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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Payroll Service Provider

One of the things businesses, including media companies, need to get right in order to be successful is good payroll management. Such a practice helps a business to avoid running into issues with its employees and the tax authorities. Given the fact that payroll management requires skills and time, your company may decide to employ the help of a payroll services provider. Here are some important questions you need to get satisfactory answers to before committing to a service.

hiring payroll service

1. What services are provided?

First, you need to be aware that payroll service providers are able to offer you a wide variety of services. Some of these services may go beyond what you would ordinarily expect a payroll service provider to offer. An example of such is human resource management. So make sure to ask about services available to see how you can outsource functions that may distract you from your core business.

2. What am I paying for?

It is not enough to simply ask for a generic quote from a payroll service provider. Services offered could sometimes be bundled into diverse packages. This then means you need to inquire about what services are included in the pricing you are provided. By doing this, you are able to avoid hidden fees that may be required when you need certain services.

3. May I know about your experience in payroll management?

Past jobs done by a payroll service provider could also tell about its efficiency. You may ask to see what results the one you have in focus has achieved. References who can attest to the expertise of the provider can be requested to verify this.

4. Will I be assigned a dedicated payroll specialist?

As relevant as this question is, it is often overlooked. But it is important to know who will be in charge of your payroll account. This helps to know who you need to run to if you need urgent help. If you are lucky to be assigned a specialist, take time to communicate with such so as to assess how helpful he or she could be.

5. How secure will my information be?

You cannot afford to let your private financial information fall into the hands of dubious characters who may exploit such to your loss. The payroll service provider you choose should be able to guarantee the safety of your information from prying eyes. The ideal provider should have firewalls, strong authentication and state-of-the-art encryption standards in place to protect your vital financial data.

6. How will modification requests be treated?

There may come times when certain changes to reports could be required. For instance, errors noticed may need to be corrected or you may want to have other modifications made to reports. You will do well to understand beforehand what the payroll service’s policy says about such possibility.

These are just some of the questions you should ask before hiring a payroll service provider. There are equally some others you may want to ask, depending on your specific needs. But the questions above should suffice in most cases.