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Secrets to Sounding Confident

Being on radio or speaking before an audience can look like the easiest thing on earth. The truth is that it is the easiest thing for some people, but for many, it can turn into the most daunting task ever. While on radio, a presenter needs to show confidence. They need to hold their listener’s attention and keep them informed and entertained. If this doesn’t happen, chances are that the listeners will go elsewhere, and we know how that could go. It isn’t very different for speaking before an audience. Many people get the nerves when they see a huge crowd of people standing before them, and any lack of confidence could lead to the crowd judging them negatively. We have seen people standing before an audience, only for the words that they had planned to say to completely disappear. It is all about confidence, and that is why in this article, we are going to look at the secrets to sounding confident.

Secrets to Sounding Confident

Secrets to Sounding Confident


If anyone ever wants to perfect in anything, the trick is to practice, since as they say, practice makes perfect. The same thing applies for speech. One can practice the speech that they intend to give, and even act like there is an audience before them. They could also practice in front of their friends or family. They can also record themselves and listen to the recordings later to establish how they sound.

Don’t Articulate a Statement as a Question

Don’t put statements as questions, because it could look as if you’re looking for approval, or answers. This can make you sound vulnerable and unsure of yourself, and it will lower your confidence and the confidence of the audience.

Slow down

Talk at a moderate pace, not too fast, as the audience might not understand what you’re trying to say to them, and not too slow, since it might put the audience to sleep. 190 words per minute is the recommended speech speed.

Use your hands

It is important to use body language, whereby you can incorporate gestures to make the audience better understand what you’re trying to say, since it gives you a more positive trait. This however, doesn’t mean that you do things like fiddling with your hair or clothing, as this makes you look like you don’t have confidence.

Throw away caveats and filler phrases

It isn’t recommended to use filler phrases, caveats, or other useless phrases, since they can cause damage to the speech by making you less persuasive.

Novo Dental Centre

One of the things that stand out the most about a person when they are making a speech in front of an audience is their smile. It can either be captivating, or it could put the crowd off. Having a good smile doesn’t only mean smiling, but it means having a healthy mouth that consists of healthy teeth and gums, since they are the ones that give people the confidence to smile. That is what brings us to the next topic, repair of your smile. Novo Dental Centre is there to take care of all your dental health needs. Whether it is root canals, tooth extraction, filling, replacing damaged crowns, or bonded restoration, the dental Centre’s dentists will help to make your teeth healthy again. Their team consists of:

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Confidence is something that everyone can cultivate using some of the points mentioned above. In order to enhance our confidence with speech, we should begin by ensuring that our dental health is up to par.

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