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5 great radio morning hosts

Every morning, millions of us wake up to the challenges of a new day. We struggle to get up, take that cold shower, prepare for school or work, and are almost always in a rush. However, one thing always remains constant through it all. A big percentage of us still find the time to listen to those radio talk shows. Morning radio has been around for a long time, and whatever the reason for their endurance in the market, be it the humor, the education or the politics, people always find time in their schedules to listen in. The radio stations are different, but many of the radio shows are modeled around their hosts and their personalities. Here are some of the most celebrated radio hosts in the airwaves today.

Bill Bennet is one of the leading names in this business. His talk show runs from 6 to 9 am every weekday, and is normally a fast paced program, which tackles the outstanding issues in the country at the time. His shows spark meaningful dialog, striking that perfect balance between serious examination and investigation of issues and having fun for the listeners on air. He brings important guests, from sports personalities to entertainment and political figures.

Glenn beck was born in 1964, and at 50 years of age, is one of the most popular radio talk show personalities. H doubles up in both television and radio, and the awards he has got only add to his credibility. His radio show is ranked the third most listened to and liked nationally, among the age group of between 25 and 54 years old. Although he is conservative, his mantra is interesting. He claims that his shows are never about the right or the left. Rather, he concentrates on the right versus the wrong aspect.

George Noory is another radio morning personality whose talk show has made him famous. His radio show is famous, but not in the conventional political or entertainment sense. He handles the strange phenomena, things like life after death, the bible, spirituality, unidentified flying objects, star war technology and eerie unnatural things without obvious explanations. He is part of the coast to coast AM crew, a show which has some of the most loyal listeners.

Laura Ingraham is leading the women’s assault into the previously male dominated club. Described by her listeners as always articulate and interesting, she has been addicting people to the show since she began in 2001. Laura is smart and funny, and dominates the airwaves every weekday from 9 am to noon eastern time. She is committed to her cause, tackling issues with energy and conservative principles, be it in politics or entertainment.

With the integration of computers and technology into everyday life, another lady breaking the male monotony while tackling technical issues is Kim Komando in her mid morning show. She calls herself the digital goddess of America, concentrating her program on matters computers, the internet and technology. Her show runs on Saturdays, and is one of the longest running of its kind in the market.

Whatever one is into when they are going through their morning phases, one is bound to find some content they like in these radio shows.