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How To Make A Birthday Wish on Radio

As humans are progressing with technology, the idea of antique and old methods/ways is becoming more intriguing and special. For instance, writing a letter rather than writing a text message or an email is more special. Similarly, no matter how old radio podcasts get they will always be a fun source of entertainment and an ideal way to make folks feel special.

Like every media field, making a career in the radio is an art. You have to make your listeners feel special and connected to you. One of the best ways to do this is to make a catalog or a database for the birthdays of your listeners and wish every one of them on their special day. This will not only make them feel loved but also make them listen to your podcast with special appreciation.

How To Make A Birthday Wish on Radio

How To Make A Birthday Wish on Radio

The best ways to make a wish are:

  1. Start with the “happy birthday” song. You can play a pre-recorded song but singing in your own voice, even though you think it is not good enough, it is even more special. Make sure you add the listener’s name in the song. After the song, you should say a few sentences about the person, giving him/her your best regards for their future.
  1. Start by creating a slight mystery, you can make it special and unique every time, maybe you remember something about the listener from one of your calls or maybe they have a unique name. This way every wish will have a personalized feeling to it. After speaking a few sentences about the listener you can sing the traditional birthday song or even play it.
  1. Make your own birthday song, you can collaborate with one of the young composers who can work for their promotion. With their assistance, you can devise a completely new and unique birthday song. At the end of the song, you can take the name of the composer and thank them. This will not only help your channel but also help the composer promote his/her composition and talent.

These three ways can help you increase the traffic towards your channel. Moreover, you can pair these techniques with promotional gifts once a month for better publicity. One of the very best promotional technique is hosting a giveaway along with the birthday wish campaign.

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