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A School Radio: The Benefits

Many people would not consider it, but having a school radio station, and even magazine, are very important things for the students. They are what keep the information going around the school campuses, among other things. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of school radio stations.

A School Radio: The Benefits


When the students get the opportunity to run their radio station at the school, it gives them a sense of inclusivity. This is shown in the efforts that they put into running the station, which includes commitment and teamwork.

Building Confidence

Many people would feel like dying if you gave them a mic in front of a crowd, finding it much easier to sit in a closed room. Appearing on stage or on camera can be quite intimidating, but when they begin doing it in closed rooms, it becomes easier, since their confidence is boosted. This works well for schools since they can begin practicing among people with whom they are familiar.

Develop Speaking & Listening Skills

Speaking on radio can make one actually become an eloquent speaker. Radio also requires listening to your audience. Listening and taking are some of the most important life skills that children can learn from the school radio.

Improving Literacy

Being in radio is not about just waking up and sitting in front of the radio to speak. One would actually be at a loss of what to say. Being in radio is all about planning and even writing down scripts, comparing notes, and deciding what content to air, and what not to. It is about researching topics which will entice the listeners, coming up with questions to ask interviewees. In short, being in radio for the children is something which will greatly boost their literacy levels.

National Curriculum

One of the best ways to keep students, teachers, and parents updated about things like the national curriculum is through radio. This is the portal where different schools can share information, keeping everyone updated.


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Having a school radio station could turn out to be the best thing for your children, and schools should be encouraged to give the kids the freedom to express themselves through such platforms. Alternatively, parents can opt to let their kids go to recreational places like Kidtropolis.