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How to get started in radio

Over the years, radio has proven to be among the top employers in the media industry. It offers numerous job opportunities both on and off air. However, it is the glamorous broadcasting position which has attracted the interest of most people who wish to pursue a career in the radio business. The allure of this seemingly fun and well-paying job is further heightened by the fame and celebrity status that is linked with being on the air. Due to a limiting number of radio stations coupled with the high numbers of people interested in these broadcasting jobs, there has been intense competition in this field. However, equipped with the relevant information, clear objectives and a strategic plan, getting started in radio broadcasting can be a simple task.


There are three major ways of starting a radio broadcasting career; attaining a college degree for the award of radio or TV broadcasting, attending a broadcasting school or through internships. A solid education is a sure way to start your career and begins by enrolling in a reputable university with a broadcasting program. Select an institution that boasts of equipping its students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Campuses with their own local radio or TV stations should be prioritized since the invaluable experience such facilities offer secures a strong foundation for a great career.

For those who miss the opportunity of attending the universities, broadcasting schools provide a suitable alternative. Even though the offered courses have less content and experience compared to university programs, they are very helpful since they equip one with the basic knowledge and skills required in this field. They are also known to empower their students by assisting them to land jobs.

The internship approach to the radio business can be used as a gate way by both individuals who have studied broadcasting in school or those who haven’t attended such classes but have the natural talent and passion for being a radio broadcaster. During the internship, it is important to undertake various roles in as many departments as possible so as to identify which area of operation appeals to you. Acquire the most knowledge you can and build bridges with the station’s employees. Never mind about the pay since most internships are usually non-stipendiary.

Apart from natural talent and a charming and interesting personality required to keep listeners entertained and craving for more, there are qualities that every broadcaster should possess. The most basic is good communication skills that enable one to be an articulate and clear speaker. Another priceless skill is being a good writer since one is required to write their own reports most of the time. One should therefore be well informed on the field they are reporting about since content is just as important as delivery.

On employment, one should be flexible and willing to work for long and odd hours since it is the nature of the job. You should also be ready to learn from others and adopt emerging trends in the field. Finally, seize all opportunities and always be prepared to impress the audience.

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