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How to Tell Stories that Listeners Will Be Interested In

As radio jockey, one of the greatest things that you have to overcome is fear in telling various stories to your listeners. If you sound scared and you do not seem sure of yourself, people will switch to another radio station. No matter how great the story that you have prepared, they will not listen to you. You will not be heard.

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How to Tell Stories that Listeners Will Be Interested In

Telling stories can be hard sometimes especially if you have a tendency to ramble about the different things that would like to talk about. By rambling, you do not get to a point and people will lose interest in what you have to say. To tell stories that people will be engaged in, here are a few tips:

  1. Have an opening that will be hard to resist.

If you would start out your story weak, people will not bother to listen to you anymore. Make sure that you have an opening line that will cause them to stop whatever they are doing just to listen to the rest of the words that you have to say. To think of an opening that they will find hard to resist, it is best to start with something that is not cliche.

  1. Make sure that you think you are interesting.

If you believe in yourself that you are interesting enough to tell stories then you can expect that your listeners will believe in you. If you do not have the self confidence to tell any story, even if it isn’t your story, your listeners will feel it and would tune out from listening to your program. One of the greatest mistakes that you can make is to sound robotic while you are delivering your stories.s When you do this, you can expect that people will opt to switch.

  1. Use present tense in telling your stories.

It is always more engaging to read and even listen to stories that are in present tense probably because it is easier for people to imagine that they are in a certain situation when you tell it as it is. Even if you are going to tell a story that has happened years ago or you would like to talk about a fantasy that has not happened yet, tell your story in present tense. It will make people listen to you more.

  1. Have a resolution.

Do you realize that when you watch movies, you usually decide if it is good or bad depending on the ending? If the ending is confusing, you will say that it is a bad movie but if you understood the movie’s ending perfectly, you have a higher chance of stating that the movie is enjoyable. When telling a story, make sure that there is a conclusion there somewhere or at least a resolution that will bring peace to those who are listening.

Did you get the facts that you need from the tips that are mentioned above? Making more effort in your stories will make a huge difference to the amount of listeners who will tune in.

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