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The Top Gifts for Radio Hosts

Being a radio host seems simple right?  I mean just how hard can it be to manage a talk show, play music, crack jokes and do a few on air interviews?  For the most part it seems like quite a comfortable job.  You show up, talk…talk…talk, and do a bit of fidgeting with some electronic gear and then you go home.  Well it is a lot harder than you might think.   Just thing of how hard it is to give a live speech to thousands of listeners… now think of having to do that each and every day! You can never show up late for work… every single day of your life involves a lot of show preparation… you need to constantly be on top of the latest news and the latest trends… you need to be interesting and funny without saying a single wrong word… Basically you need to be absolutely perfect to be a good radio host, which can be quite nerve wrecking, stressful and tiring.  Every good and successful radio host has a challenging day each and every day and that is exactly why they definitely deserve a great gift when it is time for a bit of spoiling.  Here are the top gift types to consider if you plan on spoiling a good radio host.

The Top Gifts for Radio Hosts

Jewelry speaks louder than words

The radio host might be talented with words but that doesn’t mean you are.  Instead of trying to master up the right words to say ‘thank you’ or to show your appreciation you should let something far better do the talking for you.  Jewelry is a long lasting gift that will say all the words of gratitude for you.  It is a gift that any radio host would absolutely love and definitely deserve a spot on the top gift’s list.  Lugano Diamonds is one of the best jewelry brands to invest in right now.  One of the pieces of their supreme collection is bound to thrill and delight any radio host.

The gift of technology can be invaluable

Techno devices are some of the best gifts you can consider if you want to give something useful.  Consider the gift of memory and buy a good memory stick or external hard drive.  Consider the gift of time and get a great looking watch… there are so many terrific techno devices out there that would be an absolute fantastic gift.

Pampering is always a welcome gesture

A spa session or pampering basket is a great way to help the radio host whisk away a bit of that job stress.  If you are looking for a relaxing gift then try to book a massage, facial treatment or create a DIY pampering kit.

Gift baskets are terrific when you feel clueless

There are always some people that don’t seem to show a particular interest in anything.  It is hard to shop for them because you never really know what they like and that is where a gift basket is the perfect solution.  Gift baskets can be diverse, which means you can include a great variety of tiny gifts to create a whole.  You can include coffee packs, snack packs, stationery, pampering kits and much more for your gift basket and decorate it nicely.


Surely, you’ve heard the saying, “He’s got a face for radio.” This usually applies to unattractive radio show hosts who are better off unseen. However, there are some that manage to step from behind the mic and end up in plain view. These are the famous radio personalities that ended up on the big screen.

We don’t know if the initial film makers that got these people’s careers started used a Sony HXR-NX5U. However, if they had they would have a camcorder that was the first in Sony’s solid-state camcorder line. And it’s Sony’s first AVCHD camcorder made to function at the professional-level. This certainly would have been a great video camera to get their careers on the screen up and running.

Famous Radio Personalities that Ended Up on the Big Screen

Radio Stars Who Made it Big in the Video Industry

The famous radio stars who made it big in the video industry might surprise you. This list is an impressive ranking of radio voices who somehow managed to get past the “face for radio,” concept. Some are better known than others, but they are each worthy of mentioning here:

