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How to Start a High School Radio Station

Music is commonly used in shops and especially restaurants to control sales because different types of music have different psychological effects on people.  A restaurant will play high pitched music with a fast beat during busy times because people tend to eat faster when quick music is plaid so the restaurant can accommodate more guests.  During quiet times, restaurants play quieter and more relaxed music types because this keeps clients seated for much longer which boost the chances of more food and beverage orders. If music has such a great effect on just your dining speed then what can music do for your studies?  If you loved high school and would like to help high school students be more productive then perhaps it is time to consider starting a high school radio station.

How to Start a High School Radio Station

Fun ideas for a fun high school radio station

Besides just happy and positive music, the possibilities for your high school radio station are endless.  You can broadcast educational programs, give students all the latest news on sports, functions and high school entertainment and even host monthly singing or debate competitions so young talents can get their voices heard.

Decide on your area of coverage

Your broadcasting radius will greatly determine your running cost.  A low-power station require only a few thousand watts to operate and the licensing is much more affordable which makes it the perfect selection for a high school radio station, especially if you are just starting out.  You can always expand to multiple high schools at a later stage or even switch to a youth radio station.

Start your applications

The first step to starting a radio station is to get the applications going.  Applying for a frequency can take a long time and you also need a broadcasting license.

Buy your equipment

Radio station equipment isn’t cheap at all but luckily the gear is relatively easy to come by.  DJ equipment is probably all you will need to start a low-power radio station.  On DJ Tools Guide you can check out all of the best broadcasting and music gear that you will need for your radio station.  You can check out the best software, the best headphones, the best controllers, speakers, mixers and much more.  This review site gives you all the pros and cons of all the latest DJ equipment currently on the market and you can check out their guides section to find out exactly what gear you need to get started.

Set up your studio

The great thing about a radio station is that you don’t need a lot of space to get started.  The basement, garage or a room in your home is all you need to get started but the best way to start a high school radio station is probably at the school since you will have instant access to all the latest news as it happens.  Design a studio layout and start saving up for your radio station.

Get assistant broadcasters

You cannot be on office at all times and might need some help with broadcasting and managing of the software.  Get an assistant broadcaster to help you out.

Get financing

The first few months of a radio station is the hardest.  You will need financing and you also need to develop a way to earn cash from your radio station which can be tough if you are only pitching for high school students.

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