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How to Become a Good Storyteller

One of the requirements about working on radio is you have to be good at telling stories. There are some who are naturally good at it. They manage to make it clear to their listeners what the stories truly are but there are also some who tend to stutter while trying to tell stories.

You have to realize that everyone has their own story to tell. You may have quite a few that you can share to the rest of the world. Why would you let yourself be intimidated by your own story when you can tell it in such a way that it will get people’s attention wholeheartedly?

There are some writers who tell their stories through their blogs or through the articles that they make and their main goal afterwards is to get some comments stating, “I love this article!” When they get comments that are related to this, they know that they are able to project their stories properly. They are able to make people understand what they would like to talk about.

How to Become a Good Storyteller

You have to remember that even if you are not a natural – born storyteller, you can learn some of the abilities that will allow people to listen to you well. Here are just a few tips:

  1. Place emotions in your stories.

Do you honestly think that people would love listening to you if you sound robotic and rehearsed? Some people have the tendency to do this especially if they have practiced what they were going to say for a long time. It is okay to practice but when you practice, this is when you should know what parts of the story you have to emphasize more and which parts you are going to downplay. You need to let people feel emotions while listening to you.

  1. Remember that all stories are beautiful.

If you do not believe that your own story is beautiful then how will other people believe it? You need to appreciate your story and this appreciation and all the other emotions that you feel will be felt by those who are listening to you. By doing this, they will learn to appreciate what you have to say.

  1. You need to know the sequence of the story you are going to tell.

You cannot jump from one scene to another. It does not work that way. You have to go by everything, scene by scene in order to let people understand and like the story that you are sharing. If you would skip scenes, people will be left hanging. They would not understand some of the scenarios that you are describing. When this happens, there is a possibility that they will not listen to you anymore.

  1. Have a connection with your listeners.

You need to let them know that something else is going to happen to the story that you are telling that will allow them to learn more. Usually, the more that you disclose, the more that people will feel that they are closer to you. This will allow them to listen to you more.

Can you still think of other tips which you think will help you improve as a storyteller? Do not hesitate to share your stories now.

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