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How You Can Have a More Popular Podcast

You may want to make sure that you will get more listeners to your podcast but you are not quite sure about the things that you should do. You may think that you have to wait for your new listeners to discover you through search engine sites but do you honestly think that this is going to be effective. There is a very big chance that this will not.

There is good news however, over the past years, more and more people have started listening to podcasts online especially when they are interested in the topics that are being talked about. You may not realize this but when you take time to actually promote your podcast, this has the tendency to make everything that you have worked hard for all worth it.

The first thing that you can do is to talk about things that people will normally become interested about. You have to show people that you can talk about normal things that they will find useful. Talk about Executive Towing and Tilt Tray Perth. You may be surprised with how many topics you can tackle with this main thought. It also helps that they do give great towing service whenever you need them.

How You Can Have a More Popular Podcast

Get to know other ways on how you can have a more popular podcast by doing the following:

  1. You may want to share your notes to other people who may be interested in the topics that you like to speak about through your different social media sites. There are some people who love to read first before listening. If they find what you talk about nice, they will become more curious to check out your site and what you have to offer.
  2. You may also add links to some of your social media profiles. If you want to target people who normally love listening to podcasts, giving them links will let them reach your podcast immediately. Every time they want to see if you have an update, they can just check out your website again to see new links.
  3. Have guests on your podcast. If you want to make your podcast interesting, you would like to make sure that people will notice you. Guesting some celebrities is the key to make some people interested.
  4. Broadcast the schedule of your podcast to people. If people truly love listening to you, you can expect that they will be looking forward to knowing your schedule. Let them know when you are going to start your broadcast as this will make a lot of difference.
  5. Explain what your podcast is all about. It will be easy for other people to dismiss you when they do not know exactly what you can offer. If you would like them to take a second look and make more effort into listening to you then you should explain what your podcast is all about. You may even add some images to make it more interesting.

By doing all the things that are mentioned above, you may find that your listeners will greatly increase after some time.


Working in the radio industry is a special calling. Whether you are a show host, a news anchor, or a behind-the-scenes producer, you need special skills. For instance, you know that your relevance is pegged on how much you can keep your audience. This is the reason you should use proper signage everywhere around your working space. Both experienced and upcoming radio workers rely on this signs for many purposes. For instance, if you look at some of the signs available at http://www.totalsignco.com.au, you will notice that they have been specially made to help the users achieve specific goals. Looking around various radio stations, you will quickly notice that the kinds of signs used there are different. It is because they want something that specifically tells them what to do and where to do it based on their environments.

The Importance of Signs for Radio Workers

Keeping noise off the broadcasting area

The live broadcasting area is one of the most sensitive places in a radio studies. Just like the recording area, it is important to ensure that there are no external sounds to interfere with the process. The difference is that in recording studios, you can later edit the file and remove any unwanted sounds. However, this will be impossible in the case of live broadcasts because everything you say goes straight to the listeners. Therefore, you should invest in signs tell everyone when they are entering this area so that they can keep their silence. You also may want to use signs that indicate when you are on or off air because they will help you to control interference even from those who understand this job very well.

Helping visitors to move around

There are lots of people that visit radio stations every day. When you work in such a station, one of your daily routines will be taking groups of learners and other visitors around the stations so that they can get a feel of what goes on there. Unfortunately, these are people who may have no idea when they are trespassing and therefore, it is your duty to keep them orderly. Without proper signage, this would be a difficult task. Imagine what you would have to go through if you are leading a group of students and there is no sign to let them know if they are entering the recording studio, or the editorial room. Sometimes, the signs will end up doing the bulk of work for you and all that you may have to do is to answer a few questions from these visitors.

