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Care Tips for the Cat on Your Radio Station’s Team

Lots of people keep cats just for the sake of companionship but these four-legged creatures are often kept at businesses for other benefits than just companionship.  Radio stations have a lot of electronic gear and these electronics are pretty expensive.  The last thing you need on your hands is a rat infestation that might cause damage to your wiring. Cats are frequently used in businesses to keep mouse and rat infestations at bay.  These furry friends are also pretty terrific for keeping your guests busy while they are waiting to be aired and they can be therapeutic for small children.

If you have a cat on your radio team then you should ensure that this furry friend enjoys the best possible care.  Good care will keep your cat from wandering away from the business and will keep him healthy and content.  Cat care sure is a lot more affordable than pest control and this is one of the more appreciated and less expensive employees on your payroll.  Here are a few terrific cat care tips that will keep everyone in the office content and happy with your cat.

Care Tips for the Cat on Your Radio Station’s Team

Care Tips for the Cat on Your Radio Station’s Team

Get an Automatic Feeder

Cats can get pretty annoying when they get hungry but this issue is easily overcome when you invest in an automatic cat feeder for wet food.  These feeders keep your cats’ food fresh and insect free throughout the day or night and enable you to schedule your feeds at times that suit you best.  The feeder will feed your cat at the scheduled time whether someone is in the office or not. Auto feeders don’t just make it easier to feed your cat but also keeps them healthy and from creating annoying mewing habits.  They learn that their food will be served at specific times and will eventually grow accustomed to feeding at these times.  When a machine feeds them they also refrain from annoying people for food.

Get an Auto Waterer

You should also provide your cat with lots of fresh water in the office.  An auto waterer will ensure that your cat stays hydrated even if no one is around to water your cat.

Cozy Sleep Spot

Get a dedicated sleep spot for your cat that is comfortable so your furry friend won’t’ create a habit of sleeping on office chairs.

Invest In a Playpen

Cats love to climb and to sharpen their nails against objects like upholstery, furniture, curtains, and carpets.  With the right type of playpen your cat can climb, play, get lots of exercises and will have plenty of space to sharpen those nails.  This will keep them from destroying your office furniture.

Invest In Cat Toys

A few cat toys and a bit of catnip will keep your cat busy whenever he feels like playing.  Get a toy box for your cat and fill it with a variety of cat-friendly toys.

Get a Self-Cleaning Cat Pan

Litter boxes are not the most fun to clean out and they sure can smell foul.  Invest in a self-cleaning cat litter box that will stay much cleaner and more office friendly for much longer and your office will remain odor free for longer.