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Top Wall Art Ideas for Your Radio Station

A little bit of wall art can do a lot for the overall look of your radio station. This is because color and visuals have a huge psychological impact on your mind.  The right color, for example, can make you feel hungry, sad, happy, energized and even depressed.  Inspirational quotes can help you become goal oriented and can make you more productive while you are on the job.  Family photos can help you focus on what is truly important in your life and looking at awards can make you feel a lot more proud of personal accomplishments.  If you are looking for a way to improve the general look of your radio station then you can definitely consider the following cool decorating ideas.

Top Wall Art Ideas for Your Radio Station

Top Wall Art Ideas for Your Radio Station

  1. Vintage radio wall

One of the best looks for a radio station can also be an interesting hobby.  Start collecting retro or rather vintage radios and display them on a wall.  This is a great wall art idea for any radio station and it is a superb way to repurpose old radios.

  1. CD collage wall

You use a lot of music from a lot of different artists in a radio station.  Plenty of musicians are pretty generous when it comes to CD donations.  A great way to store away all of these CD’s is by creating a CD collage wall.  Simply add some double sided tape on the back of the CD’s and stick them on an empty wall.

  1. Vinyl record wall collage

You can create the same look as the CD wall art with vintage vinyl records.  These records usually look fantastic when displayed on a large empty wall, especially if you give your wall a bright base color.

  1. Wall of fame

Create a large wall of fame by covering your wall in cork sheet.  You can then pin photographs of all radio guests, hosts, and all major events.  This can be a pretty interesting look for your station and it will be of great interest to any of your guests.

  1. Upcycle music instruments

Another good idea is to upcycle old music instruments into furniture.  Turn a trumpet or flute into a lamp by propping it on a stand and adding a lampshade.  Turn a trombone into an interesting downlight.  Use an old drum for a ceiling lamp shade. There are so many wonderful upcycling ideas that will give new life to old instruments and create a unique vibe.

  1. Wall stickers

Another good idea is to get a large wall sticker printed so you can quickly decorate a plain wall.  Your wall sticker can include your radio station name and logo or can simply feature your favorite quote.

  1. Posters

Frame large posters of musicians and hang them on your wall.  This is an easy way to bring in some color and you can frequently change the look of your office or radio station by simply replacing the posters with fresh ones.

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