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The Plus of Radio Advertising

In this day of digital marketing, radio advertising might sound like a very aged form of advertisement that cannot work. The truth is that it still works wonders when people advertise on the radio. There are still very many people that spend their time listening to the radio, and especially when they are stuck in traffic. In this article, we are going to take a look at the advantages of radio advertising.

The Plus of Radio Advertising
The Plus of Radio Advertising

Selective targeting

There are certain groups of people that listen to certain radio stations, and then there is the fact that certain radio stations only broadcast in certain areas. This means that one can do selective targeting using the demographics of the stations.

Increased frequency

Radio adverts are best for creating awareness, since they can reach the audience frequently, driving the point home. Remember, most radio stations have loyal fans that tune in, frequently, meaning that they are impacted more.


It is easier for the mind to store sounds instead of written content. There’s also the fact that sound can be used to instill emotions in the listeners, even creating mental images. This makes radio adverts more memorable when compared to written advertisements.


When compared to other forms of advertising such as television, radio advertising is considerably cheaper. Television adverts require more props, such as actors, models, and video equipment, which drive the costs up, and yet the target audience is the same.

Time efficiency

Radio adverts generally take shorter times to produce when compared to television ads, which can take weeks or even months.

The Vape Shop, LA

When it comes to advertising, I still think that digital advertising is more effective than radio advertising in this day and age. This is because most people spend some time on the internet and it is way cheaper than all other forms of advertising. It is also easier to target demographics from all over the world. To break it down, I will move to our next topic, The Vape Shop, LA. This is a shop that deals with vaping, offering a range of accessories in the niche. All of these accessories can be found on their website, and they can be purchased directly from the website, which is an e-commerce store. Some of the products that they sell include:

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  •  Melon Lush – Air Factory E-Liquid – 100mL – $ 24.99
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Those are just a few of the products that are sold on the website. Please note that some of the products sold on the website could contain nicotine, which is a substance that can be addictive and should be used by people that are 18 years and above.


The Vape Shop, LA is one of the businesses that are being marketed digitally, successfully and even give their customers the chance to shop on the internet. Radio advertising, however, is still a very effective mode of advertising today and shouldn’t be neglected.