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Why Should You Listen to Podcasts?

Radio is a great source of discovering new music. If you are listening to music through radio, the only thing that makes you like the music is if the beat and lyrics hit home. There are no visual factors that will influence you to like a song. Other than discovering new music, radio is used for podcasts as well. Nowadays, there are several podcasts airing on radio. The podcast is also known as audio blogging, and it has roots back in the 1980s. They are getting more famous day by the day. The reasons why people should listen to podcasts are:

  • Great Source Of Knowledge:

Podcasts are a great source of gaining knowledge. Nowadays you do not have to go and spend a small fortune to get information about something. There are several kinds of music recording and musical instruments related podcast that provides you with ample information on different music related things. Let’s say; you would like to know what strings do ESP guitars come with but cannot find an answer anywhere.

Why Should You Listen to Podcasts?

Well, don’t you worry, there are podcasts for this purpose too.  Podcasts like All Strings Attached, The Guitar Channel, Talking Metal, and Six Strings Bliss are the best way to get educated on things like guitars, strings, guitar tones, effect amps and much more. Plus, podcasts often invite guests who have experience.

  • A Good Way To Pass The Time:

Not everybody likes to listen to music 24/7. Sometimes we just want to relax and hear other people talk. Often, when we are driving or getting ready for work, we require something to take our mind of things. Podcasts are a good source of passing your time. Podcasts make you feel like you are hearing your friends talk because of the way the hosts of the show joke and with each other. They keep you company when you feel alone. Because as humans we do have the need to be a part of the crowd.

  • For People Who Like Audiobooks:

Not all of us can be avid readers. Most people prefer listening to audio books rather than reading books. If you are one of them, then podcasts are just the thing for you. In addition to filling the white noise in the background, podcasts can also be a substitute for audiobooks. Moreover, they are a great way to pass time.

  • A Great Source Of Ideas:

While listening to podcasts, you are more mindful as you are hearing other individuals talk. Plus, there is no visual imagery, and all your focus is on just their words. During this time, the words can trigger your brain in such a way that you get relaxed. You often get exposed to new topics through podcasts, and that can help give birth to new ideas in your mind. As a listener to podcasts, you get informed on a bucket load of new topics that open your mind to different things.

  • The Power Of Spoken Words:

What if Charles Bukowski did a podcast? Can you imagine how many people will listen to him? A million listeners would tune in just to hear Bukowski’s rugged and parched voice, telling us to go forth and conquer the world. That is the power of words.

Sometimes when we are looking for motivation and reading books don’t help, neither does videos. But just hearing a simple, you can do it by someone can give us the adrenaline rush we need. It can motivate and inspire us to do almost anything, that is the reason why Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech is considered great. Would the most famous speeches have had the same effect if they had been written and not spoken?