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Ways to Brand Your Radio Station

Your broadcasting license, electronic gear and office space probably isn’t cheap.  Even online radio stations have to cover quite a lot of monthly expenses and you rely on a good audience in order to cater generate enough capital to survive.  No radio station can afford to wait for someone to accidently stumble upon their frequency or website.  Branding and promoting your radio station is essential, especially if you are relatively new or struggle to reach a new target audience.  Branding is the process of creating a unique name or image for your business that anyone can quickly identify.  Coke is a great example of a company that has a perfect branding strategy.  Everyone knows that signature Coke font and that signature red sticker.  Everyone knows exactly what a coke is because they spend a lot on branding.

The importance of branding to your radio stations

Thanks to the internet, radio stations have more competitors than ever before, especially since location matters much less when you are streaming content online.  With proper branding anyone that sees your logo will be reminded of your business and will also be reminded to give your radio station a shot even though they are comfortable with their current radio station.

Easy ways to brand your business

The first step to successful branding is to get a good graphic designer who can create a unique logo for your business. Once the logo is designed, it can be used on all of your merchandise, adverts and on any of your documentation.  Here are some quick ways to brand successfully on a daily basis.

Ways to Brand Your Radio Station

Get stamps – Printing can be quite expensive and many small businesses and small radio stations use stamps as a quick but effective way to add information to any document.  You can use a stamp to customize any standard invoice, quotation or any other piece of paper work you can use a company stamp as a signature for any letter or document and you can even use a professional looking stamp to create emergency business cards yourself.  Ideal Stamp Shop is the best online company that you can use to create your radio station a signature stamp that you can use for branding.

Create custom stationery – Ask a designer to create custom stationery for all of the documents you will need such as letters, invoices and more.  The stationery should include all contact information as well as your unique logo. 

Brand all digital content – Every image you share, every tweet you make and every advert you create should contain your company logo.  You can do this even if you don’t have the best of design software because a smartphone and an app like PicsArt Photo Studio is all you will need to create great looking custom content that contains your logo and all the info you would like to include.

Speak your brand aloud a lot – While you are promoting other businesses on air, you should also remember to promote your own radio station as frequently as possible.  Say your company name aloud frequently, air adds for your business frequently and think of creative ways to lure more listeners to your radio station.

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