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Being on radio is hard. You need to talk for a certain period of time. There are some people who make it easy to just discuss things that they are naturally interested in. Yet, there are also some people who need to make more effort to know what to say. You may be planning to talk about some topics on air but the moment that you open your mouth, the things that you thought you would say, do not become delivered the way that you want them to.

It will help if you know what you should talk about for your program first. For example, you know that fishing season is near. You can double check your avid listeners and see if some of them are interested to know more about the best micro spinning reel and all details that are related to fishing. If they are, then you have so many topics that you can talk about. The key here is this: make sure that you are familiar with the things that you are saying. People will immediately know if you are just bluffing. If you do not know enough details about a certain topic, read more about it. Find as much information as you can.

Things to Talk About (When You Run Out of Things to Say)

Things to Talk About (When You Run Out of Things to Say)

The things that you are going to talk about will depend on who your listeners are. With a little bit of research, you will be armed with so many topics that you can talk about with ease.

  • Talk about people’s different hobbies. Fishing has already been mentioned earlier but there are still a lot of other hobbies that you can discuss. For example, you can talk about art. You can talk about music. The possibilities are endless. One big category comes with a lot of branches and you can tackle all of them.
  • Choose a topic that will fit well with your current guest. There are moments when you need to have guests on your show to pull in the listeners and to make your show more interesting. The guest may want to talk about a certain topic and you may contribute to it.
  • Ask your listeners what they want to talk about. You have to actively engage with your listeners so they will give you topics that they are interested in. You can even make a poll that your listeners will answer. The more that you know about what people want, the easier it will be for you to think of the next topics that you are going to discuss.
  • There are a lot of people who would like to talk about traveling mainly because they think that it is a great thing to do to unwind. Some people may be searching for the right places that they are going to visit next. Talk about the places that you have been to and ask your listeners for funny experiences. People always love to hear funny stories.

Do you still think that finding the right topic is complicated? It does not have to be as long as you are perceptive enough to know what to talk about.


When we have children, it is common sense for us to ensure their safety when they are in the car. This is especially for toddlers and other kids that can’t help themselves. The road is not anyone’s friend when travelling, and we never know what could happen. Accidents are never planned, they just happen out of the blues. That is the reason why it is very important to ensure that our kids are always safe when in the car. The only problem is that there could be things that we did not know about car safety when with children. In this article, we are going to look at car safety, focusing on the common mistakes that we should avoid.

Car seat safety: Common Mistakes Radio Presenters with Kids Should Avoid

Car seat safety: Common Mistakes Radio Presenters with Kids Should Avoid

Getting a used car seat without doing your homework

It is important to check the car seat for the following before purchasing:

  • The car seat has an instruction manual that includes the date of manufacture, and the model number
  • Make sure that it hasn’t been recalled
  • It is less than six years old and hasn’t expired
  • All the parts are intact and there are no missing parts
  • Has not been in a moderate or severe accident
  • Make sure that you have its history

Placing the car seat in the wrong spot

A child’s car seat should always be placed on the back seat, away from the active airbags. You wouldn’t want an airbag smashing right into the child’s face and causing injury in the event of an accident. The child should also be placed away from wind or gushing air, since it could also cause harm. Deactivate any airbags if the child must sit where they are. The center of the back seat is the preferred spot for the child car seat.

Using the car seat outside of the car

The car seat is meant to protect the child when they are in the car, and should not be substituted for a crib outside the car. Use it for it’s purpose because sitting in the car seat for too long could affect the child’s health, such as the posture or breathing. The seat can also be unstable, making the child fall out of it and injuring themselves.

Incorrectly installing the car seat or buckling up your child

We mentioned instructions in the first point, and that is because they should be read and followed before installing the car seat. Ensure that the seat is well secured and facing the right direction.

All About All In One Car Seat Reviews

Still on car seats, it can get pretty tricky deciding on which baby car seat to buy. There are many makes of chairs all with different specifications, and deciding on the seat to buy could turn into a nightmare. That is the reason why we are going to review all in one car seats.

Graco 4ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Cougar

​This is a convertible seat that can be used for up to ten years, and can be used in both front and rear facing positions. It can be changed to front facing when the baby is between 20 lbs and 65 lbs. it features a high back belt-positioning booster and a backless belt-positioning booster, meaning that it will grow with the child. It is very easy to install.

