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How About a Barbecue Cooking Show on Your Radio Station?

Sometimes it can be hard to keep your audience entertained throughout the day.  Your radio station just won’t survive by just streaming music and news feeds.  You need to also broadcast other interesting information.  A barbecue cooking show could be handy for filling in an open gap when you have nothing else to air.  Here are a few great topics to discuss that listeners can learn from and that you can use to keep a full program.

How About a Barbecue Cooking Show on Your Radio Station?
How About a Barbecue Cooking Show on Your Radio Station?

How to Cook Smoked Meats

We all love smoked meats.  There is just something about the smoky aroma of these meats that is absolutely divine.  A great way to keep barbecue lovers entertained is by teaching your audience how to prepare smoked meats all by themselves.  You can also share the best place to buy wood pellets and wood smokers or create reviews on the best machines to buy. Your shows can also touch on subjects such as smoking different types of meats such as sausages, pork, chicken or fish and the different cooking methods they require.

Fun Food Recipes

Fun food recipes are always welcome to those who love to barbecue on a regular basis.  You always run out of ideas when you are barbecuing regularly.  Give out lots of interesting recipes on different salads, baked, and desserts that compliment barbeques the best.  Your listeners can listen to these cooking methods online or download recipes from your blog or website in order to boost traffic to your business site.

Share Fun Stories

Invite your listeners to share their interesting barbecue tales or to talk about the worst or best barbecue sessions they ever had.  It is always fun to hear actual listeners talk and other listeners love to hear about the interesting and fun things that happen outside of the news world.  These real-life glimpses into the lives of others always make you feel better about your own life, your own flaws, and your own situations.

Share Jokes

Your barbecue program is also the perfect opportunity to share a few light-hearted jokes.  Invite listeners to send podcasts with funny jokes and air these live on your radio station.  Listeners love engagement.  The fact that they have an opportunity to say something to the world makes them feel more important.

Allow the Share of Special Messages

Invite your listeners to share special messages such as a message to a friend, loved one or more live on the air or via podcast.  These special messages are always interesting and inspiring to listen to.

Have a Recipe Contest

Engage other barbecue lovers by getting them to enrol in an exciting recipe writing contest.  Your contest can be about the best-smoked fish recipe, the best salad recipe, the best pudding recipe or so much more.

Review Barbecue Products

To make money from your show you can review barbecue products from local suppliers.  Invite local producers to send their products in so you can test them live on air.   This can be a good advertisement and it can be very handy for making an extra income from your show.