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Brand Yourself on Radio and In Person by Creating a Unique Style

Consider other radio representations for a minute.  You will immediately identify that some have a fun and spunky radio style, others are more reserved but sharp and some are all wise with a lot of personal experience.  When you take a closer look at these radio hosts you will soon realize that the best ones dress according to their talk show’s style.  And why do they do that?  It’s all for the sake of branding.  Branding yourself is one of the toughest things to do when you are in radio but it is important for radio represents to create a unique style for them so others can immediately identify them when they see them on the job, on social media sites or in person.  When you have a well branded name more people will start tuning into that radio station just to hear what you have to say and you will be able to land a much better job at a much more popular radio station.

Brand Yourself on Radio and In Person by Creating a Unique Style

Choose the type of radio host you want to be – and stick to it

They say “fake it until you make it” and that couldn’t be more true.  It takes 21 days to reset your mind and to get used to a new habit.  This means that anyone can change a lot of aspects about their personality by simply focusing on that specific choice or style for 21 days.  Choose the type of radio host you want to be, whether it is spunky, challenging, all wise, clever, sharp or wacky – and most importantly stick to it. Work on that style each and every day until it becomes as natural as breathing.

Why a specific fashion style is important for defining yourself

People can identify you a lot easier when you have a specific fashion look and wearing certain clothes and a certain hairstyle also contributes to your ability to create a credible personality.  If you wear up tight clothing each and every day you will automatically adopt an uptight personality.

Buy high quality jewelry

Jewelry is one of the simplest and best ways to create a sense of quality and value.  Choose your jewelry wisely and shop high quality jewelry that is designed by a reputable designer.  Moti Ferder, for example, is one of the best jewelers in which you can invest because his works are popular and gorgeous. Any jewelry piece by this designer is also a terrific investment since Moti Ferder has such a popular name.

Choose a specific style and create your wardrobe accordingly

Once you have decided on who you want to be, it is time to start working your way towards that specific style.  You can use Pinterest to develop your style by pinning ideas for all of your looks onto boards and by pinning quotes that will help you shape yourself.  Next you will have to shop outfits that can mix and match but give you that desired look no matter how many times you mix and match outfits.  It is important to stick to your look whenever you go out or see friends so people can learn to identify you easily.

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