Graco SmartSeat All-in-One Car Seat, Rosin

​Used by children weighing up to 100 lbs. it can be used both rear and forward facing, and also as a belt-positioning booster. It features seat to base locking indicators to properly secure it, and a level indicator to ensure the child is straight. It offers a five position recline so you can recline your child even when they are in the seat.

Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat, Porter

This seat is easy to install with the use of exclusive, auto retracting, SureLATCH connectors. The seat can be converted from rear facing to front facing and booster mode. It comes with an easily adjustable 5-point harness, and also comes with an upfront multi-position recline for added comfort. This seat has an e3 Side Impact Protection for less impact when in an accident, reducing the force by up to 50%.

Diono Radian RXT All-In-One Convertible Car Seat, Shadow

This seat comes with a full steel frame, making it one of the safest in the market. It also features aluminum enforced side walls and head support lined with thick EPS foam for a side impact protection. A SafeStop energy absorbing harness is also installed to lessen the impact on the child. This seat can be used by a child that is up to 120 lbs. the seat is relatively low, making it easier to place the child inside. This seat comes with a folding design that makes it easy to carry and transport.


It is very important to ensure the safety of children when they are in cars, and one of the ways of doing this is by installing child car seats and ensuring that they are used the right way, like we have mentioned above.


Is it accurate to say that you are battling with your resume while considering applying for the job post of a radio jockey? Do you think that its more troublesome than you thought to write a quality profile on yourself? Truly, making your resume is dreary and takes so much time. Be that as it may, in the event that you keep a receptive outlook and truly endeavor to comprehend what’s required in a quality resume, you will do fine. This article discloses how to write a quality resume.

Writing A Quality Resume While Applying as A Radio Jockey

Writing A Quality Resume While Applying as A Radio Jockey

Make sense of which order you need to write in – chronological, function or chrono-functional.

  • A chronological resume is recorded by dates and is prescribed for those searching for an occupation in a comparative field as their past work.
  • A functional resume does not have dates and is altogether clarified in section organize. Rather posting by date, you depict your best abilities. This is useful for those changing profession fields, backpedaling to the workforce from a long break, or for understudies.
  • A chrono-functional resume is a mix of both of the above. Nearly anybody can utilize this arrangement on the off chance that you need to add more detail to your employments. This frame is really winding up more typical.

Begin with your heading that incorporates your name, full address, one principle contact number, and email. An address is vital in light of the fact that supervisors need to know how far you will drive.

Write a target articulation or outline which tells the business your objectives, ability, and what you need in the activity. Show your most appealing characteristics so bosses can see immediately.

List down your educational details, which ought to incorporate the name of your school, kind of degree, significant, fixation and minor (if any), and graduation date. GPA isn’t required. On the off chance that you are a student or late college alumni, show your education after the target or rundown on your resume. In the event that you have had quite a long while of work involvement and went to class far back, put this area at the extremely base of your resume on the grounds that your experience and rundown ought to be your principle features.

Make your “Experience” segment. Begin with your latest position, and rundown 3-4 occupations add up to. Close to that! The duties that you list down ought to mirror your outline of capabilities and portray your reasonable capacities. In this manner, it must look sorted out and simple to read. You have an option to include more areas like Additional Experience, Community Involvement, Additional Skills, Awards and Honors or Coursework and Credentials.

Try not to list “References Available Upon Request.” This is the 21st century. It is accepted that you should as of now have a different reference page when you meet managers. Try not to put them on your resume.

If all of this seems too overwhelming, there’s always the option to choose the best resume writing service NYC. Not only will they compose a highly professional resume for you but will also guide you on how you can update it from time to time in light of your career progression.


Touring can be an exhausting adventure. Setting a radio show daily while traveling through different cities can seem like a hassle when considering the amount of equipment you will have to manage throughout the journey. However, while the prospects of handling a tour as a popular radio host or channel may seem endearing, you should not get your hopes down. Radio tours can actually be easy. All you have to do is pack the proper gear to keep the whole tour steady. Here is some essential gear every radio tour should have:

Gear Every Radio Team Needs While on Tour

Gear Every Radio Team Needs While on Tour


This is essential. You can’t manage to carry around fully loaded large-sized systems all across the country. If you want to work on your show, you are going to need an easy and portable system to upload, download and edit all your music and podcasts as quickly. Nowadays even mainstream studios use laptop products by top companies like Apple to mix music and produce shows. Carry around a laptop, and ensure that whatever sound software you are using is compatible with your device.


