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Tips on How to Present Great Radio

Listening to radio presenters, it can sound like the easiest job until you’re given the mic and told to do it yourself. Talking and engaging an audience that you can’t see can be tricky since you might not even know what they are thinking of your presentation. This article will guide you on quick and easy tips on how to present great radio. It is all about the listeners.

Tips on How to Present Great Radio

Tips on How to Present Great Radio

Know Your Listener

Knowing how, when, and why the audience listens to you is very important. You should also try and figure out what they are listening to you on, and where they are likely to be. The more one understands their listeners, the easier it is for them to create “me too” moments, which are the main target.

Make Your Listener Care

You can talk about anything on radio successfully as long as you’re doing it in a way that will make your listeners care.

Talk to ONE Person

It’s important to realize that each of your listeners is listening to the show as an individual, and not a group. Talk like you’re addressing one person, avoiding words like “you all, “some of you”, and “hey guys”. Create a one on one conversation with the audience and you’ll find them engaging more with you.

Be in Charge

Being the host, you need to have a commanding but calm voice that will guide the audience, be concise, and not confuse them.

Learn The Rules, Then Break Them

Knowing the rules means that you know how to break them. A good presenter will learn techniques and understand the ones that work best for them. These are what they should rinse, repeat, and reinvent.

Make The Mic Your Mate

The mic should be your friend and you shouldn’t shout into it or pop your “p’s”.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. Just be yourself by working on your strengths, practicing, listening to feedback, training, and getting a good coach.

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Following the tips above is one of the best ways of becoming a successful radio presenter for your company. Your success will not only depend on that, but on other management practices such as bookkeeping.