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A Career in Journalism

Journalism is one of those very competitive and fast-paced careers, meaning that those considering a move into the industry have to think on their feet, be adventurous, and also very curious. The internet has disrupted the industry to an extent, with most people getting their information online, but many of the things more or less remain the same. In this article, we are going to look at some of the advantages of a career in journalism.

A Career in Journalism
A Career in Journalism

A learning career

This is a career that is made for curious people always out to get information, and this means that they get to learn something new every time. This is probably one of the most rewarding things about journalism.

Challenging and exciting projects

Despite the fact that journalism can be demanding, it is also an exciting career since you have to be where the action is, beating deadlines, and delivering great stories.

Working with passionate, informed people

Most journalists are people who are passionate about their jobs and are also hardworking and intelligent. This means that you’ll be working among such people.

Sense of achievement

Once they publish their work for the public, journalists get a sense of achievement, and especially when there are people that are actually benefiting from their work.


As a journalist, one gets to travel a lot in search of information, going to the source and also researching for authenticity. This could be both local and international, which is way better than sitting behind a desk for forty hours a week.

Meet interesting people

In journalism, you will get to meet and interact with interesting people in the course of your research and gathering of information.

Become a community expert

A local journalist is a best-placed person to know their community well since they spend a lot of time researching and gathering information. This means that they also interact well with most community members, which means that they are privy to many details.

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Journalism is a profession that you should consider joining for the reasons mentioned above. It could even be done as a side job to compliment your main profession.