Tour vehicles don’t offer the luxury of a smooth recording session. The noise and traveling can create a disturbance in an otherwise quiet recording. Make sure to research and get the best portable microphones of worthwhile quality that have noise canceling abilities. These days most sound equipment comes for a pretty good buck, so you can easily get a microphone that can be set up in your trailer and out during your travels as you record your shows mid-tour.


Headphones are a lifesaver on any trip. Any radio host or channel knows the importance of a good set of quality headphones in recording a show. Not only do you get to hear your productions perfectly, but headphones provide some relief during the exhausting travels as you listen to some music and relax. Get a pair that’s compatible with your devices, can be used both professionally and leisurely, and fits in your travel budget.


Finally, for a major radio tour, you are going to want to document the whole experience for yourself and your fans to show to the world, either on social media or through other media platforms. You have to be careful handling such cameras, which will require extra accessories like stands and backpacks as well.

You can find them best DSLR backpack for your tour needs by visiting Photography Gear Guide, an online blog that’s benefits to professional’s photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. Read through blogs that offer tips, tricks, and tutorials about the various ways of getting and using different types of cameras, backpacks, gear, and other photography essentials for your tour. Not only do you get a buyer’s guide to gain an understanding of what exactly to look for in a camera bag for touring, but you also get a detailed list compiled of the best camera backpacks through the site’s thorough research. Choose from products including:

  • Peak Design Everyday backpack 30L
  • Lowepro ProTactic 250-AW
  • Case Logic Kilowatt KSB-102
  • Tamrac Adventure 9
  • Manfrotto Pro-Light
  • Vanguard Adaptor 46 Camera Daypack

Each item is individually reviewed and summarized based on its features, prices, pros, and cons. You can compare and contrast the different important specifications of each backpack to see which one works best for your chosen camera or traveling needs. Once chosen, you can use the Amazon links provided by the site to instantly order and own your backpack. You get to pick a backpack based not only on the site’s unbiased analysis of each bag, but you can also rely on community response to each product based on the research source and Amazon ratings. Get the right backpack following the list and guide provided, and get ready to hit the road for your radio tour!


Getting The Right Radio Shower Speakers

Most people like singing in the shower. Well the good news is that you can still listen to music in the shower and sing along your favorite jams. That makes it more fun and helps you not to miss out on your radio shows while still having fun. Well as much as you may have a shower radio, the right speakers make all the difference. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for shower speakers include:

Getting The Right Radio Shower Speakers

Getting The Right Radio Shower Speakers


When looking for a shower speaker, you need to choose the right style that matches your bathroom décor. Even though a speaker may just sound simple and not important to match with the décor, if it is a match it will make a difference in terms of boosting your mood.   It also depends on whether you are planning to use the speaker only in the bathroom or it will be a multipurpose speaker. If it will only be used in the bathroom you need to look for a model that you can easily attach in the bathroom tile. Before purchasing a speaker you should also consider the amount of available space in the bathroom. That will make sure that you don’t have a speaker that is too big for your space.


Since most shower speakers are wireless, the most common type of connectivity used is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is common since it is easy to use and convenient. The good thing with Bluetooth is that it can be used with a variety of devices so long as it has Bluetooth. Normally the connectivity should be over a distance of 30-50 feet so maintain a good sound quality.

Mounting options and portability

If you are planning to not only use the speaker in the shower but also for pool parties and adventures as well, then you need a lightweight model that can be easy to mount. In this case you will need a compact model since it will be easily portable. If you have plans of mounting the speaker, then you need to ensure that it has a good and strong suction cup that makes it easy to mount. Some will come with mounting brackets that will make installation easy while others will need drilling in order to be mounted. If it needs drilling but you don’t plan on drilling, then you can use a masking tape.

Battery life

The battery life of a speaker will define how long you will be able to use the speaker before having to charge it. A speaker with a good battery life is one that can be able to last between 6 to 12 hours for more convenience.


