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How To Choose The Right Exercise Mat

There is nothing as good as having the right workout mat especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. The right mat basically means that your workout will be effective and successful. IN as much as you may desire to have the right mat, it is important to keep in mind that a good mat is relative as it depends on an individual and their needs. It is good to note that there are different types of exercise mats and all have their own specifications. Some of the common types of exercise mats include: yoga mats, cardio mats, equipment mats and gym mats among many others. Well some of the factors to keep in mind to end up with the best workout mat include:

How To Choose The Right Exercise Mat

How To Choose The Right Exercise Mat

Design of the mat

Mats have been designed differently depending on what it will be used for. It is important to first define your needs so that you may be able to know the design that will be best suitable. The different types of mats have their own unique features, for example yoga mats have been made in such a way that they are lightweight and have a good grip. On the other hand cardio mats have been made in such a way that they should offer high resistance and hence they are heavy duty. Gym mats are made in such a way that they are tough and versatile since they will hold gym equipment’s. If you are looking for a mat to use with gym equipment, you should go for one that can withstand the weight of heavy bulky machines. Its thickness should be more than ½ inches.

Type of workout that you plan to do

The type of mat that you are looking for should be able to match the kind of workout that you plan to do. Unknown to most people, one mat cannot serve all purposes, for example a yoga mat and a cardio mat are not made in the same way.

Material used

The material used on the mat has an impact on how comfortable you will be on the mat, stability of the mat and durability of the mat. Whether to use natural or synthetic material is a matter of personal preference.  Most of the time natural material is more durable and strong as compared to synthetics.

Size of the mat

Exercise mats come on different sizes depending on what you plan to use the mat for. When looking at the size you should also check what it amounts to when it gets folded. If portability is a primary factor to you, you should go for a mat that becomes compact when folded. The weight of the mat is also a factor worth considering. Weight is important as most people prefer to move around with their mats hence would not want to be in a situation where they are stuck with something bulky.


Different mats cost differently depending on the features. It is good to note that a matt will save you much more and will make your workout very effective hence it is a good investment.