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A Guide to Get Started with the Radio Adevertising

Radio is still an absolute way to get exposure for your business regardless of the popularity of social media has gained over the past few years. A study has shown, people reaching radio weekly are still more than who watch TV or go on the internet. Business owners always look for the mediums through which they can reach maximum population. Well, radio can prove to be one of those mediums. Read on to find out the points that can support you starting with radio advertising but first, let’s look at the benefits and challenges you might confront:

A Guide to Get Started with the Radio Adevertising

  1. Benefits:

One main advantage of radio is reaching a significant number of folks because there is a population that still turn to radio to keep themselves updated. Business owners can get the privilege in different ways. First; they get their business advertised, two; they can come across the deals they might be interested in. For instance, you are looking for investing in some property, and then you hear about the deals at TJM properties i.e. a large business venture owned by Terence McCarthy St. Pete. We get to hear about the new purchases and sale by TJM properties now and then.

They sold 15 communities to fortress/holiday (specialized in retirement housing) not very long ago. Fortress investment tied up the deal for more than $200 million. TJM properties, previously known as McCarthy properties, has developed and redeveloped more than 850 residential and commercial properties. Moreover, it continues to plan to acquire additional properties with some new investments. You might hear such news on a program being broadcasting on radio. The programs like these can be helpful for the exposure of your business.

  1. Challenges:

Challenges you may face:

  • People are distracted as they are probably doing something else when the radio is on.
  • There are various radio stations and individuals quickly switch to the other.
  • Not the entire audience you target might listen to the radio.
  1. Would It Work For Small Business?

Business like retail stores and restaurants are more likely to have a return on radio ads. The reason behind that is people are mostly on the drive when they turn the radio on. It gets easy for individuals to choose the next station when they hear ads. The answer to the question would be, yes! It can work for small ventures.

  1. The Type Of Station You Should Use:

You should be vivid about the station which is suitable for you ads. Some stations have a breakdown of their listeners based on gender, age, income, and location. Go and check the stations which have an audience you would like to target. By visiting, you get the precise idea on which channel you want to run your ad.

  1. The Effectiveness Of Your Ad:

Mostly, high time to run the ads is morning and evening. Folks who listen to the radio while driving are more likely to play it when they go for the work or when they return home. You can choose the time slot that you think is the most suitable. Avoid choosing the overnight hours as the desirability level is really low at that point.

  1. Reasons That Influence The Advertising Cost:

Let’s talk about the cost now. Certain factors affect cost and number of audience is one of them. The more the number of listeners, the more the cost. Furthermore, playing the ads in the major cities cost more than playing in small town. Similarly, you have to pay more price if the station embraces a young audience.

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