Speakers will attract different pricing depending on the kind of features it has and the quality build of the speaker. Normally you will get what you pay for.

If you are looking for great shower radios, there are many stores that sell them. You can look to check on their website for more information.


Hosting Tips You Should Know

There are some people who are naturally good in hosting. You may have some friends who are good speakers and they also have the ability to get the attention of their audience. When you go to events, you know that it will be more organized with the help of a host as the host will let you know that the program is taking place. There are some who are naturally good while there are also others that you would not hire if you organize an event yourself.

The hosts are responsible for being able to carry programs. It is similar to being in radio. You do not want to listen to radio shows that are so boring because of DJs that they do not know what they are talking about, right? They have to talk about topics that are engaging so you will be inclined to listen.

voice over practice

voice over practice

You are interested in being an events host but you are not sure how you are going to improve your skills. You can start by having the right place to practice. Do you have a booth where you can practice? You may want to have the right place to take voice over lessons to be sure. If you answer yes, then this is good because you will have the ability to practice without worrying about getting distracted by noise from the outside of the booth. You will learn how to modulate your voice and how you can improve your speaking skills further.

You know the value of practicing but there are still other tips that you should know to ensure that you will be good at what you are planning to do:

  • Research about the event ahead of time. What type of event are you going to host. Is it a company party? Is it a birthday party or is it a wedding? The job of the host is to make sure that everyone is engaged and you need the right material to talk about when there are some technical difficulties and other weird situations that may take place.
  • Get to know more about the people behind the event. You should know more about the people who are making the event happen. You can also ask for some tips regarding what they want you to talk about. You do not have to be particularly close to the people behind the event to know what you are going to say.
  • You can observe other hosts. You may be new to hosting and you still want to improve yourself. You can do this by watching other hosts. Watch what they do when they encounter some tricky situations. Do you find yourself laughing because of the things that the hosts have said? Be observant and you will come up with some tips of your own.
  • You need to show that you are confident but not to the point that you will be arrogant. Good confidence is always ideal. You can show a happy disposition and influence the audience to be positive as well.

With all of these things in mind, you can be a good host that people would like to hire for their events.


After you have learned the basics of running and managing a radio show, you will want to invest more of your care and time into perfecting every bit of it. A good way to check your imperfections is to listen to your own recordings. Chances are while listening to a piece of your own work and with your setup, being a basic home set up with a microphone, you might notice a lit disruption in the sound quality. To improve the sound quality it is important to note what is going on and what you need to fix it.

Actually, when you work in a closed environment, the sound you emit bounces off with walls and reenters the microphone, this overlaps the words you have already said creating a background noise, one that disturbs the attention of the listener from what is actually being said, which makes a very rough experience for the audience.

How To Refine Your Audio Quality Using Wood

How To Refine Your Audio Quality Using Wood

There are multiple ways to reduce this background noise. Read further to find these:

Place items in the rooms

The first method includes filling up the room. You may hang paintings on the walls, place a sofa or chairs. Your goal should be to make the room as filled with objects as possible. However, this method is not as reliable as the sound quality does not improve much.

Use soft materials in the background

A better working method would be to line your walls with a soft material. It’s a good idea to hang heavy curtains in the room or, if possible, align mattresses along the walls. By doing this, these soft materials will absorb some of the sound waves so that few are reflected. However, it would make your studio look cumbersome.

Purchase in a wooden house

This method works best if you are already looking for a house. The most preferred method would be to create an office space or house with wood. Wood being a hollow material is the best for managing acoustics and allows a lot of the noise to escape right through it.

For that reason, you require a workplace or house made of wood. Wooden walls and architecture are a good way of transferring sound all around and a company to help you get the perfect house made of wood would be artisan log homes.

This company provides you with all the plans and ideas you need to construct your very own log home. Since they specialize in Timber homes, they are committed to providing impeccable timber frame plans. They also provide a gallery showcasing the projects they have already built, you can rest assured they won’t compromise on your sound quality.

You might worry harsh weather will take its toll on their homes, but not to worry. Artisan log and timber homes have been running their operation, designing, planning, and construction their masterpieces for over 40 years. You can rest assured the projects they work on are beautiful works of art, yet as sturdy and long lasting as can be.

