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Become an RJ!

One of the earliest forms of media is the radio. Before televisions, you could tune into your favorite radio station and listen to news, radio plays, stories, and radio shows. Over the time, radio listeners may have declined, yet they have not died down. Probably not many folks listen to the radio as intensely as they would ten years ago, however, communication is still appreciated. Being a radio show presenter or a radio jockey is a challenging task which requires skill, technique, and hard work. Not only can you work on air, but you also have some opportunities off air as well in radio.

The radio booth is a soundproof room with the presenter of the show that works to entertain its listeners. All the furniture is designed to make the least noise. Floor lamps with shelves are used widely to ensure that there are not enough sound waves generated. These floor lamps are a smart option to save space. You can place your things without having to install other shelves. The smartest way to use them is to put objects that are enhanced with light to give them the best possible appearance. Just like the coin has two sides. Likewise, the floor lamps comprise of their pros and cons.

Become an RJ!

Being an RJ is a tricky job. As you are on your own as an RJ, and you have to ensure that you keep your audience engaged. Therefore, read a few tips to be a good Radio Jockey:

  1. Fluent Speaking:

An essential factor in being an RJ is to ensure you are fluent in speaking. Folks who can talk a lot without losing their focus or without losing track from the topic are more likely to be good at the profession. Usually, Radio shows are life, hence, you will need to be spontaneous at the time, and you cannot rely on the speech you have prepared.

Your language should be clear, and unless required, you should have command over a single language at least. Your words should be complete, and your speed of talking should be enough to understand yet not make the listener sleepy. Delivering your message require you to change your tone and express through your voice.

  1. Be original:

Would you like to listen to the same style, the same content, and the same energy every single time? Of course not! You require to create a new style and be original. Listen to other presenters and observe what they are doing, however, do not copy their style. Find your genre to talk on, or find a way to engage your listeners with you. Keep the content fresh and your style friendly.

The more original you are, the more attached your listeners will remain. However, ensure that you are not beginning to sound fake in the process of finding a unique style. Keep it fresh and be as realistic as possible. If you choose to add humor, make sure that it is not offensive.

  1. Take technical knowledge:

Most of the time stations allow an assistant to run the instruments; however, as an RJ you should learn to operate this stuff even if you do not use it. Using the tools will assist you to fix your voice pitch, quality, and other technicalities without having to ask others. Moreover, it allows you to be independent in the studio.

Technical knowledge helps you in the case of an emergency when nobody is around to assist you with it. Likewise, you may find yourself having problems in communicating what you want with the technical assistant if you do not learn how to use the instruments.

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