  • Howard Stern– Definitely living up to the “face for radio,” concept Howard Stern’s news pranks earned him a large following. At 63 years old Stern is a well-known celebrity and has been named the funniest radio show host.
  • Adam Carolla– Carolla is best known as a comedian. He hosts a show under his name and has set the Guinness World Record for the “most downloaded podcast.” Most people connect him with Jimmy Kimmel. Some think he would make a great male role model.
  • Glenn Beck– This name probably conjures up mixed reviews since Glenn Beck is a conservative commentator who focuses most of his energy on political discourse. He had a syndicated talk-radio show prior to creating multiple films. He’s also written a bunch of books. If you’d like to learn more just follow the link provided.
  • Russel Brand– This 41 year old English comedian has quite a lengthy professional resume. It includes his involvement in activism and screenwriting. However, some people apparently think he would not be any good at cuddling.
  • Ryan Seacrest– This guy definitely dispels the “face for radio” concept as there are a number of women who would place him in the “dreamy” category. Born in Georgia, Seacrest has had a number of popular show credits to add to his name. He’s considered one of the Emmy’s best hosts ever. Since so many people love him, we’ve decided you might want to read more.
  • Larry King– Larry King is another radio host with mixed reviews. He spent a good deal of time in Florida as a radio interviewer and journalist. At 83, his name and voice are both quite noticeable. This is especially true since the inception of the Larry King Live show.
  • Dick Clark– We couldn’t end this list without adding Dick Clark to the mix. Though he died at the age of 83, his voice and image still conjures up positive memories for those of us who loved his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve countdowns and the $10,000 Pyramid.

There are a ton of other impressive radio show hosts that may or may not have had their big screen moments. If you’d like to learn more about them, this is an excellent link.


The radio plays a very critical role in advertising as much as it is an old school method. Consulting business has grown to be very competitive and hence if you don’t embrace the right strategies the business is likely to fail. That is where radio advertising comes in. As much as it may be underestimated when it comes to advertising a consulting business, it can be a stepping stone for your business. Good thing with radio you are sure you will get an audience for your advert unlike digital advertising. Some of the reasons why you should consider the radio as an advertising media for your consulting business include:

How to Use Radio for Advertising Consultations

Cost Effective

Radio advertising is cheaper than many other forms of advertising. Television, print ads and digital advertising can be very expensive and not necessarily effective.  As much as creativity is needed in radio advertising, it requires less studio time, actors, video equipment and editing hence making it way cheaper as you can get a quality recording at a fraction of the cost.

Time efficiency

Unlike other forms of advertising that may require you to spend a lot of time such as television advertisements and print ads such as magazines, radio requires much more less time. TV advertisements can take up to months to get high quality footage but for radio you can get a quality radio spot within a short lead time. It takes a short time frame to execute a radio campaign.

Measurable results

With radio advertising unlike other forms of advertising it is possible to track results quickly and accurately and know if the advertising  method is working for you or not. For example if the radio ads are able to track calls, you can be able to know within a short time frame if the message is effective or not. With the fast turnaround time, you can be able to customize your ads to make sure you get the results that you want. This can give you an advantage over other forms of advertising which you may not be able to measure results. With radio advertising, you are sure that your business is a success.

Getting the right audience

Radio already has an audience that want to keep up with news, events, personalities and music. The audiences are potential customers to your consulting business and hence it’s a good way of reaching out to an audience.


As much as many consulting businesses have not seen the potential of advertising on radio, radio advertisement can be very effective. Consulting companies such as Abraham Zaiderman Consulting can be even more successful with radio advertising. All they need is a good strategy and goal setting then anything is achievable. With radio, they can tweak their strategy until they achieve the goals they want as a company. Advertisement can be through a feature or having a certain program on radio where the consultant can talk more about matters in their field of operation.


If you love listening to radio, you might consider getting yourself the right pair of headphones. Of course not in all instances will you get a chance of listening to radio, but having headphones will give you the convenience of listening to the radio from where you are and hence no excuse for missing your favorite jams. To get the right headphones however, you have to know what you are looking for so that you may get a pair that best meets your needs. Some of the important factors to consider when choosing a pair of headphones include:

Choosing the Right Headphones for Listening to Radio

Quality of sound

The quality of sound of your headphones is very important as they will affect your experience with the headphones. Different headphones have different sound qualities with most high end headphones offering high quality sounds. This is a very important factor to consider as it is what makes all the difference.

Features of the headphones

Different headphones come with different features with some headphones having more features than others. Some of the features that you should look out for include sound settings, noise cancellation, noise isolation and wireless ability as well as Bluetooth features. Noise cancellation is whereby the speaker inverts sounds from other sources and cancels them such that you only hear sound from your speaker while sound isolation on the other hand is whereby the speaker creates a physical barrier with the external sounds such that you can’t hear them. The two are normally confused to be the same thing but the former is usually better than the latter. Some headphones have a wireless ability and most of these operate by using Bluetooth. If you prefer the wireless ability you should look into that.

