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Can A Live Dating Show Be A Good Radio Program?

It is hard to keep listeners interested and tuned in to your radio station.   Those that are stuck in boring office jobs, traffic and even at home tune in on radio stations to get the latest news, to listen to some music and to be entertained.  You do have quite a few options when it comes to creating an interesting live show that people will actually love to listen to.  But the type of stories and shows they really want to hear is the type of things that make your palms sweaty, hastens your heart rate and scatters butterflies all over your tummy.  Yes, we are talking dating!  There probably isn’t a live radio program that is more interesting than a dating show because dating is something that every person alive finds absolutely terrifying.  Romance and the path to love are also some of the best story types to share on your radio station because these are the types of stories that just about everyone craves to hear.

Can A Live Dating Show Be A Good Radio Program?

Can A Live Dating Show Be A Good Radio Program?

A live dating show is a fantastic idea.  With this type of show, you are bound to captivate thousands of listeners and you can actually help real people find true happiness.  It is a win-win situation and an absolute must if you have a spot to fill on air.

Use pickup lines on air

One of the best ways for singles to break the ice on a first date or when they are trying to make conversation is by using a pickup line.  Pickup lines have been used in romantic meetings for centuries.  The methods and lines are much different than in the past but they are still incredible for online dating, live air dating and especially for helping you start up a conversation.  To make your radio show a little bit more interesting you can also air some of the funniest pickup lines that people can use to find love all on their own.  Funny pickup lines may seem cheesy, corny and stupid but they do work absolutely brilliantly when it comes to dating.

Give listeners good tips

Another good way to fuel your radio show is by giving singles out there great dating tips.  You can share tips on the best online dating sites, the best gatherings where they can meet other singles and give tips on how to dress and what to say.

Share shocking dating stories

If you don’t have a live couple to air on the show then you can always use that time to engage with your audience by asking listeners to share their crazy dating stories.  These are always good for a laugh and they can serve as pretty good advice for others in the dating field.

Encourage listeners to enroll in your live dating program

It is probably going to be hard to get listeners to actually give your dating program a try especially since it is a live program.  A good way to encourage listeners to actually partake in your live program is by creating a competition with a fun winning prize like a free romantic dinner for the dating couple.

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