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Improve Your On-Air Radio Ad Spots

Many on-air radio personalities also lend their voices to advertisers.  Whether it is integrating a plug for the latest smartphone deal into the live show, or recording a segment about cheap flights from Canada, working advertising into your repertoire can be beneficial to your career, and your wallet.  If you are looking to improve your skills to attract companies to your show, or your voice, here are some places to start.

Improve Your On-Air Radio Ad Spots

Learn How to Structure and Ad

By understanding how radio ads are structured you will be able to work with the material more effectively.  Each ad will have certain components.  It will include a mention of the product, a brief discussion of the products benefits, a segment designed to entice the listener, and a closing with a call to action and product reminder.

Many ad spots are only 30 seconds long, so it can seem like a lot of information to try to fit into a small space, but it can actually be done fairly effectively.  Making sure you are always speaking to the point, and avoiding superfluous language, can help the piece remain on target.

Take a few moments and tune to various radio stations.  Listen to the ads and identify how each of the key areas is addressed or highlighted.  Note differences in style and tone, and use that information to postulate how an average listener would respond.

By increasing your knowledge in the area, you will become more comfortable with the concepts and techniques in play.  This can ultimately help you create better pieces, and may help attract more business in the future.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any other skill, practice really is the key to furthering your development.  While there may not appear to be an intuitive way to practice ad copy, it is actually simpler than you would think.  One way to find practice material is to simply open your local newspaper classified section, and examine the ads.  Since classified ads are generally brief, they provide an excellent length to practice shorter ad pieces.

If you are looking for something longer, just check your email inbox.  Find an email ad from a business you frequent, and use the information as inspiration for a practice ad spot.  The idea is to incorporate the kind of information that would traditionally be placed within a radio ad spot, and sales emails can provide an excellent source of material as well as exercise your creativity with generating interesting copy.

Create Sample Spots

On-air personalities are familiar with the idea of creating a demo.  If you are looking to practice your skills, following a similar process can be helpful.  You can either choose an actual product or make a product up to use in place of a real one.  Create a small ad spot for the product, simulating the length traditionally offered by local stations, and record yourself going through the copy.

Feel free to record each piece multiple times, adjusting your inflection and energy levels as you go.  You will be able to play them all back, and determine which pieces sounded appropriate and which didn’t.  You can also use the multiple recordings to demonstrate various styles that can be applied to the piece.

Select the best pieces and save them together in a demo file.  This can be used to show advertisers what you can do for them by allowing them to hear a set of recordings concurrently.