Form factor

Different headphones have different forms which enter the ear. There are some that are in form of ear bud, headsets or padded headphones. It depends on one’s preference and the kind of effect of music they are looking for since the form factor has an effect on the sound the headphones can give.

Value for money

We all look for value for money as customers. You should feel what you are paying for is worth it. The price and the features of the headphones should be match. It should also come with a warranty that has a reasonable time frame so that you don’t feel cheated.


There are many other factors to consider when choosing headphones. It normally depends on individual needs. The most important bit however is to do a vast research and comparisons so as to get the best headphones and value for money. There are also many sites from where one can get awesome wireless headphones review to help you make an informed choice. Normally a review is important as it gives you a sneak peak of what a previous customer went through to help you avoid the mistakes they made. Shopping for a headphone also requires a lot of patience.


Radio is still an absolute way to get exposure for your business regardless of the popularity of social media has gained over the past few years. A study has shown, people reaching radio weekly are still more than who watch TV or go on the internet. Business owners always look for the mediums through which they can reach maximum population. Well, radio can prove to be one of those mediums. Read on to find out the points that can support you starting with radio advertising but first, let’s look at the benefits and challenges you might confront:

A Guide to Get Started with the Radio Adevertising

  1. Benefits:

One main advantage of radio is reaching a significant number of folks because there is a population that still turn to radio to keep themselves updated. Business owners can get the privilege in different ways. First; they get their business advertised, two; they can come across the deals they might be interested in. For instance, you are looking for investing in some property, and then you hear about the deals at TJM properties i.e. a large business venture owned by Terence McCarthy St. Pete. We get to hear about the new purchases and sale by TJM properties now and then.

They sold 15 communities to fortress/holiday (specialized in retirement housing) not very long ago. Fortress investment tied up the deal for more than $200 million. TJM properties, previously known as McCarthy properties, has developed and redeveloped more than 850 residential and commercial properties. Moreover, it continues to plan to acquire additional properties with some new investments. You might hear such news on a program being broadcasting on radio. The programs like these can be helpful for the exposure of your business.

  1. Challenges:

Challenges you may face:

  • People are distracted as they are probably doing something else when the radio is on.
  • There are various radio stations and individuals quickly switch to the other.
  • Not the entire audience you target might listen to the radio.
  1. Would It Work For Small Business?

Business like retail stores and restaurants are more likely to have a return on radio ads. The reason behind that is people are mostly on the drive when they turn the radio on. It gets easy for individuals to choose the next station when they hear ads. The answer to the question would be, yes! It can work for small ventures.

  1. The Type Of Station You Should Use:

You should be vivid about the station which is suitable for you ads. Some stations have a breakdown of their listeners based on gender, age, income, and location. Go and check the stations which have an audience you would like to target. By visiting, you get the precise idea on which channel you want to run your ad.

  1. The Effectiveness Of Your Ad:

Mostly, high time to run the ads is morning and evening. Folks who listen to the radio while driving are more likely to play it when they go for the work or when they return home. You can choose the time slot that you think is the most suitable. Avoid choosing the overnight hours as the desirability level is really low at that point.

  1. Reasons That Influence The Advertising Cost:

Let’s talk about the cost now. Certain factors affect cost and number of audience is one of them. The more the number of listeners, the more the cost. Furthermore, playing the ads in the major cities cost more than playing in small town. Similarly, you have to pay more price if the station embraces a young audience.


Become an RJ!

One of the earliest forms of media is the radio. Before televisions, you could tune into your favorite radio station and listen to news, radio plays, stories, and radio shows. Over the time, radio listeners may have declined, yet they have not died down. Probably not many folks listen to the radio as intensely as they would ten years ago, however, communication is still appreciated. Being a radio show presenter or a radio jockey is a challenging task which requires skill, technique, and hard work. Not only can you work on air, but you also have some opportunities off air as well in radio.

