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How to get started in radio

Over the years, radio has proven to be among the top employers in the media industry. It offers numerous job opportunities both on and off air. However, it is the glamorous broadcasting position which has attracted the interest of most people who wish to pursue a career in the radio business. The allure of this seemingly fun and well-paying job is further heightened by the fame and celebrity status that is linked with being on the air. Due to a limiting number of radio stations coupled with the high numbers of people interested in these broadcasting jobs, there has been intense competition in this field. However, equipped with the relevant information, clear objectives and a strategic plan, getting started in radio broadcasting can be a simple task.


There are three major ways of starting a radio broadcasting career; attaining a college degree for the award of radio or TV broadcasting, attending a broadcasting school or through internships. A solid education is a sure way to start your career and begins by enrolling in a reputable university with a broadcasting program. Select an institution that boasts of equipping its students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Campuses with their own local radio or TV stations should be prioritized since the invaluable experience such facilities offer secures a strong foundation for a great career.

For those who miss the opportunity of attending the universities, broadcasting schools provide a suitable alternative. Even though the offered courses have less content and experience compared to university programs, they are very helpful since they equip one with the basic knowledge and skills required in this field. They are also known to empower their students by assisting them to land jobs. [click to continue…]


Starting Salaries for Radio Jobs

Being an authoritative reporter of the news or celebrated disc jockey spinning tunes in a radio station seems like a glamorous jobs; a dream come true to most people. What many do not know is that just like any other job out there, radio broadcasting employees have to work their way up from the low paying jobs so as to earn a decent salary. Rome was not built in a day and making your way to the top will definitely not happen overnight. It is not a smooth sailing as most people picture it to be. To worsen the situation, the radio broadcasters are competing for the top paying jobs in an ever-contracting industry. However, the few that succeed to the top positions ultimately receive hefty salaries and bonuses that make the journey worth it. (image from flickr)


Hundreds of students fresh from college, well groomed for the job market in radio broadcasting are always puzzled on how much their starting salaries will be if they land such jobs. Before we come to learn of the salaries and benefits, we have to take a look at which types of jobs are available in this industry for inexperienced beginners. The radio broadcasting industry offers a wide range of jobs including, the news gatherers and reporters, the announcers who we normally hear reading prepared news pieces, disk jockeys (DJs) and the technical support which mostly comprises of engineers. One you have worked your way through one of them, you can then come to the higher-level jobs like the programs and news producers. In this list, we should also include the station managers since they are the ones charged with the responsibility of routine office work or accounting. Smaller radio stations are characterized with an overwhelmed staff that are usually required to handle multiple jobs. A recent study carried out in America by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that approximately 38 percent of the employers in the radio broadcasting industry have less than 5 employees in total. [click to continue…]


5 great radio morning hosts

Every morning, millions of us wake up to the challenges of a new day. We struggle to get up, take that cold shower, prepare for school or work, and are almost always in a rush. However, one thing always remains constant through it all. A big percentage of us still find the time to listen to those radio talk shows. Morning radio has been around for a long time, and whatever the reason for their endurance in the market, be it the humor, the education or the politics, people always find time in their schedules to listen in. The radio stations are different, but many of the radio shows are modeled around their hosts and their personalities. Here are some of the most celebrated radio hosts in the airwaves today.

Bill Bennet is one of the leading names in this business. His talk show runs from 6 to 9 am every weekday, and is normally a fast paced program, which tackles the outstanding issues in the country at the time. His shows spark meaningful dialog, striking that perfect balance between serious examination and investigation of issues and having fun for the listeners on air. He brings important guests, from sports personalities to entertainment and political figures.

Glenn beck was born in 1964, and at 50 years of age, is one of the most popular radio talk show personalities. H doubles up in both television and radio, and the awards he has got only add to his credibility. His radio show is ranked the third most listened to and liked nationally, among the age group of between 25 and 54 years old. Although he is conservative, his mantra is interesting. He claims that his shows are never about the right or the left. Rather, he concentrates on the right versus the wrong aspect. [click to continue…]


There are some radio stations that usually schedule their DJs early so that they can also rest at night but there are also some that would require people who are working for them to work late at night until their shift is over.

For people who have never done night shifts before, the transition can be pretty hard. Their bodies would like to sleep but they know that they cannot do anything about it because they have to work. Do you have this problem as well? Actually, this applies not only for those who work in radio but for everyone who has to work night shifts for various companies and organizations.

