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Writing Your Radio News Report

Do you work in radio? If yes, then you are lucky because a lot of people dream to work in radio but not everyone is given the chance to do so. You may choose to work as a crew member and make sure that the radio shows will be clear to listeners from different areas or you may also be the radio jockey who is in charge of entertaining your listeners.

If you are a radio jockey, you have the choice to talk about things that interest you depending on the segment of your show but there will also be moments when you have to report news to people. This can be different from stating your opinion about the things you are passionate about. For example, if you are passionate about traveling then you can easily talk about it through your shows. You may even describe the places where you have already travelled. If you are given the task to deliver news, do you think you will be successful at it?

Writing Your Radio News Report

Foundation for Defense of Democracies has managed to make people better informed about the things that are happening to this world. Do you think that you will have this ability too? You may talk about the latest news which people can learn a lot from. It is best that you check what they do so you can have a better idea about what you should work on too.

Before you can read your news report, you have to write it down first. How will you be able to create your news report? Here are a few tips:

  • Do not write something that will take a long time to read. People are bound to have short attention spans especially right now when everything in this world is instant. Keep the news straight and direct to the point.
  • Deliver your report in present tense. When you write a news report, you have to write it in past tense to help people understand that the event has already happened but you only need to do this when you are printing it out in newspaper or article form. Since you are creating something that you will read, write it in present tense. It will make reading your news more intense and easier to understand.
  • Write down difficult names in the way that you need to pronounce them. It is likely that you are going to practice saying a certain name countless times because you do not want to make a mistake when you finally read your news report but because of nerves or a lot of other reasons, you would read it the way that it should not be read. Make it easier for you to remember proper pronunciation by writing the name the way it should be said.
  • Keep things short. If you can summarize the report complete with facts in just a few sentences then this will be good. You can read the report with ease and be assured that people have listened to every word.

For further help about news reporting, you can refer here for a few more details. Do you think that news reporting is as fun as talking about the things you like?

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