Other reasons to consider a wooden house is that timber homes are one of the quickest forms of housing that can be built, with the maximum building duration exceeds to a maximum of 3 months. Furthermore, the choice is completely yours on how to have it built, the company offers you full liberty in creating your own house, and exactly how you want it. You can contact the company to request them to help you build a room perfect for your radio career.


Real Estate on A Radio Host’s Budget

You are looking to upsize on a property with your new income, but you also want to keep it safe with your humble radio host earnings. Property buying is quite overwhelming when considering the type of house you want, the commute to and from the radio station, and especially concerning the finances. Do you want to live countryside or have your city life? What location works best for your radio job? All these decisions come after the main issue; money. That is why you only need to read this easy budget guide to make buying your dream home easy and affordable:

Real Estate on A Radio Host's Budget

Real Estate on A Radio Host’s Budget

1.Evaluate your income

As a radio host, you need to know what you are bringing home from work if you are going to consider spending on property. Calmly analyze every source of income in your household, and calculate the average monthly earnings you get. You can’t create a good budget if you do not have idea how much you can expend. Therefore, sit back and add up each source of earnings you receive each month. That way you can have a clearer idea of your spending range, which opens up more property options to choose from.

2.Know your expenses

Once you know how much you are bringing in, you must figure it out where all your money goes. Compute your daily expenditures, and get an estimate of the income that is spent per month so you can gain an idea of how much more you need to earn to afford your daily amenities as well as save enough to afford the right place. Even with a well-established radio job, you will need to know how much you should earn and for how long, to get your dream place.

3.Get an idea of your home-ownership finances

Your housing finances like property taxes and insurance should come up to no more than 25% of your income. For a better budget, you should opt for a fixed rate 15-year mortgage. In addition, you should get to know your utility bills, local taxes, repair costs, and maintenance finances.

4.Start saving up

Before considering getting a property, reevaluate and adjust your budget. You should let your finances grow to the best stable state that you are comfortable with, to tackle any future costs or issues that may come along the way with buying a new home.

5.Buy the right place

Bob McLean Personal Real Estate Corporation provides you the best Mission BC houses for sale that are perfectly affordable on your radio job budget. Choose to live in a gorgeous mountain slope surrounded by rivers, forests, and mountains, while enjoying the added city amenities.

Make connections that are perfect for your communication job through a strong community that supports its members, and take comfort in knowing that you can have a perfectly relaxing atmosphere in your home while staying focused on your job.

Can’t tell which property works for you? Well, you can rely on Bob McClean’s 15+ years of real estate experience as well as his life experience in Mission BC itself. Get the right house that suits your taste, whether it is a country mansion or a lakeside home, all within the budget of your choice and financial comfort.

The houses for sale are extremely affordable with quality guaranteed, with Bob recommending only the best homes and properties within Mission BC for you to pick from. So what are you waiting for? Call now at (604) 302-0177 to get the details, costs and relevant information you need to finally own the perfect place in Mission BC for your home living.


How To Promote Your Radio Channel Worldwide

Regardless of advancing technology, the radio will always remain a marvel that transcends time. Die-hard radio heads still follow radio channels for their daily fix of news, traffic reports, podcasts, and playlists. While the timeless use of radio stations is true, it is still hard for radio hosts and channels to collect a larger, more international fan following. You want your content to be shared and accepted worldwide, but without any decent exposure, you are pretty much running on luck. However, international channel promotion is actually quite possible.

How To Promote Your Radio Channel Worldwide

How To Promote Your Radio Channel Worldwide

Here is how to get your radio channel to gain popularity across the world:

General knowledge

You need to research and get to know popular trends, music genres, and topics across the world, and build your channel on those ideas. If you’re going for unique themes, search and plan for ways to make them digestible for the majority of the population. Get to know your competition so you can one-up them using analytics and originality. While sticking to a fixed genre or idea can work for a small dedicated following, you’ll need to show more flexibility for a larger audience, so do brush up on your general knowledge skills and make the most of whatever information is available to you.

Promotion techniques

Working on making your channel popular is well and good, but you also need to put in the effort to promote you content firsthand. Work with the right broadcasting partners and connections, so your content can be promoted worldwide within an affordable range. Social media is another effective promotion technique that’s also free! Using different platforms helps catch the eyes of diverse, multicultural people while attracting more advertisers and sponsors. You can get a free promotion while earning some substantial ad revenue.


