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Gear Every Radio Team Needs While on Tour

Touring can be an exhausting adventure. Setting a radio show daily while traveling through different cities can seem like a hassle when considering the amount of equipment you will have to manage throughout the journey. However, while the prospects of handling a tour as a popular radio host or channel may seem endearing, you should not get your hopes down. Radio tours can actually be easy. All you have to do is pack the proper gear to keep the whole tour steady. Here is some essential gear every radio tour should have:

Gear Every Radio Team Needs While on Tour

Gear Every Radio Team Needs While on Tour


This is essential. You can’t manage to carry around fully loaded large-sized systems all across the country. If you want to work on your show, you are going to need an easy and portable system to upload, download and edit all your music and podcasts as quickly. Nowadays even mainstream studios use laptop products by top companies like Apple to mix music and produce shows. Carry around a laptop, and ensure that whatever sound software you are using is compatible with your device.


Tour vehicles don’t offer the luxury of a smooth recording session. The noise and traveling can create a disturbance in an otherwise quiet recording. Make sure to research and get the best portable microphones of worthwhile quality that have noise canceling abilities. These days most sound equipment comes for a pretty good buck, so you can easily get a microphone that can be set up in your trailer and out during your travels as you record your shows mid-tour.


Headphones are a lifesaver on any trip. Any radio host or channel knows the importance of a good set of quality headphones in recording a show. Not only do you get to hear your productions perfectly, but headphones provide some relief during the exhausting travels as you listen to some music and relax. Get a pair that’s compatible with your devices, can be used both professionally and leisurely, and fits in your travel budget.


Finally, for a major radio tour, you are going to want to document the whole experience for yourself and your fans to show to the world, either on social media or through other media platforms. You have to be careful handling such cameras, which will require extra accessories like stands and backpacks as well.

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