Identifying every worker’s workstation

A popular radio stations is always bound to have a lot of staff members. There are those who will be tasked with content duration while others will be working on that content to deliver to listeners. In addition to that, there are professionals who duty is to deal with the advertisers. In fact, there also are many workers whose task has nothing to with broadcasting. For instance, cook, and security workers are important too. Each one of these workers should have their workstation and this can bring about a lot of confusion. The best thing is that you can always use signs to label these sections. Each employee will know the department where they belong and the exact desk where they are supposed to work from.

Announcing new developments

For the chief editor or any other administrator at the radio station, it is important to find a proper way to announce the arrival of new developments. You may have just started a new recording studio and most of your staffs are yet to get used to where it is. Instead spending too much time responding to inquiries, you can simply use signs to indicate where everything should take place. If you have ever managed workers in such a situation, you know that it sometimes can be difficult to get new ideas into their head. Some of them will be so used to specific arrangement that a simple change throws them into confusion. This also means that your signs should make their work easier rather than complicating things.

With the right signage, working in a radio station can be one of the most exciting career choices. You get to meet exciting people and experience wonderful opportunities. It is one of the few careers that expose you to things that are beyond your imaginations. However, is can only be possible when you contact a signage company and ask them to provide the best signs.


Exceptional Business Radio Programs

There is serious concern that radio is going the way of the dinosaur. Too many big names are pulling out of the industry. And, with the advent of podcasts, and online broadcasting, traditional radio does seem to be on the decline. However, even with that negative potential, there are still some exceptional business radio programs available to those who choose to listen. Perhaps it is time for a radio revival.

If you are using virtual assistants from BPO in the Philippines that should open the door for time to hear the programs on our list. After all, your virtual assistant from BPO is college-educated, affordable, and highly skilled. He/She is capable of providing you services in IT, HR, finance, and accounting, among other things. With the time you are being saved, you might just be able to invest a little in learning something from the programs suggested in this piece.

virtual assistants

Radio Shows Business Owners Should Listen to

We understand that time is money and that too many people think they can multi-task better than they really can. However, the shows on our lists are those that could add substantial value to your business. And, that’s why we think you should stop what you are doing and take a gander at these radio shows business owners should listen to:

  1. The Business of Health Care- You are probably paying an inordinate amount of money toward healthcare costs for your family and for the people you employ. Surely, this area of business and money management is one in which you could stand to learn a thing or two. Take some time and learn about the Cancer Moonshot and the 21st Century Cures Act. Learn more.
  2. Women@Work– Let’s be honest, women are still not equally compensated for the jobs that they do. They are in lesser paying positions, and endure far greater strains while trying to maintain a positive momentum in their career pursuits. This show discusses innovative ways to help women be more successful in leadership and the workplace as a whole.
  3. Dollars and Change– Creating cool products and trendy branding are certainly beneficial to any business endeavor. However, those who look at life from a more global and socially responsible position, stand the chance of making direct impacts. When we invest our dollars in change, we might find that driving innovation can improve our bottom lines. Read this.
  4. Wharton Sports Business Show– Get behind the business of sports. Just think about all the money that is invested in players that could potentially be injured, to the extreme they can never play again. Who makes money then? Two Wharton professors will help you see the bigger picture of that industry.
  5. Your Money- We understand that you don’t want anyone telling you what to do with your money. However, we also understand that many of us didn’t grow up with great levels of financial literacy. So, get some key information on how U.S. budgeting and policies affect you as a business owner. You can learn about doing your taxes and saving for your kids’ college tuitions as well.

With business programs like this only a dial away, there’s no reason you should avoid listening to the radio. Of course, there are other great business shows at your disposal as well. Don’t miss this link to learn all about them.


Moving to a new location is always difficult because you mostly have no idea what to expect from the new area.  Radio stations can however give you a good idea of what life in the new location will be like.  The news feeds will give you a good idea of the current crime rates in the area and the commercials will give you a good clue as to what the economic infrastructure of the area is like.  Radio hosts also communicate in a style and about topics that their listeners love to hear which means you get a good taste of what the people of a location are like when you listen to their radio channels.