Speaking of revenue, you need to have a proper, planned budget. Get your financial information in place, meticulously arrange all critical financial details, and start sprinting your money wisely of good promotion deals, proper high-quality radio equipment, better employees and workforces, and better work locations. Branch out to different areas for more significant coverage across the world by investing in the right properties, locations and audiences, so you can get back twofold of what you’ve put in money and promotion-wise.

Round-the-clock promotion

You can’t limit your content promotion during working hours only. Plan a trip to exotic locations, meet new people, get to know different audiences and work from there. I recommend taxi tours in Cozumel. Cozumel Taxi Tours give you the benefit of enjoying a relaxing trip to the exotic reefs of Mexico while exposing you to one of the world’s most diverse cultures. Get to meet the locals, buy traditional souvenirs, explore scenic areas and enjoy great food, all through the services of quality private taxi tours. Not only do you gain great content for any future channel activity during your travels, but you also get to promote your radio channel during these taxi adventures to hospitable, experience and well-trained private drivers.

They are perfectly fluent in English and can let you in on the best party locations and most populated areas, like carnivals, Caribbean cruise ships, hotels etc. for even more promotion opportunities. You get to work and play all at the same time! The company owners pride themselves on being hands-on with the driving and communications with their clients, so you can form ambient relations and promote your content through their company contacts, for greater international coverage.

With these tips in mind, you will most likely see your radio channel successful across a wider audience. So put in the work and get to promoting!


Secrets to Sounding Confident

Being on radio or speaking before an audience can look like the easiest thing on earth. The truth is that it is the easiest thing for some people, but for many, it can turn into the most daunting task ever. While on radio, a presenter needs to show confidence. They need to hold their listener’s attention and keep them informed and entertained. If this doesn’t happen, chances are that the listeners will go elsewhere, and we know how that could go. It isn’t very different for speaking before an audience. Many people get the nerves when they see a huge crowd of people standing before them, and any lack of confidence could lead to the crowd judging them negatively. We have seen people standing before an audience, only for the words that they had planned to say to completely disappear. It is all about confidence, and that is why in this article, we are going to look at the secrets to sounding confident.

Secrets to Sounding Confident

Secrets to Sounding Confident


If anyone ever wants to perfect in anything, the trick is to practice, since as they say, practice makes perfect. The same thing applies for speech. One can practice the speech that they intend to give, and even act like there is an audience before them. They could also practice in front of their friends or family. They can also record themselves and listen to the recordings later to establish how they sound.

Don’t Articulate a Statement as a Question

Don’t put statements as questions, because it could look as if you’re looking for approval, or answers. This can make you sound vulnerable and unsure of yourself, and it will lower your confidence and the confidence of the audience.

Slow down

Talk at a moderate pace, not too fast, as the audience might not understand what you’re trying to say to them, and not too slow, since it might put the audience to sleep. 190 words per minute is the recommended speech speed.

Use your hands

It is important to use body language, whereby you can incorporate gestures to make the audience better understand what you’re trying to say, since it gives you a more positive trait. This however, doesn’t mean that you do things like fiddling with your hair or clothing, as this makes you look like you don’t have confidence.

Throw away caveats and filler phrases

It isn’t recommended to use filler phrases, caveats, or other useless phrases, since they can cause damage to the speech by making you less persuasive.

Novo Dental Centre

One of the things that stand out the most about a person when they are making a speech in front of an audience is their smile. It can either be captivating, or it could put the crowd off. Having a good smile doesn’t only mean smiling, but it means having a healthy mouth that consists of healthy teeth and gums, since they are the ones that give people the confidence to smile. That is what brings us to the next topic, repair of your smile. Novo Dental Centre is there to take care of all your dental health needs. Whether it is root canals, tooth extraction, filling, replacing damaged crowns, or bonded restoration, the dental Centre’s dentists will help to make your teeth healthy again. Their team consists of:

  • Jean Provo
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To book an appointment, all that one has to do is to give them a call.


Confidence is something that everyone can cultivate using some of the points mentioned above. In order to enhance our confidence with speech, we should begin by ensuring that our dental health is up to par.