Doing Night Shifts on Radio – How to Stay Healthy

Staying healthy may be harder as compared to people who are working day shifts but it is possible. Remember that you have a higher risk of weight gain and you may also develop heart problems in the long run so you should try your best to stay healthy at all times. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Have healthy food ready when you feel the need to snack.

There will be times when you would feel the need to eat food during your night shift especially if you have not eaten the whole day. Instead of snacking on the very first fast food that you see that is still open at night, make sure that you will bring healthy food with you. It will make a lot of difference if you would eat food that you have prepared earlier.

  1. Eat small meals instead of a lot of heavy ones.

You may be tempted to eat just one meal a day but you are going to make it as heavy as possible. This is not ideal because your body will have the tendency to stock the food that you have eaten instead of burning it. When you do eat frequently, make sure that your meals are small. It will make you feel less sluggish and tired while you are working.

  1. Do not put too much caffeine in your system.

You may need caffeine in order to last throughout the night but you can only take it at the beginning of your shift. If you find yourself trying to search for coffee when it is only a few hours before you go to sleep, this will not do you a lot of good. There is always a possibility that you will find yourself unable to sleep properly throughout the day because of the caffeine that is still coursing through your system.

  1. Do not forget to hydrate yourself.

You may bring a water bottle at work every day but if you are environment friendly, perhaps you can bring a canister that you can fill with fresh water. Add some lemon if you want to increase your metabolism. If you dislike water, you may take in fluids by consuming clear soups and other healthy beverages.

Never forget that you should also try to incorporate some exercises and workout days into your schedule. You will always have some free time so make use of it. If you are only going to work out at home, you may check flexactive.com. It will give you full ideas about exercises and routines that you can do on your own.


Not every person who is interested in being on the radio wants to focus on music.  There are many other radio formats that can provide listeners with great content while focusing on information they can use.  One main example of this kind of radio is the call-in show.

A call-in talk show allows listeners to contact the person running the show and ask them questions about a particular niche.  A show can focus on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, personal relationships, pet care, automotive repair, or financial advice.

If the idea of running this form of radio show piques your interest, consider the following tips to help you create a show worth tuning in to.

Radio Q&A Use Your Niche to Further Your Career

Have a Focus Topic

Even if your show is aligned with a particular niche doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus it further.  For example, a show that general covers questions on pet care may have a show focused on the process of picking the ideal type of pet for your family, while a show on automotive care may center a show on choosing the best diagnostic tools, such as a multimeter or laser thermometer.

By choosing a focus within the niche, you can keep the questions and content directed toward a specific area.  This can help an episode to feel more cohesive than if questions about any topic within the niche could be covered at random.

Screen Calls First

Screening calls helps you determine the purpose for the person’s call, and determine whether it is a good fit for the current show.  Not only can this help the show maintain focus, it can also help keep people off the air who may not be suitable for public listening based on the content they are presenting.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Even if calls are well screened, that doesn’t mean every call will be perfect for the show.  Some callers may claim to be calling for one reason when they actually intend to discuss another.  When situations like this arise, it is important to try and be a bit flexible while not allowing the caller to hijack the direction of the show.

If there off-topic question can be answered quickly, especially if the conversation drifted towards the other topic naturally, then feel free to do so.  Otherwise, it may be wise to move on quickly, or record the caller’s question for use in another upcoming show with a more fitting topic.

Have a Sense of Humor

You don’t have to force jokes into the show in order to be seen as having a sense of humor.  Instead, acknowledge that sometimes mistakes will be made, and some of these mistakes may even seem humorous to the listeners or to yourself.  There is no need to take every moment seriously unless the topic at hand truly requires it.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to laugh and have fun while you are hosting your show and answering caller’s questions.  When answering questions, it is important to seem like an authority on the matter, but that doesn’t mean that the conversation cannot develop and flow naturally.  Not only can this be a more comfortable way for you to speak, it can also make you seem more relatable to your listeners, which can be an important part of the overall success of your radio talk show.


Tips to Become a Good Radio Jockey

If you dream of becoming a radio jockey but don’t quite know your way around it; then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of tips as well as some qualities that a good radio jockey must possess. So to start off with:

Act naturally: Create your own particular picture. Try not to attempt to emulate anybody. Be clear about your preferences as well as about what you don’t prefer.