Find Out If Carson Valley Is Right for You from Their Radio Stations

Shop the best homes in Carson Valley

Before you hit the radio stations you can check out Carson Valley real estate because if the people and valley isn’t enough to convince you that this area is a great place to live then the beautiful homes certainly will.  There are plenty of beautiful homes for sale in any location in Carson Valley.  You can shop the best and most beautiful homes according to your budget, home size requirement, location requirement and needs by simply logging onto John Stevenson Real Estate’s website.  This real estate company is the best in the area because they go above and beyond to help you find a suitable home.

Top Radio stations in Carson Valley

KCMY – This is classy radio station with a classic country format.  In fact, KCMY brands itself as “My Country”.  When you listen to this station you can enjoy country style music, the latest news of the valley and exciting talk shows that will brighten your day.

KUNR – This radio station is owned by the University of Nevada and mostly airs classical music, jazz and they have plenty of talk shows and news.

KQLO – This radio station broadcasts in Reno, Nevada area and is owned by Jireh Media.  The station broadcasts a lot of Spanish talk shows and has a lot of Spanish news feeds.

KIHMKIHM is very Christian and mostly broadcasts in the Catholic religion format.  The station is owned by IHR Educational Broadcasting and features a lot of religious programs and talk shows, Catholic music and up to date news feeds.

KDGG – If you love sports then this is the right radio station for you.  You will get frequent updates on all of the latest sports news as well as other relevant news and the music is energetic and sporty.  Plenty of sports talk shows are aired as well as other talk shows.

KBZZ – The radio station is also sports oriented and is owned by Americom Las Vegas Limited Partnerships

KPLY – Another sport oriented radio station.  KPLY broadcasts in Nevada, Reno area and features a lot of sport talks shows and news.

KHWG – Another classic country styled radio station.  This radio station operates at different frequency and watt levels during the night and day but provide good news on Nevada areas.


Everyone always think that radio broadcasters have such fun jobs.  In truth their jobs are a lot harder than you think because a lot more effort goes into creating the talk shows than you can hear.  Way before the talk show, radio broadcasters will scurry around to get everything in place for the program.  And even before that, they are constantly seeking ideas, developing concepts and looking for news to fuel their shows so listeners will have something new and exciting to hear every time they hear the broadcaster’s voice.  Smartphones are the best tool that you as a broadcaster can have to make broadcasting and gathering info and ideas for your shows just a little bit easier.

Why a Smartphone Is a Must for Radio Broadcasters

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When researching unlocked phones, you can definitely check out the ShopNinja review site. ShopNinja is a terrific site that you simply must check out to get your hands on the best and most affordable smartphones.  On their Smartphone Ninja section you can check out all of the pros and cons of all of the best and most modern smartphones currently on the market.  You can also find out about the general functionality and specs of the phones and compare their prices to find the most suitable phone for your budget.

How smartphones will make your life easier in radio

There are so many personal and professional benefits to owning a smartphone.  Here are just a few of the top reasons to get your hands on a smartphone right now. 

Listen to music wherever you go – Radio is all about music which means you have to stay clued up on all of the latest songs and news about artists.  Your smartphone can also act as a music player so you can listen to music wherever you go.

Take notes of ideas for your talk shows – All smartphones come with an app that allows you to take notes.  You can instantly save any ideas you might have for talk shows the moment you get them so your shows will be much more creative and interesting.

Keep an eye out for new and fresh ideas – You can seek out all of the latest gossip and newsfeeds on your smartphone throughout the day so your shows will be as up to date as possible.

Promote yourself on social media – Another great reason for radio broadcasters to get a smartphone is so you can start building a good reputation by promoting your personal name and image on social media.  If you get plenty of followers you can land a job at a much higher paying radio station.

Stay available for anyone that might want to contact you – Your smartphone is also a phone – obviously – which will enable listeners, employers and colleagues to get in touch with you or share ideas with you so your shows will have a lot more body and be a lot more interesting.

