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Radio Broadcasters Need to Stay Fit Too

Radio Broadcasters Need to Stay Fit TooWhen working in radio broadcasting industry, it is easy to not be conscious of your appearance. After all, it is a profession where your voice is the only thing you need. People don’t see you unlike TV reporters. As long as you have a good material to relay to them to listen to and you have great vocal dynamics, then they will most definitely listen to you.

This is how good radio broadcasters maintain their careers for decades. There is no pressure to stay pretty or handsome unlike TV stars. Those who appear on TV are easily replaced when they are no longer visually appealing.

I can attest to this since in most of my earlier years in the business, I became complacent. I could not care less about how I look. Since I got the job, people only cared about my voice. My station managers pressure me to always come up with an interesting material or a gimmick to attract our listener. However, I was never pressured to dress well in the office or to even take a bath when heading to work. Most of the times, there are only 2 or 3 people in the station. This is true especially when I am doing an evening segment.

Eventually, when my body started to lose shape, I became alarmed. Back in college, I was so athletic. However, I choose radio broadcasting and abandoned sports. Though it was a decision I didn’t regret, I felt bad that I was not able to maintain my body.

Lately, I discovered cross fit. It is an intense challenge involving the entire body. It is an exercise like I have never seen before. The best part is that I was so obsessed in quickly losing weight. It is something that cross fit guarantees. It is the reason why I immediately gave it a try.

In just a few weeks, I have seen drastic results. I could not even recognize my body. It felt like I was a college student all over again. Even my coworkers are surprised of the changes. They felt that I am up for something. At some point, they even teased me that I was already resigning for a TV job.

Promoting cross fit

When I started seeing the effects on my body, I told myself that I will campaign for cross fit. If I benefitted a lot from it, I know others would. I started convincing my closest friends and people I have worked with. I invited them to just watch me and my gym friends do it. When they are not convinced, then they don’t have to do it. Apparently, those whom I have invited also tried cross fit. As a gift for trying, I gave them the best mens crossfit shoes. Of course, it is needed to do the exercise well. I bought the best shoes for crossfit for men and women online and surprised them on their first day. They also didn’t know that it is the type of shoe required, and so I came prepared.

The point is that whatever profession you are in, you need to maintain your figure.