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Ways Your Radio Station Can Avoid a Lawsuit

Running a radio station can be great fun.  Each day is an adventure as you play new music, meet new people, share the latest news and tell the funniest jokes.  But when you are dealing with a vast amount of customers there are bound to be quite a few that occasionally find your content offensive or problem some.  Radio stations need to tread carefully when sharing content and need to follow the right steps in order to stay protected.  Here are a few great ways for you to avoid a lawsuit.

Ways Your Radio Station Can Avoid a Lawsuit
Ways Your Radio Station Can Avoid a Lawsuit

Get Insurance Protection

Lawsuits are expensive and while a good insurance policy won’t protect you from getting sued, these policies are great for securing your business finances while your lawsuit is ongoing.  Liability policies can protect you from employees filing a lawsuit for work injuries and omissions insurance protects you from a lawsuit made by your listeners due to a broadcasting mistake.

Get Legal Contracts

It is important to work closely with an attorney and to get all binding contracts drafted legally.  Every person in your employment, supplier and all licensing contracts needs to be fully authentic.

Keep Records

A good way to protect your radio station is by keeping backup records of everything you do.  All paperwork should be processed on time, you should keep a copy of business documentation for at least 5 years and it might be wise to keep a recording of all streamed broadcasts.

Get Company Policies and Procedures in Place

It is so important for your business to draft adequate company policies and to implement these policies as soon as possible.  These policies will keep your radio representations and other staff in check, will guide everyone and can protect your business.

Be Ethical and Moral

The best way to keep your business safe is by functioning transparent and by following ethical, honest and moral standards.  If you don’t do anything offensive then no one can file a lawsuit against you.

Provide Great Service

People are often willing to overlook a flaw, mistake or even misconduct if you always deliver great service.  The public can be quite forgiving if you have a history of providing good services, of treating your customers and listeners well and of following good ethical and moral practices at all times.

Apply For Settlement Funding

Too many companies close their doors before a lawsuit reaches its verdict because legal fees are incredibly expensive.  If you do get sued then one of the first things you need to do is to apply for settlement funding.  With this loan you can pay for legal expertise without affecting your business and you can get out of your tough situation without the suit costing you your business.  Here are a few non recourse lawsuit loan FAQs that will give you much more information on these types of lawsuit funding, how to apply for the loan and what you can expect from the repayment process of pre-settlement funding.