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Real Estate on A Radio Host’s Budget

You are looking to upsize on a property with your new income, but you also want to keep it safe with your humble radio host earnings. Property buying is quite overwhelming when considering the type of house you want, the commute to and from the radio station, and especially concerning the finances. Do you want to live countryside or have your city life? What location works best for your radio job? All these decisions come after the main issue; money. That is why you only need to read this easy budget guide to make buying your dream home easy and affordable:

Real Estate on A Radio Host's Budget

Real Estate on A Radio Host’s Budget

1.Evaluate your income

As a radio host, you need to know what you are bringing home from work if you are going to consider spending on property. Calmly analyze every source of income in your household, and calculate the average monthly earnings you get. You can’t create a good budget if you do not have idea how much you can expend. Therefore, sit back and add up each source of earnings you receive each month. That way you can have a clearer idea of your spending range, which opens up more property options to choose from.

2.Know your expenses

Once you know how much you are bringing in, you must figure it out where all your money goes. Compute your daily expenditures, and get an estimate of the income that is spent per month so you can gain an idea of how much more you need to earn to afford your daily amenities as well as save enough to afford the right place. Even with a well-established radio job, you will need to know how much you should earn and for how long, to get your dream place.

3.Get an idea of your home-ownership finances

Your housing finances like property taxes and insurance should come up to no more than 25% of your income. For a better budget, you should opt for a fixed rate 15-year mortgage. In addition, you should get to know your utility bills, local taxes, repair costs, and maintenance finances.

4.Start saving up

Before considering getting a property, reevaluate and adjust your budget. You should let your finances grow to the best stable state that you are comfortable with, to tackle any future costs or issues that may come along the way with buying a new home.

5.Buy the right place

Bob McLean Personal Real Estate Corporation provides you the best Mission BC houses for sale that are perfectly affordable on your radio job budget. Choose to live in a gorgeous mountain slope surrounded by rivers, forests, and mountains, while enjoying the added city amenities.

Make connections that are perfect for your communication job through a strong community that supports its members, and take comfort in knowing that you can have a perfectly relaxing atmosphere in your home while staying focused on your job.

Can’t tell which property works for you? Well, you can rely on Bob McClean’s 15+ years of real estate experience as well as his life experience in Mission BC itself. Get the right house that suits your taste, whether it is a country mansion or a lakeside home, all within the budget of your choice and financial comfort.

The houses for sale are extremely affordable with quality guaranteed, with Bob recommending only the best homes and properties within Mission BC for you to pick from. So what are you waiting for? Call now at (604) 302-0177 to get the details, costs and relevant information you need to finally own the perfect place in Mission BC for your home living.