room. 

Have the right interior décor 

The kind of décor you have will create the vibe and ambiance of your studio. That means that you need to invest in working on the interiors. When it comes to the interiors, choose the right statement pieces then work around them. There are certain décor pieces that you can choose and they will make a lot of difference. Choose the right wall art and art pieces, have the right color scheme, and incorporate textures to create a unique feel that defines your theme. 

The right seat 

Having the right seat makes a whole difference to space. There are different types of seats that you can incorporate into your space depending on where exactly it will be used in the studio. For example, at the reception or the waiting bay, you can have occasional chairs. That may leave you asking what are occasional chairs? As the name suggests, it is a special piece that is used occasionally but for a formal setting. It can be of different styles and with different textures and colors. Since a studio has different rooms, you can use different types of chairs for different rooms. 


Most studios prefer to have wall to wall carpeting but you are not necessarily limited to that. You can play around with different types of rugs depending on your theme to create different textures and vibes. 


Lighting is very important for every space. The more the lighting you can have in a space, the better space will turn out especially if it is natural lighting.

Offer extra

If you want to quickly stand out from the competition, go the extra mile by offering something extra or unique. Customers want something that can entice them and this is the best way to catch them. Give interesting packages, offer incentives, have a membership plan. There is so much more that you can do. Through research, you can get ideas on what you can do. 


With the internet age and digital marketing, it is easy to dismiss traditional advertising. That may make one question if it is relevant and if it is necessary. As much as it may be more costly than digital advertising, traditional media is still very relevant and very effective. The best part is that it can work across different niches and is easy to strategize. As much as social media took over the social life of many people, there is still a big chunk of people who listen to the radio. The good thing with the radio is that you can listen to it while running your errands such as driving or working out. Radio has been programmed differently hence you can easily do targeting. That explains why there are successful companies that still use radio advertising such as Lämpölux. Some of the reasons home repair companies should consider radio advertising include:

Can Home Repair Companies Use Radio Advertising?
Can Home Repair Companies Use Radio Advertising?

Selective targeting

As mentioned earlier, with radio it is easy to do selective targeting. The different programs in radio are meant for different target groups and you can easily make your advert to fall under certain programs depending on your target niche. With that, you will be sure that you are not wasting money on something that will not work out.


With a radio advertisement, an advert will likely be done repeatedly at certain times depending on your preference. When you hear something over and over, it is likely to stick into your mind and that can easily influence your buying decision.


As much as traditional advertising media is generally considered to be expensive, radio is a cheaper alternative. With radio, you will find that different packages are depending on your budget. The higher the frequency, of course, the higher the price. You can measure to know if it is effective or not so that if it is not you change the strategy. That makes it cost-effective in a way. The fact that you can get selective targeting means that you will not waste your money on something that will not work out.

Easy to measure results

With radio, you can measure results hence know if radio is working for your business or not. If not, you have the option of re-strategizing then measuring again until you find something that works. That helps in saving your time and your resources and makes sure you are spending your money on something that works.


Unlike other mediums such as TV and printed media, it takes some time for the advert to start running or it may be hard to implement any changes immediately. With radio, anything can happen in an instant. As much as radio may be good, you need to choose the right station depending on your needs and the niche market. You, therefore, need to do your research well. You also need the right strategy and the right messaging.


Businesses have become more and more competitive as time goes. That means that one has to go the extra mile to be ahead of the competition. One of the key things to keep in mind if you want to be ahead of the pack is your marketing strategy. Marketing is like the backbone of any business. Even if you may have the best products, without marketing clients will not know about them and that will mean no business for you. Luckily, the digital age has given us many options when it comes to advertising apart from having a website. That, however, does not mean that traditional advertising methods have become obsolete. Any type of company can still benefit from traditional advertising including flooring companies. One of the key traditional advertising methods is radio advertising. Some of the reasons why radio advertising may still be relevant in radio advertising include:

Is Radio Advertising Right for A Flooring Company?
Is Radio Advertising Right for A Flooring Company?

Selective targeting

With the radio, it is much easier to get t your niche. Radio has been programmed to meet certain market targets at certain times. You can therefore easily reach your market niche as compared to other marketing methods. All you have to do is to place yourself strategically so that you choose the right station and the right time and frequency for your adverts so that you achieve your goals.

Easy repetition

For adverts, you have to repeat them repeatedly to achieve your target. Once your target niche et information repeatedly, then they are more likely to react to that message.  With the radio, it is easy to repeat an advert without making it look monotonous. Radio makes it easy t repeat the same message to your target niche and because of the loyalty of the listeners, they are still likely to listen to your message.

Sound has a better effect

As compared to reading which can still stick in the mind, listening has a better effect when it comes to creating a memory. Listeners are more likely to instill an image that comes from emotion from what is being said and that will have a lasting effect.


As compared to other traditional media such as television and print media, radio advertising is much cheaper. That is because radio uses fewer resources to reach the target audience. It is, therefore, a good alternative if you are considering traditional advertising as you will achieve your set results without necessarily spending much.

Time efficiency

The time it takes to plan and finally roll out other types of advertising may be longer as compared to radio advertising. With radio so long as you know your preferred station and the times you want to air you are set.


With radio, it is much easier to track and measure results as compared to other methods. With radio you can analyze the results as soon as you start and that can help you re-strategize if need be to achieve your desired results. That can, therefore, help you achieve a high ROI.