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Famous Radio Personalities that Ended Up on the Big Screen

Surely, you’ve heard the saying, “He’s got a face for radio.” This usually applies to unattractive radio show hosts who are better off unseen. However, there are some that manage to step from behind the mic and end up in plain view. These are the famous radio personalities that ended up on the big screen.

We don’t know if the initial film makers that got these people’s careers started used a Sony HXR-NX5U. However, if they had they would have a camcorder that was the first in Sony’s solid-state camcorder line. And it’s Sony’s first AVCHD camcorder made to function at the professional-level. This certainly would have been a great video camera to get their careers on the screen up and running.

Famous Radio Personalities that Ended Up on the Big Screen

Radio Stars Who Made it Big in the Video Industry

The famous radio stars who made it big in the video industry might surprise you. This list is an impressive ranking of radio voices who somehow managed to get past the “face for radio,” concept. Some are better known than others, but they are each worthy of mentioning here:

  • Howard Stern– Definitely living up to the “face for radio,” concept Howard Stern’s news pranks earned him a large following. At 63 years old Stern is a well-known celebrity and has been named the funniest radio show host.
  • Adam Carolla– Carolla is best known as a comedian. He hosts a show under his name and has set the Guinness World Record for the “most downloaded podcast.” Most people connect him with Jimmy Kimmel. Some think he would make a great male role model.
  • Glenn Beck– This name probably conjures up mixed reviews since Glenn Beck is a conservative commentator who focuses most of his energy on political discourse. He had a syndicated talk-radio show prior to creating multiple films. He’s also written a bunch of books. If you’d like to learn more just follow the link provided.
  • Russel Brand– This 41 year old English comedian has quite a lengthy professional resume. It includes his involvement in activism and screenwriting. However, some people apparently think he would not be any good at cuddling.
  • Ryan Seacrest– This guy definitely dispels the “face for radio” concept as there are a number of women who would place him in the “dreamy” category. Born in Georgia, Seacrest has had a number of popular show credits to add to his name. He’s considered one of the Emmy’s best hosts ever. Since so many people love him, we’ve decided you might want to read more.
  • Larry King– Larry King is another radio host with mixed reviews. He spent a good deal of time in Florida as a radio interviewer and journalist. At 83, his name and voice are both quite noticeable. This is especially true since the inception of the Larry King Live show.
  • Dick Clark– We couldn’t end this list without adding Dick Clark to the mix. Though he died at the age of 83, his voice and image still conjures up positive memories for those of us who loved his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve countdowns and the $10,000 Pyramid.

There are a ton of other impressive radio show hosts that may or may not have had their big screen moments. If you’d like to learn more about them, this is an excellent link.

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