The radio booth is a soundproof room with the presenter of the show that works to entertain its listeners. All the furniture is designed to make the least noise. Floor lamps with shelves are used widely to ensure that there are not enough sound waves generated. These floor lamps are a smart option to save space. You can place your things without having to install other shelves. The smartest way to use them is to put objects that are enhanced with light to give them the best possible appearance. Just like the coin has two sides. Likewise, the floor lamps comprise of their pros and cons.

Become an RJ!

Being an RJ is a tricky job. As you are on your own as an RJ, and you have to ensure that you keep your audience engaged. Therefore, read a few tips to be a good Radio Jockey:

  1. Fluent Speaking:

An essential factor in being an RJ is to ensure you are fluent in speaking. Folks who can talk a lot without losing their focus or without losing track from the topic are more likely to be good at the profession. Usually, Radio shows are life, hence, you will need to be spontaneous at the time, and you cannot rely on the speech you have prepared.

Your language should be clear, and unless required, you should have command over a single language at least. Your words should be complete, and your speed of talking should be enough to understand yet not make the listener sleepy. Delivering your message require you to change your tone and express through your voice.

  1. Be original:

Would you like to listen to the same style, the same content, and the same energy every single time? Of course not! You require to create a new style and be original. Listen to other presenters and observe what they are doing, however, do not copy their style. Find your genre to talk on, or find a way to engage your listeners with you. Keep the content fresh and your style friendly.

The more original you are, the more attached your listeners will remain. However, ensure that you are not beginning to sound fake in the process of finding a unique style. Keep it fresh and be as realistic as possible. If you choose to add humor, make sure that it is not offensive.

  1. Take technical knowledge:

Most of the time stations allow an assistant to run the instruments; however, as an RJ you should learn to operate this stuff even if you do not use it. Using the tools will assist you to fix your voice pitch, quality, and other technicalities without having to ask others. Moreover, it allows you to be independent in the studio.

Technical knowledge helps you in the case of an emergency when nobody is around to assist you with it. Likewise, you may find yourself having problems in communicating what you want with the technical assistant if you do not learn how to use the instruments.


With the many advertising mediums currently in the market, it may be confusing which advertising medium to choose that will be more effective. Currently, digital marketing has taken over and most people have dropped conventional advertising methods such as the TV, radio and printed media. The truth is even though there is a lot of social media hype; conventional advertising methods still work as well though it depends on the products that you are dealing with and your market niche.

Why You Should Advertise Your Vacation Club on Radio

As for a vacation club, all advertising mediums may work perfectly it will depend on the strategies that you plan to use. All strategies work because the industry has a wide market niche and hence the different mediums can reach them. Some of the reasons you should consider radio advertising for your vacation club include:

It is cost effective

Radio advertising is cheaper than many advertising mediums you may consider such as TV, printed media or even digital marketing.  You get to spend less and get more which is good for your company since you will get more returns on investment. Companies are always looking for ways of lowering their costs and using radio advertisement is a good way.

Measurable results

Good thing with radio is that the results are measurable and hence one can easily determine if it is a worthwhile investment or not such that if it is not then they can change the strategy. This is a good way to make sure that the money you put in advertising is working for you. You can tell if the message has an impact on your audience or not and this can help you to customize the message such that it can have massive impact on the audience.

Huge potential

Radio advertisement has huge potential than other mediums since people have become busy and lifestyles are busy such that some people have no time for social media or to sit in front of their screens doing TV or reading printed media. Radio can be a good way of getting their attention since people can listen to radio while on the move and get the message. All the people listening to that radio are potential customers and hence more listening means more connection and therefore more potential sales. This is likely to get your vacation club more potential customers and help your company grow.


There are many more benefits of using radio advertising; it determines the lens you use to view it. You should however note that for every advertising method to be effective, strategy is what matters. Hence the right strategy will make sure that you are a success. It is through the right strategy that vacation clubs such as Occidental vacation club have a high success record. In all industries, following the right path and avoiding shortcuts will take you a notch higher. With the changing trends however, you should always be informed so that you keep up with the trends.


