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Let’s Talk About Dog Grooming

Radio stations are frequently discussing all sorts of interesting topics and sharing some info on animal care is always a good way to get your listeners tuned in on your radio station.  Everyone loves their dogs but it is sometimes pretty hard to take great care of your dogs, especially when it comes to breeds that require frequent grooming.  So lets’ talk about dog grooming so listeners can find easier ways to keep their furry friends in great shape.

Let’s Talk About Dog Grooming

Let’s Talk About Dog Grooming

It Is So Important To Clip Your Dog’s Toenails

Long toenails are very painful to dogs and can affect their ability to walk, their joint alignment is affected and not being able to walk and run can result in weight gain when your dog isn’t able to get enough exercise.  It is so important to keep your dog’s toenails trimmed.  Those nails can also scratch up your flooring and traveling dogs especially need to be trimmed to keep them from scratching your car’s interior.  On Pet Care Tools they share the best tips for grooming your dog and you can check out the best toenail clippers available for your dog breed.

Don’t Wash Your Dog Too Often

Everyone loves to cuddle a fluffy, clean and great smelling dog but while it is important to keep your dog clean, you shouldn’t bathe your dog too often.  Dog skin coats need those natural oils to maintain good health.  If too many oils are stripped too frequently your dog’s hair will start to fall out, they will get skin irritations and the frequent exposure to chemicals can burn and dry out their skin or even result in allergies.  Dogs with long hair such as poodles can be washed no more than twice a week although once a week is preferable.  Short hair dogs like bull terriers can be washed as little as once a month or even less since their skin is much more exposed to natural elements and tends to be a lot drier.  You should also invest in a good quality dog shampoo.

Yes, Your Dog Should Brush Teeth

It is important to take good care of your dog’s dental health by brushing your dog’s teeth.  Cavities and gum diseases can cause terrible pain and can cause your dog’s teeth to break and fall out.  Visit your dentist, buy a good doggy toothbrush and toothpaste and start brushing every now and then while working your way up to daily brush sessions.  Dogs that become aggressive towards brushing can also be fed teeth cleaning doggy snacks in order to keep their breath and teeth in good condition.

Brushing Is Good For Your Dog

When you brush your dog you don’t just clear out all of that loose pet hair, you also stimulate blood circulation in your dog’s skin which promotes tissue regeneration and healthy hair growth.  Weekly brushing will do your dog wonders!

Clipping and Trimming

Some dog breeds don’t need their coats to be trimmed at all but others like poodles and Yorkshire terriers need to be trimmed every month or every second month to keep them groomed, to reduce pests and infections on their skin and to keep them cool during the hot summer.