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Best Radio Shows and Podcasts about Autos and Racing

If you love radio, there’s no doubt you are aware of the fact that the newest trend is podcasting. Some were concerned that it would take over radio broadcasts. But, rest assured, radio is alive and well. So, why not incorporate two things you love, radio and cars? Therefore, we would like to present to you the best radio shows and podcasts about autos and racing.

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Best Radio Shows and Podcasts about Autos and Racing

Top Auto Related Broadcasts

Each of the shows, or podcasts, on this list will fill its own niche. Automotive and radio enthusiasts alike are unique in their areas of interests. Some prefer the racing news on talk radio, while others are looking for helpful tips to super-up their own vehicles, or repair minor issues. The top auto related broadcasts on this list should provide a little bit of everything:

  • Ask Ernie Tech Talk/Tips– If you’re looking for some advice about your car, this is the show to tune into. Ernie is very knowledgeable in his field and will be able to steer you in the right direction.
  • Autoline- This seems to be an all-encompassing name as there’s Autoline Daily and Autoline This Week. You can listen to broadcasts about BMW’s advanced technologies and the quickly closing-in future of automotive concepts.
  • BETLive Grudge Talk– If you are all about street racing and trash talk with a few rules, this is the show that will keep you revving. Click this for on-demand episodes.
  • Grudge Inc Talk Radio Show– Seriously, grudge racing is apparently a big deal in the modern world of street racing. And, from what we can surmise, the only real rules are those that are established just before the pedal hits the metal.
  • Journey to Success– If you are looking for some automotive training, this might be the place to go. There’s a great piece by Paul Hatcher and Stefan Hambright in reference to the Magic Bullet version of automotive training.
  • Madisonville Boyz and BTB racing– If you are located nearby hub city, you might be interested in learning about the results of the Fat Tuesday races. We think this is another grudge racing show. There’s quite a few to choose from.
  • AAATalkRadio- If you are looking for an update on the fuel situation, this is a great place to set your dial. It’s a public service piece with commentary each week on the fuel price trends across the nation. Listen.
  • Tom Torbjornsen– Perhaps you would prefer a more educational show, one that offers you: car reviews? If so, this is a great option. He’s discussing the G35 Sedan by Infiniti and even going over warranties.

Radio and automotive trends can actually go hand in hand. That means you can enjoy both of your favorite hobbies in one sitting. We hope you have found some great programs on our list, but if not, you can always review the ones here.

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