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Giving Your Studio an Oomph

It is one thing to have a studio and another thing to have an interesting studio. For your studio to stand out, you have to go the extra mile. There is so much competition in the marketplace and if you don’t do the extra it will not make customers choose you over your competitors. With creativity, you can make our studio stand out. Some of the ways you can make your studio to stand out include: 

Invest in the right equipment

Studio equipment can be very costly but if you invest in the right ones, they make all the difference. The kind of pieces of equipment you have will influence the quality of sound that you get. That means that if you want a high-quality sound then you need to invest in high-quality equipment. 

Soundproof your walls 

As much as this is common sense for studios, not all of them soundproof their walls. If you are in a different room you should not hear what is happening in another room. 

Have the right interior décor 

The kind of décor you have will create the vibe and ambiance of your studio. That means that you need to invest in working on the interiors. When it comes to the interiors, choose the right statement pieces then work around them. There are certain décor pieces that you can choose and they will make a lot of difference. Choose the right wall art and art pieces, have the right color scheme, and incorporate textures to create a unique feel that defines your theme. 

The right seat 

Having the right seat makes a whole difference to space. There are different types of seats that you can incorporate into your space depending on where exactly it will be used in the studio. For example, at the reception or the waiting bay, you can have occasional chairs. That may leave you asking what are occasional chairs? As the name suggests, it is a special piece that is used occasionally but for a formal setting. It can be of different styles and with different textures and colors. Since a studio has different rooms, you can use different types of chairs for different rooms. 


Most studios prefer to have wall to wall carpeting but you are not necessarily limited to that. You can play around with different types of rugs depending on your theme to create different textures and vibes. 


Lighting is very important for every space. The more the lighting you can have in a space, the better space will turn out especially if it is natural lighting.

Offer extra

If you want to quickly stand out from the competition, go the extra mile by offering something extra or unique. Customers want something that can entice them and this is the best way to catch them. Give interesting packages, offer incentives, have a membership plan. There is so much more that you can do. Through research, you can get ideas on what you can do.