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How Radio Presenters Can Do Perfect Makeup

Makeup is an art and it takes practice to make perfect. The kind of makeup you wear is influenced by many factors and thus there is no right or wrong makeup, as long as the basics are covered. Having the essential tools for makeup application is not enough, you also need the skillset and basically the creativity. Doing perfect makeup needs a lot of patience and commitment to learn. We live in an era where there are thousands of tutorials for everything everywhere. Well as much as makeup is important, you need to realize that you will get the best results in a properly taken care of skin. Makeup is not some form of mask and many people perceive. Good thing with makeup is that you don’t have to go to an artist to achieve the best results, you can play around and try different things and still achieve the best results. Some of the factors to keep in mind if you are looking for the perfect makeup includes:

How Radio Presenters Can Do Perfect Makeup

How Radio Presenters Can Do Perfect Makeup

Prepare your skin well

Before going ahead to apply makeup, it is important that you prepare your skin well. That means you should cleanse tone and moisturize. Cleansing helps in removing any traces of oil and dirt. You should choose a cleanser that is as gentle as possible and it should be the right fit for your skin. Toner on the other hand is very important as it helps in balancing the PH levels of your skin. It is great as it helps to close and tighten the pores especially if you have an oily face. A moisturizer hydrates the skin well and that has an effect on the look of your makeup. It will give you a smooth finish as opposed to a cakey look that some people achieve. Sunscreen should also not be skipped as it leads to premature aging especially of the face which is a very light layer and sensitive.

Choose the best quality

When shopping for makeup, look for the best quality possible that you can afford. As much as some cheap drugstore makeup can give you great results, they may contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin. You should also not use make up for period of more than 6 months because it will have probably expired and not so good for you.

Don’t skip on the primer

What makes a makeup last long is not your skin type but rather a primer. A primer is especially important if you are a victim of oily skin.

Set your makeup

After applying your makeup, you should set it as it has a big impact on your overall look. It will make you look different in a way and better.

Get the right tools

You need the right tools for makeup application. That means you need the right brushes, makeup sponge, and makeup mirror among many other things, they make all the difference. For example, applying foundation with a brush helps in creating a natural finish.