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How to Get Radio Jobs

Don’t we all love radio stations? Imagine how it would feel like working in your favorite radio station, wouldn’t it be awesome? Well with the right strategies we can actually land a job in our favorite radio station especially if we are in the media industry. Finding a radio job is just like finding any other job, you have to have strategies. That is what makes people think that it is harder getting a job in the media but it’s actually not. Some of the things you have to keep in mind include:

How to Get Radio Jobs

Learn as many skills as possible

Yes, many organizations want people who can add value to their organizations. With many skills you stand a higher chance of being this person and you can be ahead of competition. The trick is to never stop learning, target to learn something new every day. College education is not enough, you need to take initiative to learn other skills on the side and master them to be good at them.

Consider starting as an intern/volunteer

Sometimes getting straight out of college to land your dream job may be a bit far-fetched. Most places will require experience and as a fresh graduate most likely you don’t have that. Internships are a great way of gaining experience. In some cases it may be hard getting internship opportunities and in such cases you can be a volunteer. With volunteering even though most places you will not get a stipend but you will gain experience and be able to build networks.

Start small

Even though you have a certain radio station in mind, it is good to start small. It is actually way easier to start small and you will avoid wasting time which is very precious. Start with the small and upcoming radio stations and work your way up. The good thing is that you will most likely get better with time so by the time you reach your dream station you will have more to offer hence will stand a higher selection chance.

Always stay informed

As for media, you have to stay informed. Be interested in all the latest news and stay updated. Staying always informed will separate you from the crowd and even make you more interesting as compared to others. Read books, magazines, and blogs, whatever you can stay informed.

Don’t be too choosy at the start

When you are starting out in radio, it is better not to be very picky. Take every step as a learning point. Whatever job you will start with even though it may not be exactly what you want, start with it. With time you will get exactly what you want.


Finding a job is not as hard as many people imagine it to be. You need a very well-crafted resume that can illustrate your skills and strengths well. There are many sites from where one can start their job hunt and succeed such as on Green Chimneys.

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