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Can Home Repair Companies Use Radio Advertising?

With the internet age and digital marketing, it is easy to dismiss traditional advertising. That may make one question if it is relevant and if it is necessary. As much as it may be more costly than digital advertising, traditional media is still very relevant and very effective. The best part is that it can work across different niches and is easy to strategize. As much as social media took over the social life of many people, there is still a big chunk of people who listen to the radio. The good thing with the radio is that you can listen to it while running your errands such as driving or working out. Radio has been programmed differently hence you can easily do targeting. That explains why there are successful companies that still use radio advertising such as Lämpölux. Some of the reasons home repair companies should consider radio advertising include:

Can Home Repair Companies Use Radio Advertising?
Can Home Repair Companies Use Radio Advertising?

Selective targeting

As mentioned earlier, with radio it is easy to do selective targeting. The different programs in radio are meant for different target groups and you can easily make your advert to fall under certain programs depending on your target niche. With that, you will be sure that you are not wasting money on something that will not work out.


With a radio advertisement, an advert will likely be done repeatedly at certain times depending on your preference. When you hear something over and over, it is likely to stick into your mind and that can easily influence your buying decision.


As much as traditional advertising media is generally considered to be expensive, radio is a cheaper alternative. With radio, you will find that different packages are depending on your budget. The higher the frequency, of course, the higher the price. You can measure to know if it is effective or not so that if it is not you change the strategy. That makes it cost-effective in a way. The fact that you can get selective targeting means that you will not waste your money on something that will not work out.

Easy to measure results

With radio, you can measure results hence know if radio is working for your business or not. If not, you have the option of re-strategizing then measuring again until you find something that works. That helps in saving your time and your resources and makes sure you are spending your money on something that works.


Unlike other mediums such as TV and printed media, it takes some time for the advert to start running or it may be hard to implement any changes immediately. With radio, anything can happen in an instant. As much as radio may be good, you need to choose the right station depending on your needs and the niche market. You, therefore, need to do your research well. You also need the right strategy and the right messaging.