Customize according to your needs– You can completely customize your smartphone to suit your broadcasting needs by simply installing the right apps to aid you.


If you get are lucky enough to be one of the selected view individuals that broadcast on a radio station it is important to realize that you need to see your interaction as a way to communicate with your listeners on a one-on-one basis. Radio achieves a lot more intimacy and makes a bigger impact on people. It is also important to realize that you need to keep the material that you broadcast fresh and interactive. Very successful and famous radio presenters state that you should feel like you are speaking to an individual instead of a group of people. With the responsibility in keeping radio alive as the listener’s friend you will keep your broadcast entertaining and natural. Click here to read more about the history of radio.

Tips to keep your radio broadcasts interesting

Preparation is crucial to your broadcast and can literally make or break you. You need to familiar and confident with the message that you are giving across to your listeners. I have heard some blunders on the air and it seems like it could be rather embarrassing to the broadcaster. Make sure that you research the points that you decide to discuss online. If you are covering certain topics like medical issues you can take a look at True Health Diagnostics to get information about one of the most revolutionary systems available for doctors to obtain new and innovative medication for preventative measures.  Make sure that you know a lot about the topics that you are covering so that you don’t run out of things to say mid-sentence. Make notes of everything that you would like to discuss on your show. Highlight the important points and keep things lighthearted and natural so that you don’t make mistakes during a show. If you end up saying the wrong thing it is important to recover quickly.

It is also important to be yourself but still professional.  You need to find the balance by being professional and still entertaining. As a presenter you want to keep your shows interesting and interactive. It is a known fact that listeners enjoy being able to comment on certain issues and programs. Who doesn’t like giving their ten cents with important discussions? You can also keep the show interesting by hosting competitions and finding ways to keep your audience involved. Click here to read more about hosting the perfect radio competition. Another fantastic way to make sure you are on top of your game is to listen to any recordings of your show that you host. This will allow you to be critical about the work that you do and identify things that you don’t like and that you think you can work on. If you decide to do this you should be careful of being too critical though so that you don’t hinder your next performance with self-doubt. It is a job that requires self-confidence so make sure that you stay on top of your game and realize that you are doing a great job.


When it comes to doing work, you either love or hate what you are doing. When you love what you are doing, there is a bigger chance that you will come to work with a big smile on your face. You may become disappointed whenever the things that you do, do not reach your expectations but you know that you can get back on track and do better.

You may be passionate about working in a radio station. You like the fact that you can speak and people will listen to you. Even if you are working behind the scenes, you know that you will have fun if you are passionate about it. What if you are working in an office instead? Would you experience the same feelings that you feel as compared to when you are working in radio? You may answer no to this question.

Lessons You Will Learn When Working in the Radio Industry

Do you realize that working a job that you do not particularly like can actually give you some lessons that you can use in the future? For example, you can learn to be more positive about the different things that you are experiencing. In order to survive your 9 – 5 job, you may always look at the bright side of things. You will get to see the silver lining in everything that you do. The scenarios and the circumstances that you are going to deal with may not always be ideal but you will learn to have a more positive outlook which of course, can help a lot.

Here are lessons you will learn:

  • You will learn to become more committed to your job and the tasks that you have to do.

You know that changes will not always happen immediately. It will always take time. Remember that the world does not always give you what you want but you can learn to train yourself to start wanting something. When you become committed, you will be able to produce quality work and you will start to feel great about this accomplishment.

  • You will learn not to make everything a big deal.

There will be moments when some things that you do not like will happen to you. If you are not used to experiencing bad things, you will scrutinize everything and let all the different things affect you. When you have a job that you do not particularly like, you will realize that minor things will not annoy you anymore.

  • You will realize that all of the things that you will experience will let you know some life lessons.