Talk in a one to one manner: A Radio jockey ought to chat in a manner that one who is listening to him ought to feel as though het RJ is talking just to him. That implies RJ ought not address the masses but rather to a solitary individual.

Get to the meat of the connection: RJs who talk more turn out to be exceptionally exhausting so a decent RJ ought to have a capacity to pass on his contemplations or whatever he need to say in least words; and that too astonishingly. He ought to have the capacity to paint a photo before the gathering of people with his words.

Tips to Become a Good Radio Jockey

Here are a few more things you need to keep in mind if you want to become a good RJ.


RJ is about music. In this way, Intensive learning of music is precondition to be a RJ.


RJ ought to convey vivacious personality and ought to be youthful from heart and who adores conversing with individuals and have his own way of saying and doing things. RJ should be unique and should have his own style. The dialect he talks in is supposed to be exceptionally simple and easy to understand yet he treys to flavor it up so that what he exhibits turns out differently and sounds fascinating to the audience members.


Balancing voice ought to be your style of talking. Monotones discourse in single stream with no high points and low points will make you to lose your crowd. So have a voice that is full of life and expressions. Ditch the cold drinks to avoid sore throats, and opt for smoothies instead. If you are planning on drinking a smoothie every single day for your breakfast, then you must go through the best blenders and grab one for yourself as well.  A well-disposed and fascinating voice is an essential characteristic.


The main purpose of being on a radio show is to chat. Jokes or mimicry helps you stay positive as well as keeps your listeners engaged. Saying something witty and in a straightforward manner will leave a good impression on your crowd. Accomplish something that is typical and while has not been done in radio some time recently.


Radio jockeying is not just chatty and unconventional remarks. So be ingenious about the data that individuals for the most part miss. It is about conveying critical news and keeping individuals very much educated about the happenings. So be smart and utilize your resources wisely.

So to say

A RJ ought to have the capacity to make bond with the audience, ought to be cordial, unconstrained, warm, and have a decent voice and great summon over the language that he/she is supposed to speak. Teenagers are favored as they have new thoughts and ideas and are rising with energy. A radio jockey must have great voice with immaculate regulation, style and clarity while talking ‘on-air’.


How to Talk About Camping on Radio

You have always been enthusiastic about camping. You have been doing it since you were young and now that you have grown older, you have a lot of stories about camping that you are willing to share with different people who would listen to you.

How to Talk About Camping on Radio

It is normal that you will be invited to create some speeches or to talk with a huge crowd who are also interested in camping but what if you would be given a chance to talk about the topic on the radio, will you accept it? Some people say that talking on radio can be hard because of the following reasons:

  • You do not see your audience so some of the things you have learned about public speaking cannot be applied when you talk on radio. For example, you cannot make eye contact with your audience, right?
  • All of your mistakes whether in grammar or in pronunciation will be evident because people will only use their sense of hearing to hear you. It might make you feel embarrassed if this happens to you.
  • You might become boring especially if you talk about technical stuff that other people will not understand.

When you talk on the radio, you have to show that you love what you are talking about because otherwise, how will people like camping as much as you do? All camping stuff that you are going to talk about should be easy to relate to. Here are some tips that will help you out:

  1. Make sure that you will be entertaining. This is different from having a slideshow on your side while you talk about camping. You have to make funny quirks and stories that will make people on the radio truly listen to what you have to say.
  2. Prepare a few good opening lines that will make people remember you more. They may forget about the other things that you talked about but as long as your opening lines are interesting, you know that you will be hard to forget.
  3. Aside from being entertaining, you have to be enlightening to your audience too. They have to understand what you are trying to say and truly learn from those things. The more information that they learn, the more engrossed they are going to be about what are talking about.
  4. Show the right attitude while you are speaking. You have to realize that people can hear the arrogance through your voice or they will be able to tell if you are friendly based on listening to you. You need to have the right attitude to fit well with what you are talking about.
  5. If there will be questions that callers will ask during your segment, be clear in answering because this will make listeners respect you more. They will hang on to your every word if you would give them the answers they need.

You may learn more about how you are going to talk on radio the more radio shows that you do. If it is your first time, then follow the tips that are mentioned above and you will be fine.


Valuing Bilingualism

Maria Konnikova writes, “When we learn to speak a different language, we learn to see a bigger world.” That is indeed the stance that many people take when it comes to determining the value of bilingualism. Certainly there are the struggles associated with trying to decipher between languages, contexts and cultural clues. But the real question remains, is it advantageous to be bilingual?

