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Reception Tips for Your Radio in Your New House!

Moving to a new place brings along a lot of challenges, particularly if your new house is at a place where you have not been before. Radio happens to be a good companion when you know nothing about the new place. It can help you stay updated. There would be stations that would tell about the places you should visit. Getting a good reception of radio stations is a struggle in itself. You cannot enjoy the radio unless the sound is good, right?

Reception Tips for Your Radio in Your New House!
Reception Tips for Your Radio in Your New House!

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Once you have moved to the new house, it is time to befriend your radio. In this article, we’ll help you get good reception of radio stations:

Turn off the extra items:

The things that hurt radio reception the most are the ones that generate electricity. They totally distort the sound. The more the items are turned off, the better is the reception. These items include CD recorders or players, Satellite TV boxes, DVD recorders, DVD players Computers screens, Cable TV boxes, Gaming systems, Halogen lights, Microwave ovens, Light dimmer switches in general. Turn off as many items as you can.


Location here means where you have placed the radio. Remember that it should not be somewhere between bricks, steel, and concrete. They all are enemies of radio signals. The best place for radio is somewhere near the window.

Pay attention to antennas:

Most of the FM radios come with external antenna hook-up or built-in antenna wire. Moving these rods or wires around helps to improve the reception. The traveling wave of radio signals is about 6 feet wide. When you extend the rod or wire, it improves the signal and gives you better results. 3 feet long wire works the best. And, do not believe in the myth that placing the rod-type antenna vertically improve the signals. It’s not like that. The signals travel horizontally so it works that way.

Who are good radio producers:

With dropping trend of radios, the quality has also dropped. However, you can rely on Yamaha, Denon, and Onkyo, and Pioneer for the home stereo system. These are some brands that are actually paying attention to the quality. You can choose one of them.