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The Best Podcasts and Radio Shows About Gardening

Radio shows and podcasts are awesome. Period. But what makes them a little bit more awesome is when they discuss topics and subjects that we are genuinely interested in. If you’re into gardening, then check out this list of awesome podcasts and radio shows that discuss different aspects of gardening. For information that can’t be found in these podcasts, such as about lawn mowers and clippers, you can check out articles on the internet. In fact, We Review the Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews: Battery Powered and Cordless, which can help you narrow down your choices if you’re looking to purchase one. You will find the detailed reviews along with complete information about the different features that the lawn mowers come equipped with. For information that can be obtained through podcasts and radio shows, check out this list!

The Best Podcasts and Radio Shows About Gardening

As Cozy As They Come

In the podcast adaptation of the Guardian’s Ask Alys Q&A cultivating segments, UK-based Alys Fowler fields bring in inquiries from readers who think about how to redesign a disregarded summer garden or if it’s possible to take cuttings from a toppled 40-year-old plum tree. Enjoy it with a cup of tea. Solicit Alys is part from the Guardian’s Sow, Grow; every installment is about a half hour long. Download and subscribe it from iTunes.

Support Your Local Florist

In her weekly Slow Flowers podcast, Debra Prinzing converses with flower specialists, blossom ranchers, and DIY botanical architects who support the Local Flowers development. A most loved episode: The Flower House, with New York botanical craftsmen Denise Fasanello and Anne Kilcullen who make vivid floor-to-roof tornadoes they call “flower hurricanes.”

Cutting Edge Garden Design

UK-based Gardens Illustrated Podcast has been on break since September. Last year’s best episode was a discussion with the persuasive garden fashioner Piet Oudolf, who uncovered that his signature garden designs of perennials and grasses was conceived of need: his customers griped that the annuals he planted in their patio nurseries kicked the bucket each year.

Garden Mysteries Solved

Stuff You Should Know is a generalist’s podcast that clarifies how things function. A couple of episodes clarify gardening things. Our most loved is How Guerrilla Gardening Works, in which Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant follow the roots of today’s guerrilla plant specialists (who stealthily sow seeds in disregarded or desolate plots) to the seventeenth century British reformer Gerrard Winstanley (whose band of Diggers “went into plots of land they didn’t claim and began planting”). Another awesome episode is How Poison Ivy Works, which uncovers a sensation: in past eras, the vine was utilized as an ornamental plant (despite the fact that one-billionth of a gram of the synthetic urushiol in its sap can incite a rash in the 85 percent of us who are unfavorably allergic).

The Lost Garden of Eden

Have Roman Mars investigates “all the prospect that goes into the things we don’t consider — the unnoticed engineering and designs that shape our reality” in his 99% Invisible podcast. In our most loved episode, Mars recounts the tale of New York City’s lost Guerrilla Garden of Eden on the Lower East Side; in 1975 craftsman Adam Purple made a 15,000-square-foot green space that a couple of years after the fact was bulldozed to clear a path for low-salary lodging.