Research on the subject is exploding. There are those who have determined that being bilingual enables the brain to become more in charge. Essentially the thought is that bilingual people think and act in two different languages. This enables them to make better choices based on the longer think time involved in processing.

Perhaps this is true, perhaps not. However, there is a good deal of information available that supports the idea that bilingual and multilingual people have significant advantages over their single language counterparts. You can read Ms. Konnikova’s retort to that ideology here.

Valuing Bilingualism

What are the Advantages?

Being able to speak multiple languages in an ever increasingly global world certainly is one obvious advantage. However, researchers are discovering that being able to speak Spanish, like those at CQ fluency (who can help with your translation needs), and Chinese, or any of the other rapidly expanding languages, can make you smarter, increase your cognitive function, and decrease the possibilities of dementia in old age.

This new research is totally antithetical to all the previous belief systems about bilingualism. In fact, until relatively recently people though that this hindered a child’s growth and cognitive skills. There was the concern that having to dually process things would impede on academic and intellectual growth. While the obstruction of the two languages in the brain has been proven, research shows that this forces the brain to solve internal problems more readily. That’s why some mental puzzles are best solved by bilingual individuals!

Researchers in Spain believe that the ability to switch from one language to another opens the mind’s executive abilities to monitor its environment. Because bilingual individuals have to be able to utilize both languages in varying circumstances they are better equipped to keep track of changes going on around them. They are better at monitoring tasks and utilize less effort in the doing. To learn more on that research you can read this.

Time to Learn

Monolingualism, the ability to speak only one language, is less ideal than once believed. It’s probably time for some of us to learn how to fluently speak another language. In the US, Spanish is on the rise and would be a beneficial language to focus on. There are a number of methods in which to increase your Spanish fluency.

Certainly your high school Spanish teacher would smile at your new found appreciation of learning another language. More importantly though, you might become a more valuable employee if you are capable of handling multiple languages. Many businesses are seeking out bilingual and multilingual individuals. Those of us on the monolingual side might find ourselves out of a job.

Please note, that research is always being added too. Things that stand today as studies that prove certain advantages may very well be discredited tomorrow. It is in your best interest to review the links in this piece as they offer two sides to the bilingual story that perhaps this article does not reveal on its own.


How to Survive the Night Shift

You have now been given a chance to work at the radio station that you have always dreamed of. You have submitted all of the requirements and you have qualified for the job. If you have been assigned to work at night, you know that the adjustment period can be hard especially if you love to sleep but in order to stay long and keep your job, you have to know how to survive working the night shift.

People always have different coping strategies whenever they have to work the night shift. Some of these coping strategies may work for some people but will not do anything for others. It goes without saying that you have to be in perfect health in order to survive the night shift. If you are sick then you will not last very long. To ensure that you are healthy, you may want to check for more info here.

How to Survive the Night Shift

Still wondering how you are going to survive the night shift while working on radio? Here are some things to remember:

  1. Drink enough water.

Probably because it is already late and your body knows that you are about to sleep, you may not want to drink water but if you know that you are going to stay up late, it is best that you drink just enough water to help you get by. When you feel dehydrated, you can already expect that you will find it harder to function.

  1. Coffee will be your friend.

If you have always been a big coffee drinker then you will not have a hard time surviving the night shift with a thermos of water available whenever you would like to drink but if in case you dislike the taste of coffee, a good alternative is green tea. Green tea will help you feel more alert even if it does not contain as much caffeine as coffee.

  1. Bring food with you.

You have to treat a night shift like as if it is your normal day hours. There is a big possibility that you will get to sleep in the morning up until noon. At night, you can bring food with you and do not bring junk food because this will be bad for your health. It is best to pack something that is light and refreshing at the same time like a sandwich complete with vegetables.

You have to know that surviving the actual night shift is easy, the harder part is how you are going to sleep when you need to sleep during day time. Perhaps you should change the curtains that you place on your windows. Using dark ones may be better now because you will be able to block out the light from the sun during day time. If you are easily distracted and awakened by noise, you may use ear plugs when you are sleeping. It will make you feel like you are sleeping at night. When you do these things, you will feel refreshed again for your next night shift.