You have commenced your photography business, now how to find your clients who will hire you?

Traditional advertising, like ads in a magazine or in newspaper, is usually insignificant. Therefore, stop wasting your money. Several folks tried that and they experienced the same thing; these ads don’t work. Especially when you have numerous free photography promoting tips you can implement to gain outstanding results. Instead, visualize people loving your photography business tremendously that they start sending all their associates your way.

How Radio Can Aid You Promote Your Photography Business

Is marketing vital for photographers? The answer is, yes, it is! It can create a huge difference in your pocket and bank account! However, even though it’s significant, several photographers are stressed.
Experts explain that they know various professional photographers, who admit the utmost challenge in their photography business is to come up with promotion and marketing ideas.

If you struggling like one of these photographers mentioned earlier, you have landed to the right place. Read some of the incredible ways to market your photography and these would assist you do better promotion and acquire more clients:

Internet Radio Directories:

Submitting your business name to the radio directories is an excellent way to promote your photography as there are several listeners searching for music, photos and shows. Well known directories have mobile apps as well, so folks can access your stream anywhere that leads to attracting new clients and promotion of your business.

Target Audience:

This approach to advertise your photography business on the radio station helps to target a huge group of folks, but this won’t work out if you do not make segmentation of your targeted people.

Instead focus on your targeted audience by age and people who are eagerly interested in photography topics.

Create Differentiation:

Do something unique, things that your competitors won’t do. Moreover do that in a way so no one else do these better than you. For instance, using Sony hvr-v1u for making videos could be a great initiative as it the world’s first 1080pixel 24-HDV embracing mini camcorder. All the videos are processed at 1920×1080 at 60-p for finest photo quality. The camera entails an exceptionally versatile, top-notch quality production set for video experts. Merging inexpensive as well as reliable tape archiving with file-based, which is edit-friendly provide a really practical solution for cinematographers, producers working for corporate, educational consumers, small-market newsreaders, as well as wedding videographers.

Moreover, there are infinite ways to create differentiation, from changing your behavior towards clients, improved offers and giving extra perks. Get to know what makes your customers tick, and what they currently up to, and use that to further advertise your work.

Association to your site:

Whenever you promote your photography business on radio, share that thought on Facebook. It is noticed, image posts that have a link in description generates greater outcomes than without link posts. Doing that upsurge your listeners as people from your Facebook would also listen to radio channel where you are promoting your photography business on radio.

Cross Promote with Other Stations:

Cross promotion is the advertising method of presenting another’s business and vice versa, in this case; for promotion of your photography another presenter’s come up and he would do the same marketing for you. In this case, you promotion gets twice. Furthermore, it does not end there, you can send out combined email newsletters, run competitions together, and promote photography with affiliate links.


Tips for Better Car Radio Reception

In the event that you have each accomplished irritating sign drops, “picket fencing,” or obstruction, when endeavoring to tune in to your auto radio, at that point there’s a quite decent shot it was caused by something that you can’t generally take care of. Contingent upon whether you’re attempting to tune into your most loved television show on the AM band, or hear some out music on the FM band, anything from tall structures to sun based flares can unfavorably influence your listening. Obviously, there are various more unremarkable, effectively settled purposes behind poor car radio reception. So before you go all Wreck It Ralph on some poor building that is remaining amongst you and your most loved radio station, look at these approaches to enhance your auto radio reception.

Tips for Better Car Radio Reception

Is your antenna mast expanded properly?

Possibly you didn’t push your manual antenna mast in. Perhaps a bird did it. Check in any case.

There is a great deal of ways that a manual antenna mast can wind up pushed in, as if the car wash guy pushed it inside, or perhaps a fowl did it. In any case, on the off chance that you have a retractable one, and your reception has been terrible of late, it’s certainly worth checking this first.

