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Radio Jockey

Radio is the modern way of utilizing radio waves to carry information, such as sound. Latin word “radius” which means “beam of light rays” was used to derive the word radio. Numerous people worked to make this type of communication possible, but in 1895 Guglielmo Marconi was the first person who received the first radio signals in Italy.The machine which sends the radio signals is called as “transmitter” whereas the device which is used to receive the signals is known as “receiver or antennas.”

Radio Jockey

Ge Attic Mount Antennas

Antennas play a significant role in a radio station. Antennas are used to convert the electric power into radio waves. It works when they are connected to a radio transmitter or radio receiver. Ge Attic Antennas come with the best materials and designs. The best thing about Ge Attic Antennas is it can be blend with any surrounding. It is highly recommended to buyers and radio stations because it has a broad spectrum which covers UHF and VHF as well. These antennas come with easy positioning as they have an excellent accessory of enjoying favorite channels in HD quality. The buyers who live far away from the broadcast towers as these antennas have an easy setup with great mounting options as well. You can visit gettvantenna.com to read the ge attic antenna reviews and get to know why this antenna is better for you. The most vital thing is it not just free, but its quality is superior to rest of the satellite TVs or HDTV. The best variant of these antennas is GE 33692 Attic Mount HD and is the best American leading brand.


RJ stands for “Radio Jockey.”  A person who hosts a radio show is known as a radio host, or a radio jockey. This radio personality may broadcast himself or herself live or use voice tracking techniques. They take live calls, informs about the latest updates, news, sports, weather, interviews different personalities. Furthermore, they post information online on some other web forum, and this is done to stay connected with their audiences.

How To Become An RJ

Becoming an RJ is not an as easy job as it seems. This post revolves around one’s creative approach. If there are no creativity listeners will give your program a farewell. To become the demanding RJ one should follow these tips:

  • Good and fluent speaker

For RJ it is imperative to be a good speaker, and his/her way of talking should be impressive to attract the listeners. RJ must not fumble while speaking. Clarity of speech is required to deliver the message, and it is quite necessary because the radio listeners demand the fluent speaker. Therefore, one should focus and practice about speaking is a must. Being unadorned while speaking will create monotony.

  • Usage of technical instruments

Different devices in a radio station such as CD players, headphones, faders, underlays, background music are used by the RJ to control the pitch, voice, sound as well. To control all these RJ should have a command on how to use them.

  • Humorous and knowledgeable

Folks usually plug into a radio station for entertainment. The audience gets bored of listening to the same channel, so they switch to other channels. To cope with this situation, one should add some humorous things in his links and bio to attract them. Radio is listened by both the urban and rural population so an RJ should know about the different informative facts to share them with his listeners. Radio jockey should talk on the current issues and affairs to involve his/her audiences in the show.

  • Confident and openminded

If you are not confident, you won’t be able to present yourself to others ever. One should be sure about whatever he is saying as it goes on-air. RJ should not try to copy others and create his/her unique style. An RJ should be straightforward, and there’s a need to be open to his idea. If RJ makes a mistake he/she should accept it otherwise the listeners will not be impressed by RJ’s performances anymore.

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