Photography A New Passion

Radio jockeys often find that investing on photography classes end up being quite beneficial for them. Alongside the ability to talk in vivid expressions, it is important to appreciate the vividness of nature as well. Since a radio jockey must be quick and witty, honing on fast shutter skills can help with that reaction speed. Photography is also a broad topic that can induce a whole world of other topics which a radio jockey can talk about. In fact, photography is one such talent that many are often intrigued by and even find professional work on, as has been evident in bigger numbers in recent years.

Photography A New Passion

A Passion for Many

Since the commencement of photography, people in particular have found it absolutely amazing to be able to capture memories as and when they happen. Cameras have gone through numerous advances and have changed swiftly to meet up with customer demands. Fortunately, these days almost everyone has a camera at hand as nearly all cell phones come with both front and back cameras! We see news reports coming forth from normal people who were going about their lives, we have found so much good from the arrival and development of photography. If you are attempting photography, try the best DSLR camera for beginners.

The world of photography is never the same, it is constantly changing and developing. With the advent of the Internet, many photographers find it essential now to learn digital photography and not just stick to good old photography that is done using old-fashioned cameras. The desire to push forward and learn new methods of photography is driving millions of people, both young and old alike, to discovering photography for themselves. Each photographer’s work is different and provides a fresh prospective. To explore the basics of photography, visit: https://photographylife.com/

Does It Help?

Like everything else in this world, tackling this new passion will be difficult and give rise to more challenges than solutions. The important lesson to remember is to not give up and keep on endeavoring. If you’re switching careers and pursuing photography, then be prepared to face criticism from those around you. Photography doesn’t pay well initially, but it is a huge pay off at the end of the day. Not only are you learning to appreciate your surroundings, you are opening your eyes to something new, something fresh.

Notably, if you are a radio jockey, you do not need to make a permanent change in career. There are many professional radio personalities that has an active interest in photography, and can balance between both the passions. In fact, experience in photography can be a great resume for radio jockeys. You can move on to active journalism, being on the move to capture images and talk about them both on and off air. Even though pictures cannot be seen on the radio, they can be a vital addition to any talk shows and can branch out to a variety of entertaining themes. In the end, it is your passion that will make or break your future in photography. As long as you stay true to something, it will always help you.


Remodeling your kitchen is a costly, strenuous but fun experience. The first and most important thing to remember is there are no shortcuts here, your kitchen is where you create masterpiece dishes; spend time with the family and also every keen Home Chef’s sanctuary. One tends to forget about important things that all of us have experienced by moving into a rental property. The headaches caused by lack of storage space, the missing cutlery drawer and other minor details that play a major role. There are other nightmares present when remodeling any part of your home for example contractors that use cheaper material than you paid for. Is the wood that they use properly treated and are you getting value for your money. It might seem rather impossible for any person to take on a large construction company for any legal glitches however it isn’t. Martin Chitwood a specialist in the field of securities litigation is known as the plaintiff’s person, he has taken on many large corporations in battles to help the average person to get a return on a bad investment.

How to avoid costly kitchen remodeling mistakes

It is necessary for you to know your rights before you hire someone to do your planned renovations and help create your dream kitchen. There are many dangers present when using the wrong building materials, click here for more information on red list building materials. Your renovation process should not be a headache but a pleasant experience as you watch your new kitchen unfold. There are many articles online featuring people that have had disastrous experiences with their contractors or selected builders. One case worth mentioning is most definitely the couple that sued popular TV Show “Love it or list it” for a bad renovation, read more.

I remember the one house I stayed in had almost no counter space, with my microwave oven, kettle and the bare minimum on display I had to chop veggies on the sink space. More is definitely more when it comes to counter space. If you decide to remodel your kitchen and possibly save a few pennies by doing it yourself make sure you consult someone that is a specialist at remodeling, do sufficient research, this process sometimes involves fitting a round peg into square hole.

Work on a strict and previously set up budget to avoid all those unforeseen expenses. Don’t purchase cheap materials thinking it might save you money, at the end of the day make your kitchen a space in your house that will last for years with almost no maintenance required. Even if you are a warm and cozy type or a more metallic, less is more type choose the right paint color, trimmings and fittings, take time with your decisions, and be sure to cater for the new appliances you will be adding to your kitchen. There is nothing worse than having that brand new metallic stove delivered and it doesn’t fit in the corner where it was supposed to stand. It all comes down to sufficient planning and organization.


