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How to Keep Your Workspace Clean

Become an RJ!

It has always been your dream to work in the media industry and now that you are here, you cannot be more proud of yourself. You are happy with what you are doing and there are new things that you learn every day.

When you first got the job, you have assumed that you are going to be exposed to a world full of prestige but it is not normally as glamorous as people make it out to be. There are different things you need to go through before you actually become one of the top people in the radio industry. The decisions you will make will determine just how successful you would become in the years to come.

Do you think that you will be able to make a decision when your workspace is less than stellar? A lot of people who are used to dirt, grime and unorganized work spaces may say yes but it can still give some complications. Dirty work spaces can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other organisms that may cause problems and diseases. You can get one of the top positions of the company that you are working for but you will become sick. Is this something that you truly want?

You can always stay healthy while making better decisions and that is by keeping your workspace clean. If you are too busy to think about cleaning your desk and the rest of the office, consider hiring a company that offers industrial cleaning services in Perth. The right company will make sure that everything is clean. You will see and feel the difference when you see your office after a professional has cleaned it.

Once your office space has been cleaned, you can do simple things to maintain the cleanliness of the workspace longer such as the following:

  • Put all of the items back where they belong. It can be tempting to just put the files on your desk especially the script that you have to read for today’s radio show but once you are done for the day, return all the items you have used to their proper positions. This will allow you to immediately see if something is out of place.
  • If there are items that you do not need anymore, you can shred them and recycle. Gone are the days when old papers will just be thrown away. Old papers can now be recycled and reused. This will prevent the cutting of trees to make paper.
  • Have some simple cleaning tools available near your desk. You can have a microfiber cloth that you can use when you want to clean some of the items that you normally use. You can also have a disinfectant spray that will kill possible bacteria and viruses that may cause issues later on.
  • If you drink coffee, make sure that you will rinse your mug and return it to its proper place in the pantry before you leave.

The simple things you can do will make a huge difference on how clean your workspace is going to be. The cleaner your workspace, the better you would feel.