Don’t you realize that because you do not like a certain job and all of the things that are connected to it, you already know what not to look for in the next job that you are going to have? Another option that you may have is to start your own business. If you do not know where to start, you can start doing background checks on some people you want to associate with when you click here. For sure, you will find a wide variety of options available for you.

With all of these things in mind, you will begin to realize that having any job is already a blessing and you should make the most out of it.


Instagram is one of the most undervalued platforms on the social media front. People don’t realize how much it can help their business, radio station, and podcast endeavors. But that’s ok because we are going to show you how to use Instagram to improve your radio success. Instagram, when used properly, can connect you to your listeners in ways you never imagined.

If you are new to Instagram and think that you will need to have a large number of followers to make it big, you can always buy Instagram likes. Did you know that there are 500+ million registered users on Instagram? And, there are nearly 100 million photos and videos uploaded each day. Getting some followers on your side could certainly boost your radio ratings. Think about it! Otherwise, consider the other options we will reveal soon.

How to Use Instagram to Improve Your Radio Success

Instagram to Instant Success

That title might be a little misleading. Namely, because if success comes instantly, it won’t last long. So, consider employing these great Instagram tactics to steadily build your fan base and keep your followers abreast of all the cool things you’ll be doing on the radio. Instagram probably won’t make you an instant success, and that’s ok. Slow and steady is always the best route. Here are some tips to take that path:

  • People Pictures– While you might want to show off your studio equipment, which probably will not generate the number of likes you need to go viral. In fact, the most liked Instagram pic, to date, is one with Justin Bieber and Will Smith (see it here). So, make sure your photos have people in them. If you can get pics with famous people that will be all the more beneficial.
  • Be Silly– Demographics will of course affect the level of silly. However, if you are targeting a younger audience, then engaging with them via silly pics and videos is the way to go. People of all ages love to laugh. Feel free to show yourself being ridiculous in the studio or with friends.
  • Post Competitions– This is a way to utilize the silly pictures. You could always ask your followers to caption the picture. Or, if you have done a video, feel free to edit the sound and ask your listeners to create a dialogue. The one that wins can be overlaid on the video. You are sure to get a lot of creative answers and follower engagements when you make it a game.
  • #Hashtag– As ridiculous as it may have seemed in the beginning, do not neglect the power of the #hashtag! People will be able to find your pictures when they search for specific #hashtags. This can help you reach people you might never have had the opportunity to entertain. A great bit of information, is that #music has 16 million pictures attached to it. And, #onair has more than 71,000. Learn more about utilizing #hashtags to expand your reach.

There are several radio stations doing a phenomenal job of employing Instagram to their benefit. Some of them include:

  • BBC Radio 1
  • talkSPORT
  • Z100 New York
  • Radio Disney
  • Kiis FM Los Angeles

If you would like to learn more about how to use Instagram to help market your radio and your brand,

the article attached to this link will be a great help.


Start a Kayak Adventure Talk Show for Radio

There are a lot of radio shows out there which makes it hard to find a good idea for a talk show.  When listeners tune into your shows they want to hear about something interesting, fun, and helpful or they want to learn something new. If you are looking for a great idea for a short talk show on radio then you can definitely consider a kayak adventure talk show.  By talking about your kayak adventures you can inspire others to also get out of the house for an adventure and you can inform them of all of the best products and journeys to enjoy.  Listeners would love to hear about all the crazy things you do and all the terrible struggles you endure on your kayak adventures.

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You can make your first show about shopping for the best kayaks as you seek good quality kayak for yourself.  Inflatable kayak reviews are the best place to read up about all the best inflatable kayaks on the market.  The reviews include a detailed description on all the best kayaks and paddles and some ratings and prices.  You can have a look at some of the best kayaks like the Tower Xplorer or iRocker kayak sets and you can even shop extras like kayak anchors.  Listeners would also love to hear all about the inflatable stabilizer sets that will help them stay afloat even in troubled waters or that will help them make kayaks even more flexible for other adventures like fishing.  Click this link to visit the review site.

