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How to Talk About Sex with Your Loved One

There are still some people who do not want to talk about sex because they feel that this is taboo. Over the past years, more and more people have started to talk about sex with their friends. The more comfortable people are, the more that they can talk about this topic.

It is okay that you will keep some things private. There are things that will only be between you and your partner but it is okay if you want to make people become more informed about sex in general. For example, do you still have friends who do not know the benefits of having safe sex? You may try to provide some details that will make them change their minds.

How to Talk About Sex with Your Loved One
How to Talk About Sex with Your Loved One

Talking About Sex with Your Partner

There are some fantasies that you may have about your partner that you have not done yet. Now is your chance to talk to your partner. You may wonder what you should talk about. Discuss the things that you want. You may even say what things that your partner does that you love then discreetly say how you feel that this would improve.

Partners would always want to make a lot of effort to make their own partners happy but no one can read minds. You may have done a few things to your previous partners before and it will be surprising to know that your partner now may not appreciate the same gestures. Know what they want and let them know what you want from them too. The more that you know about each other, the more fun that sex is going to be for you.

Some Things to Talk About

You can get some ideas about the things that can be talked about when you listen to the radio. A lot of radio shows talk about sex whether it is obvious or not. These are just some of the ideas to think about:

  •  The type of relationship that you want from your partner. Do you want to have a committed relationship with your partner or you would rather keep it open? This is something that you should both agree on so that you will lessen the possible misunderstandings you may have in the future.
  •  Some of your fears. You may have experienced a few things that have made you more wary of love in general. What if you want to get back together with your ex? There are some details that you can find when you check this out: https://www.lovemakingexperts.com/text-your-ex-back-review/.
  •  Your health status. When was the last time that you have gotten yourself checked? If you have not checked your status yet, it is best that you get yourself tested soon. This way, you can encourage your partner to become tested too. If you tested positive, your partner deserves to know about this too.
  •  How to have safer sex? You want to make sure that you will not get sick when you have sex with your partner. You do not want to be faced with pregnancy either so this is something that you can discuss so that you both know that you are on the same page about the topic.

Once you have talked to your partner about this, you will realize that it will be easier to communicate with each other. It can greatly improve your relationship with each other.