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How to Use Radio for Advertising Consultations

The radio plays a very critical role in advertising as much as it is an old school method. Consulting business has grown to be very competitive and hence if you don’t embrace the right strategies the business is likely to fail. That is where radio advertising comes in. As much as it may be underestimated when it comes to advertising a consulting business, it can be a stepping stone for your business. Good thing with radio you are sure you will get an audience for your advert unlike digital advertising. Some of the reasons why you should consider the radio as an advertising media for your consulting business include:

How to Use Radio for Advertising Consultations

Cost Effective

Radio advertising is cheaper than many other forms of advertising. Television, print ads and digital advertising can be very expensive and not necessarily effective.  As much as creativity is needed in radio advertising, it requires less studio time, actors, video equipment and editing hence making it way cheaper as you can get a quality recording at a fraction of the cost.

Time efficiency

Unlike other forms of advertising that may require you to spend a lot of time such as television advertisements and print ads such as magazines, radio requires much more less time. TV advertisements can take up to months to get high quality footage but for radio you can get a quality radio spot within a short lead time. It takes a short time frame to execute a radio campaign.

Measurable results

With radio advertising unlike other forms of advertising it is possible to track results quickly and accurately and know if the advertising  method is working for you or not. For example if the radio ads are able to track calls, you can be able to know within a short time frame if the message is effective or not. With the fast turnaround time, you can be able to customize your ads to make sure you get the results that you want. This can give you an advantage over other forms of advertising which you may not be able to measure results. With radio advertising, you are sure that your business is a success.

Getting the right audience

Radio already has an audience that want to keep up with news, events, personalities and music. The audiences are potential customers to your consulting business and hence it’s a good way of reaching out to an audience.


As much as many consulting businesses have not seen the potential of advertising on radio, radio advertisement can be very effective. Consulting companies such as Abraham Zaiderman Consulting can be even more successful with radio advertising. All they need is a good strategy and goal setting then anything is achievable. With radio, they can tweak their strategy until they achieve the goals they want as a company. Advertisement can be through a feature or having a certain program on radio where the consultant can talk more about matters in their field of operation.

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