Start a Kayak Adventure Talk Show for Radio

Travel from lake to lake

Now that you have your very own luxury kayak, it is time to enjoy life.  Get a good quality recorder and take it along as you travel from lake to lake.  You can share your thoughts on all of the different lakes and their activities so listeners will know where to go if they need a quick break.

Travel from city to city

Your radio show can take you through all of the major cities and towns where you can visit all their major water features.  You can explain in detail the difference between different cities and vibes to captivate your listeners and to educate them on the different places they can enjoy.

Enjoy all major water events

There are lots of water events hosted all around.  You can enjoy all water events and leak out all of the juiciest information on all of the major water events and sports.

Explore other countries

If you run out of cities and lakes then it is time to start exploring the world.  You can take your kayak anywhere because the modern inflatable kayaks are super compact which will enable you to take them anywhere on any plane, bus or even the world’s smallest car. You can enjoy your kayak for trips on the sea or you can go all out and enjoy river rafting and if you want to relax, you can enjoy quiet trips on a dam or lake.


Top Radio Stations for Golf Fans

Golf lovers are probably a little forlorn over the lack of a “golf season” on TV. No doubt they get a little irritated by the inundation of college and pro football while their favorite sportsmen are nearly unnoticed. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several top radio stations for golf fans. We would like to discuss those options here.

Of course, a real golf enthusiast will have a top of the line golf cart. But, if you haven’t gotten yours, you can always look at golf carts for sale online. And, if you are really serious about your golf fanaticism, you might want to learn about installing a radio in the golf cart you find. This way you can listen to the golf news while playing a round of golf yourself. Get a good cart that will allow for you to add a radio, and then enjoy the stations on our list!

Top Radio Stations for Golf Fans

Top 7 Golf Radio Stations

Let’s be real here, for a minute, golf isn’t exactly the most exciting sport around. This is probably why there are only intermittent moments of television coverage. However, for those of you who want the low down on all the golf goings-on, these stations should work quite nicely for you. Here are the top 7 golf stations available for your listening pleasure:

  1. PGA Tour Radio– Free play by play coverage and even recaps available during the PGA. They offer 24/7 golf talk. And, they are currently covering the FedEx Cup.
  2. TGD (The Golf Director)- Designed for amateur golfers worldwide, this station streams 24/7 online. Each show is live and provides tips, technical information, results from various tours, and other things valuable to golf enthusiasts. Click this for additional information.
  3. SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio– Located on channel 92, this station will give play by plays and golf talk 24/7. With shows like: Hank Haney Golf Radio, oPinionated with Chris DiMarco, and Crenshaw on Golf, this station is sure to win over the loyal golf fan.
  4. Golfers on Golf Radio- A talk show for golfers that covers the world of golf with a local focus. This show is located in Chicago. It broadcasts on Sundays at 9 am.
  5. GTR (Golf Talk Radio)- This is a local station broadcasting in Northern Santa Barbara and Central Coast counties. It’s a two hour show that allows for listener interaction. They focus on local and national golf events.
  6. GNN (Golf News Net)- The website appears to be on the fritz, but the show offers fantasy golf. That’s a great way to deal with the ever popular fantasy football craze. You’ll hear the 19th Hole Golf Show, and Jay’s Plays. And, you can listen online or on demand. Get more information here.
  7. Real Golf Radio– This station has been around for 17 years. It even has its own app. It is considered the standard for golf radio. You can listen live on their apps or visit the site to learn more.
  8. Backspin the Golf Show- This is Arizona’s most popular golf show. The show has been alive and well for 16 years with the assistance of: Gary Cruz, Bill Huffman, Corey La Russo and Rick Levy. You can listen live here.

Golf radio is the answer to all your golf news hankerings. There are several great options on this list, just take a listen.