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Knowledge of Rural Lifestyle is a Must for Radio Broadcasters

Knowledge of Rural Lifestyle is a Must for Radio BroadcastersIn an age where most people turn to social media or the television for news source and other forms of entertainment, the radio broadcasting industry has started to die. More radio stations have closed over the years. If not, they have lain off a lot of employees and have maintained a rather small business with only a few loyal listeners.

I was fortunate enough to have been one of those who are left to retain the job. There are only a few of us in the office now and radio broadcasting has never been the same as before. We have tried everything to ensure that we can attract more people to turn their radio on and listen to us. Sadly, the number kept going down. Nevertheless, we have focused on what we do best and turn our attention to specific demographics only.

After studying our loyal listeners, we were down to mostly rural dwellers and those who are aged 40 years old and above. When it comes to big city residents, they would rather switch to stations playing contemporary music all day long. They would also rather listen to celebrity DJs.

This was a huge challenge, but we have tried everything to keep the station going.

Studying the audience

After knowing that most of the listeners we have left are from rural areas and are older, we made sure that we study what their interests are. This is where we pattern the theme of our radio segments. We came up with a show where callers can ask questions related to day to day life in the farm. We have also invited prominent people in the area to share their expertise in farming, poultry raising, sculpture, handicrafts and a lot more. Surprisingly, our ratings started to skyrocket.

To make our interactions with the guest more alive, we have also started researching on rural lifestyle. We visit our guests and see their homes and interact with their family. We have even learned how to use the best chainsaw for homeowners. Apparently, there are a lot of people who are interested in learning how to use a chainsaw. Given the new skill that we have learned, we were able to converse well with them. We have also read chainsaw reviews for homeowners so we can make the right recommendations.

A constant battle

We are doing everything that we could not just to keep our job. This battle is for the soul of the radio industry. We are quickly evolving and radio has been left out. It is totally understandable that people would want to switch to other media forms. However, we want to keep the interest of our older listeners. We want to give them an option. We also don’t want the next generation to miss out on something that has become a part of humanity’s history. Even if we have to spend more time learning skills or researching, we will relentlessly do anything just to please our audience.