A radio jockey’s job is definitely an exciting one. He gets the chance to engross and collaborate with a substantial group of audience from different parts of a country or even a continent! Despite the fact that not as well known as TV, radio has its own perquisites that can be taken advantage of. The accomplishment of a show depends altogether on how capable the radio jockey is. He likewise gets the opportunity to meet and meeting an extensive variety of famous people on radio. A radio move additionally gets the opportunity to incorporate his own particular playlist of melodies for his crowd. How about we perceive how you can turn into a radio jockey or RJ.

How You Can Take Up the Career of Radio Jockeying

Prerequisites for Becoming a Radio Jockey

Radio jockeying does not oblige you to have high capabilities. To become a fruitful radio jockey, you need solid phonetic abilities. You ought to be able to grab attention when you talk. Having the right state of mind is mandatory. You should be perceptive and know about your environment. Radio jockeys get to be fruitful when they have an alternate perspective, with regards to specific subjects.

Obviously, being sensitive and proper towards your audience of people is likewise vital. It is imperative that you gentle in your feelings and proclamations so you don’t insult anyone. Other than this, a radio jockey needs a comical inclination, imagination, and adequate learning of the subjects he talks about.

You might be asked to undergo a background check test. This test will check for your legal history as well as any drug usage or criminal records you may or may not have had in the past. Search here for more information on how these tests are conducted online these days.

As a RJ, you ought to have the capacity to think and react quickly. Dissimilar to TV and motion pictures, there are no retakes and what you talk is immediately transmitted to radios around the city. A radio jockey likewise should be knowledgeable in the music he plays.

What a Radio Jockey Does

A radio jockey speaks to himself, as well as his radio station too. At times, he is likewise the voice of the city. Most radio jockeys are most well known in their towns or urban areas, and this is accomplished by relating to the neighborhood people. Thusly, a radio jockey needs to remember his intended interest group at all times. This is particularly valid while picking subjects, famous people and music for his appear.

A RJ should likewise be gifted in speaking with individuals from his gathering of people. Individuals frequently call the radio station for challenges and general exchanges and the RJ must make the discussion engaging by taking it in various headings and making diverting editorial. His tying down abilities represent the deciding moment a specific appear.

The most effective method to become a Radio Jockey

In the event that you cherish talking, have energy for imparting and are energetic about music, then radio jockeying might be the perfect vocation for you. As radio jockeying is presently a lucrative occupation in Canada, numerous foundations offer courses that aide you towards an effective profession. Numerous radio stations offer temporary position striving for radio jockeys and they likewise enlist from presumed organizations. Numerous experts in the field likewise hold voice and radio jockeying workshops where you can find out about the subtleties of RJing.


How to Get A Job in Radio

Perhaps you have finally decided that you would like to become a radio personality. What do you think are the things that you should do in order to accomplish this? You have to remember that there are a lot of people like you who aspire to be one of the people who will be working in radio.

Some people are interested but would rather not work in radio because they think that radio jobs will be diminishing soon because of the appearance of other gadgets that can make people more likely to tune in to something else other than the music given by the radio.

How to Get A Job in Radio

You have to remember that even up to now, there are a lot of people who listen to their radio while they are riding their cars. There are also a lot of people who still listen to the radio when they are at home instead of listening to their gadgets or connecting online to listen to their favourite songs. If you want to get a job in radio, you can still do it.

Martin Chitwood may not be a radio personality but he is an example of one person who did not stop until he was able to achieve his goal to represent various clients in federal court. Now he is able to do what he loves and he has even created a book about it. You should become inspired to reach your dreams as well. How do you think will you be able to achieve it?

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to get a job in radio:

  1. Get to decide what type of radio personality you would like to become. Do you want to work as a radio jockey or you would rather work behind the scenes as in you would be working as a technical staff? It will be your decision. If you want to become recognized for your voice however, you need to make a demo tape that you can submit to various radio stations.
  2. You would need to be contacted for an interview. You just need to be yourself. Radio stations would like to hire people who can showcase their own personality through radio. They know that you can relate to more people this way.
  3. If ever you would be offered a job that is different from what you have planned, consider if this can help you. Sometimes, you have to start from somewhere before you will be noticed for your talent. Some people may advise that you should just take any radio job that is being offered to you but of course, this would still be up to you.

One of the tips that you should remember is that you do not need to be annoying in order to get a job. You may think that you need to pester the radio stations in order to let you become noticed but this is not true. You can get a job as long as you would show that you are determined to become one of the people working on radio.