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Radio: A Traditional Media Still Better than the New Media

Several years ago, there was a time when the radio was considered as one of the greatest inventions. Whether you would like to listen to a song, news or weather forecast, the radio was the only fastest way to be aware of the surroundings. As the time passed, now we have some latest media technologies, the internet, and social media is the advanced one.

With the advancement of technology, numerous people have moved towards the new media means. One can easily get the required news or songs from different sources like YouTube, iTunes, Apple music, etc., or can even buy a CD from the market. Still, nothing can replace the need and significance of radio. According to a survey, 70% of the population still uses the radio.

Radio is relatively easy to access and understand as compared to other media technologies. What can be better that you don’t have to learn first and that too without any signup or subscription fees? Though there are countless latest technologies, nevertheless, no technology can replace this traditional media.

Radio: A Traditional Media Still Better than the New Media

  • Cheap Advertising:

You all know about the concepts of marketing and advertising. All of you have seen the commercial ads on the TV’s and now even on social media. These ads are to spread the word and awareness among people about particular product or service. The thing is that these commercials require a lot of money to invest. However, with radio advertising, it is very cheap as well as more efficient. You can just rent a room or cabin as you just have to record your voice, not the video. It costs less as compared to TV or print ads.

  • Diversity:

One of the finest ways in which radio is better than the other media sources is its diversity and ability to reach more people. There are various areas in a country where TV channels and internet is not present. For that regions radio is the blessing in disguise. It reaches to almost every part of the country, and also almost everyone knows how to operate a radio.

  • Target Specific Audience:

We see a lot of shows running on the TV channels that are meant for only ten% of the whole population, but still, you have to pay for other people as well. In the case of radio, you can target the particular group or area of individuals through special programming and can get more profit.

  • More Portability:

Radio provides you more portability as compared to any other media technology. It means that you can access it while doing different tasks. You can listen to the songs on the radio whether you are driving, cleaning your store room while doing rodent poop identification or cooking in the kitchen.

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Coming back to the radio subject, the television or other media requires your entire attention whereas with the radio you only have to listen without diverting your mind or attention.

  • Excellent Source of Entertainment:

With the new technologies and entertainment resources, radio is still the best-known entertainment media. Instead of buying CD’s or taking your laptops everywhere with you, you can just listen to the radio and refresh your mind from the hectic routine.

  • Opportunity for Students:

The students who are interested in the media field, radio serves as the base for the start of their career. Various universities have their radio stations which are run by the group of students. It helps the student in boosting their confidence level and polishing their skills. So later on, they can continue their career in media studies.

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