Since reception apparatuses work by catching radio waves, it just makes sense that being pushed down inside the car may make it troublesome for your antenna mast to work effectively. Try to pull it out, on the off chance that you discover it pushed in, might be all it takes to tremendously enhance your reception.

This may seem like to a great degree essential stuff, however it’s very normal for the antenna mast to be withdrawn and after that left that way. Since there isn’t any instrument to keep these antennas from being withdrawn, anybody can stroll by and push your antenna down. It’s particularly basic for car wash orderlies to push these in to protect them from damaging in the washer.

Electric antennas wires that extend when the radio is turned on can likewise bomb in the down position, in which case your radio reception will presumably be truly awful. What’s more, since a considerable measure of these radio antennas are outside your ordinary field of vision, you may not see that the it is broken or pushed in unless you particularly go searching for it.

Check your reception antenna connections

Burrow through that tangle of wires and links behind your radio and ensure nothing is free or consumed. A standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for poor car radio reception is a poor antenna connection. On the off chance that the reception apparatus is ineffectively situated in your mind unit, or any of the connections are free, worn, or not working, you’ll regularly think that it’s hard to tune into your favorite station.  The main thing to check is the connection between the reception apparatus link and the back of your head unit. On the off chance that that is appropriately situated, at that point you might need to discover a station you can tune into and after that delicately switch the radio antenna itself forward and backward.

In situations like these, the radio company might be at fault for not having a proper cell tower – just like telecom companies can be. The fault that they are making is not making proper lease negotiations for cell towers. In a situation like this, only Tower Leases can help them negotiate cell tower lease rates to get the best towers and ultimately provide the best reception to their audience and customers!


It is always terrific to hear your favorite song playing on the radio.  But all radio listeners want just a little bit more from their favorite radio stations than music.  They want to hear news, the latest trends, they want to hear about things that make them smile and they want to hear about shocking stories.  Past life memories or reincarnation is one of the most exciting topics that you can definitely consider for your radio station.

What are past life memories?

Reincarnation is one of the most frequently debated topics. Some love the idea of coming back to the world to live a completely different life but others are completely against the idea, mostly due to their religion.  But every now and then someone claims that they do in fact remember certain events of their past lives because clarity was drawn from their mind through hypnosis.  Click on How to remember past lives if you have a suspicion that you might be missing some important clue in your life or need a bit of clarification on certain things you do, like or detest without any real reason.

Past Life Memory Stories Every Radio Listener Would Love To Hear

The most bizarre past life regression stories some have shared

It is always interesting to see what those that believes in reincarnation say about their previous lives.  Here are just a few of the craziest stories that were ever shared by people.

  • Jessica Jewet knew she had lived a previous life from when she was just five years of age. She was afraid of loud noises much like gunfire and had plenty of memories of attending wounded soldiers.  She later discovered that she had been Fanny Chamberlain during the Civil War.  Fanny Chamberlain died after falling and breaking her hip and Jessica Jewet was born with hip dysplasia.
  • James Leinger was just two years old when he started telling his parents that he had been a 21 year old Navy fighter pilot that was shot down during World War II. What was shocking was that he had plenty of knowledge on war plans, pre-flight checks and the anatomy of a plane even though he was extremely young.
  • Edward Austrian was four years old and battling a cyst in his tonsils when he started telling his parents that the cyst was his shot. Just before the surgery to remove his tonsils he revealed that he was an 18 year old French soldier that had been hit by a bullet in the back of the neck. The strange part was that the cyst’s size would seem to vanish while he spoke of his previous life.
  • Barbro Karlen was born in 1954 and kept telling her parents that she was Anne Frank throughout her childhood years. She lead her parents to Anne Frank’s house before the deceased concentration camp victim’s diary was discovered.  Anne Frank died in 1945.

With all of these crazy stories you probably cannot help but wonder whether you have a previous life or not.  While some remember spontaneously, many others underwent hypnosis to reveal previous lives that they never knew they had.  Learning of a previous life would sure be an interesting story whether you believe in reincarnation or not.