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How to Promote Japanese Chef Knives On The Radio

As a chef it’s imperative that you get the absolute best knife for the job, knives are the backbone of any fast operating kitchen. A blunt knife will cause delays, not get the job done and ultimately lose you money in the long term as we all know time is money especially for a business.

Japanese chef knives or gyutos are especially popular among chefs as their design and function differs slightly from typical Western knives with smaller blades and sharper edges that get the job done more effectively.

Every chef has a knife they prefer sitting on the counter with countless scratches and imperfections from constant use, they’re always in need of an upgrade. As no two chefs have the same preference there is always space in the market to become the best Japanese Chef Knives for someone.

How to Promote Japanese Chef Knives On The Radio

If you’ve landed on this article chances are you are a business owner who has designed their own unique brand of knives knows there is an endless supply of clients to sell to but knows won’t get any business if you do not put yourself out there properly, promote and ultimately convert.

Getting your product prototype built, spending money on getting the real product manufactured, meeting safety regulations and arranging all the other legalities is hard work. Once all that work is done promoting will be the last thing you want to spend money on. Don’t worry as radio is an easy and cost effective method to get your message out to the masses.

Offline Radio Advertising

The first thing is to create a compelling advertising script that will hook a listener in within the first seven seconds. Creating a solid first impression is the most important thing. Keep your name and brand slogan short, catchy and easy to remember and write down.

Begin compiling a list of and contacting all the offline radio shows you’d like to advertise your knives. Research key demographics to see how these match up with your target audience. Hire a professional to do a voiceover of your advertising script. Then you’re ready to get your brand out to the masses.

Online Radio Show

Another way you can promote your brand and products to the masses is through a web based radio show also known as a podcast. The internet is an amazing way to promote and one that you should take full advantage of, you already have sound files ready to use from your radio advertisements, and it’s simply a matter of slotting these in to fit into a podcast series.

There are so many avenues you can take with this promotional tactic. Interviewing different chefs each week and plugging your knives at the beginning and end. Start a blog to further promote your brand and online radio show, hire someone to transcribe your podcasts to text and upload them to WordPress and you have another medium out there promoting for you.

Take full advantage of iTunes to capture the Apple smartphone and tablet users market and Soundcloud for those who cannot access audio media that way.  Social media is another important component to this and another way to promote your web show.

If starting your own web radio show sounds like too much work contact already established podcast shows for advertising space and use or adapt the same advertising script you’ve used for offline radios. Check listeners numbers and demographics before going ahead with it to make sure they line up with your chosen target market and you’ll receive a healthy return on investment.