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Ideas That Can Take Your Radio Channel to The Next Level

Since there is an intense competition in the radio industry, just starting a channel or program is not enough. To make your channel prolific you need to come up with the good and creative ideas as well.

The trick is to plan each and every step carefully and then go according to the plan. Pick a theme for your channel and follow that. Since you cannot target all the community at a time, pick a certain community or group of people and work towards targeting them.

After you are done planning you should look for potential artists that have an edge. Don’t go for typical artists; look for individuals that can give your channel or program a different aura than typical shows. If you cannot find artists like that normally, you can always take a look at the voice-over artists in the industry. You will be surprised by the amount of talent you can find in the voice over artists.

Ideas That Can Take Your Radio Channel to The Next Level

Ideas That Can Take Your Radio Channel to The Next Level

There are different voice over artists and rates are also sometimes lower than the radio artists. Since you are at the beginning of your career, hiring a voice over artist can be a good thing for you.

There are a few things you should know before hiring a voice over artist for your programs. The voice over that you buy for your radio should have a valid license, for instance, the voice realm gives a one year license for the voice over. In this one year period, you can use it on the radio, broadcast, or the internet.

The rate of a voice over is not according to the time of recording, rather it is based on the word count. Typically at a regular pace, it takes 300 words to complete two minutes. Usually, the voice recording is provided in a raw format. It has no music in the background neither the cleaning of the audio is done. If you want cleaning up to be done you need to specify that separately.

After hiring the artist and getting done with the payment details move on to the kind of shows you want to produce. Finding an artist according to the genre of the show can be difficult but once you have an artist, deciding what genre will suit his/her voice can be easy. Some of the radio program ideas you can adapt to your channel are:

Live broadcast:

Even though the quality of the broadcast is way better from the studio, if the artist broadcasts live from a location or an event, the importance and ratings of shows like that go soaring automatically. You can do simple interactive shows with families in the parks or go to the mall and target a certain age of individuals and do an interactive session with them.

Kids shows:

You must have noticed that there are hardly any radio shows available on the radio channels. Thus, investing in a kids show can work really well for you. Moreover, make sure to work on the small details, for example, do a survey and look for the time when children are traveling in the car or a school bus before going to the school or coming back home. You can also play paid children commercials during these shows.

Celebrity gossip:

As much busy as we are nowadays, there is not a single person who does not enjoy a little bit of gossip. Hence, giving a certain time period to celebrity gossip show on your channel can be a good idea. You don’t have to bring innovative and new gossip every day but just narrating the daily celebrity news can do the task.